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TREND ALERT! Hair barrettes are the last accessory trend for Winter & Spring. Today I am going to show you guys how you can easily DIY your own stylish HAIR BARRETTES that have recently taken over the runways and been worn by stylish fashion bloggers around the world.

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What'S up guys, it's a cadet and welcome back to my channel, there has been a fashion trend, that's been kind of making its way to be a trend, it's kind of like peaking here and there you've probably seen some of your favorite fashion, bloggers or fashion influencers Or some at some of the stores that you've been shopping at, but mostly high-end designers are actually making these and instead of spending a fortune on this new trend, I thought it would be fun to DIY them right, because why not? So today we are going to be DIY n -- super cute hair barrettes. I'Ve been wanting some of these hair barrettes for a while, but I don't want to spend a fortune on them and our prints are great for like keeping back your baby hair, just like kind of like what I need right now or adding up to an accessory To your hair, maybe when you're dressing down, you can dress up a casual look by adding a really cute hair barrette to your hair. So I just picked up some super cheap barrettes from Target as our base and it would be cheap. They were like four or five dollars for a pack of three and then some big girls and some sticky rhinestones from Joanne's, and that's pretty much all we're gon na need for this project. So, let's get started the first bread that we're gon na be making is a white pearl cluster barrette, and what you're gon na need for this DIY is an oval barrette. Some white felt and some white pearls. So first we're gon na get started by cutting out and tracing the barrette out of felt so that we have a piece to lay on top and then we're actually gon na make our clusters of pearls on so before you attach the white felt to the barrette Itself, we're gon na actually design what we want our barrette to look like, and I went with this kind of clustered flower look and you can do really anything that you want. But I started with the largest pearl that I had and I put three pearls in a row spaced about almost an inch apart and then I'm going to go around each of those pearls with a smaller pearl slightly smaller. That'S in my medium sized pearl and kind of make the petals of a flower - and I do this three times so around each of the large pearls and after I'm done making my three small, clustered flowers, I'm gon na go back in with my smaller pearl and Fill out all of the negative space and where there's still white felt showing so I'm just gon na keep adding and make kind of that oval shape so that it can go right. On top of my bread and look completely covered in pearls and be really cute, the ones they finished, adding in all of my pearls, I'm gon na hot glue that piece of felt and pearls right on top of my barrette, so just trimming the outside of the Bread in hot glue, just placing it right on top, so the next bread that we're gon na be doing is a white pearl, oval barrette, and what I'm gon na do is hot glue, the pearls directly to the barrette this time around the edge and perimeter of The barrette and alternating small pearl, medium pearl or medium pearl, large, pearl, medium, pearl, large, pearl and alternating them all the way around and just hot gluing them directly to it until it's all complete, and this is kind of an a good addition to our larger clustered. Barrette and it'll be really cute, worn, together to the last barrette that we're gon na be making today is a tortoise expressions. Barrette using these stick on rhinestones, so first, I'm just gon na write out exactly the word that I want to put on the barrette so that I have it close by so that I don't mess up and then using just a regular pencil. I'M going to sketch and draw out the actual words directly on the bread, we're gon na cover it up anyways with rhinestones, and it's really gon na help you as a guide to know exactly how to apply and where to put your rhinestones so that you don't Have to keep referring back to something so once I've got that all sketched out. I'M gon na be using these stick on rhinestones, which are really easy to use and some tweezers so picking up each rhinestone with the tweezers you're just going to place the rhinestones directly on the sketched word that you wrote out on your barrette and pushing down pretty Firmly on top of each rhinestone, so you make sure that it sticks really really good so that none of your rhinestones fall off and just continue to place your rhinestones right over that word until you're all done and you're all complete. This one turned out super cute and I can't wait to wear it. So that's it guys. That'S how you guys can DIY some super cute and inexpensive hair barrettes for your accessory collection and I'm obsessed and you can do any pattern you want. You can add some color use different bases whatever you want. This trend is super simple to DIY, as you guys just saw, and I can't wait to see what you guys come up with and in the spirit of Valentine's Day, although Valentine's Day was yesterday, I would sew sew. Sew sew, sew love if you guys hit the like button and you're not already subscribed to my channel. I upload videos every week. So if you love DIYs, just as much as I do, I would love love, love, love. I'Ve got a lot of love on this. After Valentine's Day, video with love for you guys get the subscribe button below, and I will see you guys next week, bye guys

Hana: this diy really save me from spending some good money just for a cute barrettes ~ loving this diy so much, xoxo <3

Macbasil: I love your videography and idealism, very 2013/14 beauty guru era. Stay in that lane honey don’t get dominated by the toxic beauty community

Definitely NotMB: This is so brilliant! Would want to try this soon. Would totally subscribe to your channel too. ☹️♥️

SoSewChambraii: Definitely doing this Diy!

betty HC: Amazing thanks for the diy !!!

Sevgi Yenigun: Thanks for the diy. Amazing

Chloé Lafond: Omg girl this tutorial is amazing. Also, you look like Brittany Snow and I can't get over it! GOR-GEOUS.

Fabiola Echeverría: Loved all the DIY's <3

PM Gesmundo: What you did was awesomely beautiful!

Niki Müller: nice tutorial☺️ however for the ones who are not as crafty as me: you can buy similar ones and many other designs on Aliexpress for like $1

Palo & Romi: Me encantaron!

Anne Helene Groven: They are absolutly beautiful ❤

Eliza Galang: Wow. Your work is amazing.

Kerry-Ann Kimberly: Don’t the rhinestones fall off for J’ADORE? I love it. I’m trying it today ❤️

ssissi fafa: J'adore ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Coley: def gonna try this!

ssissi fafa: Oh merciiiiiii beaucoup .je cherchais ce tutoriel thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sophia Lopez-Allen: Hi!! How have the pearls stayed on your barrettes? I’ve used gem tac and hot glue but I can’t get my pearls to stay on !! I would love a tip or trick !!

Mommy Jhe: New subscriber here thank u so much!

Ava Gaynor: OMG CUTE!!❤️❤️

Michelle: Wow great idea

Zephaniah': Wow very beautiful hair clips

Sofia Joy Suico Bredow Nakayama: Diy Hair Accessories❤

Zoe Gaynor: Cute!!

Keith: Hi Barb

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