Shopee Accessories Haul *Cute Shoulder Bags, Hair Accessories, Earrings, My Newest Shopee Finds!*

Finally sharing with you guys some of my best shopee finds!! In this shopee haul, i’m showing you guys some of the cutest shopee accessories that I recently bought! Lots of bags (specifically kili kili bags/ shoulder bags, because we all know those bags are trending right now), hair scarves, hair pins, and earrings! Super duper cute, chic, high quality, and affordable! They range from basics to accessories that can help level up your fits Hope this helps you get ready for summer (Consider this my summer shopee haul na din HAHA), Shopee’s 5.5 sale coming in a few days and all their other big sales coming in the future TEEHEE IT’S BUDOL TIME EVERYBODY Let’s all get broke with Shopee HAHAHHA JK 1/2

I'll hang with you guys in my next video!

All the love, your morena girl Zoe



Black Shoulder Bag (MY FAVE):

Fanny Packs:

Orange Half Moon Shoulder Bag:

Emerald Green Shoulder Bag/Cloud Clutch Bag:

Brown Shoulder Bag:

Dark Brown (Ashley Garcia-like) French Shoulder Bag:



Hair Scarf:

Hair Pins:


Geometric Set Earrings:

Butterfly Set Earrings:

Safety Pin Earrings:█diy゜14K-gold●-「1pcs...

Colorful Hoop Earrings:

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00:00 Zoe says hello

00:37 Shopee Bag Finds

5:50 Shopee Sunnies/Sunglasses Finds

6:34 Shopee Hair Accessory Finds

7:20 Shopee Earring Finds

11:36 Zoe says adios, grinchies

Hello, everybody and welcome to my very first choppy haul. I bought a lot of bags and jewelry and headwear, basically a bunch of accessories they're, very colorful. If you watch my videos, you'll see that i'm very plain, i don't like a lot of patterns. I don't like a lot of cold colors in my closet, just because it's hard for me to mix and match, so i wear a lot of basics and neutrals as you can see, so these accessories are basically here to spice things up. First up we have bags. This is the first bag, i'm gon na be showing you guys, which is my favorite super simple super casual, and i think this is the cheapest one that i bought from shoppies. It'S this black crocodile fake bag. With these gold details, the inside is not that spacious, though that's what i don't like about it like. I just bring my card because my wallet doesn't fit here, but it's i. This is the space. It'S like this. It'S magnet and yeah nice slick, simple. You can go with any outfit, which is a big plus for me. Next up we have this orange bag, which is a lot more bold than i tend to go with, but again i'm trying to spice things up. It'S like moon shaped again. It has gold details which i really really love and they don't look cheap at all like they look great, but on the inside. I don't know why, but the material feels kind of thin ish, but not really. It'S like medium. The fabric. The inside, is very soft. It'S like cut the knee, so i'm scared that if i accidentally spill alcohol in this it'll ruin the bag, it's still pretty great quality, really nice to look at. I do not forget buying this one at all, it's so cute. Next, we have this bag, which is similar to the one that actually bought in her shopping haul. The only thing that i didn't like about the bag that she bought is that there was like a key like hole in the middle. It just looked a little bit. Weird to me, so i scoured shopping until i found this one. I feel like this lock just looks a lot better and a lot more chic than the other design a little bit more expensive, but i feel like it's worth it next up is another brown bag. I don't know why. Dude the colors, brown and green have just been speaking to me lately, but yeah. This is really really cute, similar to the orange bag. They both have like this design to it, but this is bigger than this one. It goes to this outfit as well. I paired a lot with this outfit and it's really really spacious inside. Unlike the orange bag, though, the material doesn't feel thin like it feels thick and high quality. The lining is really really nice and there's a zipper inside as well and another bonus. Oh now, they're straps, you can do it two ways as a shoulder bag or you can do it as a sleeping bag. You can't disattach this so you're gon na have to deal with it being like that. Okay, it looks kind of weird as a sling bag, but if you're into it to each their own, i wouldn't use the sling bag option, but the shoulder bag option. It'S cute. Now, when i mentioned earlier that i've been too brown and green, this is the shade of green that i was talking about it's so nice dude, like this shade of green, looks so expensive, and it reminds me of like rich asian queens like they wear. They could wear like emerald. Emerald green is the name. It'S super. Nice looks super expensive and the opening is actually really cool like there's, no zip up, no, nothing. It'S just like that boom and there's this thing inside. I don't know what it's for. I don't know what to do with it. Is it like a sling bag thing. It looks weird, i think, i'm just gon na use it as like a headband but yeah. The only thing that i don't like about it is the chain i feel like if it rains and i'm wearing this bag. This would easily rust off. It'S really really really light as well, so it's like, if i'm carrying it and you're like there, it would be nice, but if you like, carry it yourself, you're gon na be like so this one, i'm gon na have to take really really good care of. I have to make sure i don't spill anything or wear it when it's raining, but yeah really nice cheek cute, it looks expensive. Honestly, it's cute and the inside is nice by the way guys. The inside is also lined like it's crawling out. It is still worth it for its price and for its color and for its design. It'S just no this that i personally like maybe you know, i still recommend it now. The last few bags they're all the same design, they're just different colors they're. These fanny packs that i actually find really really cute. I got it in red, i got it in black and i also got it in just for a pop of color and i think it goes well with my pastel colored nike air force ones, but the only thing i don't like about these bags. Okay, it's cute. When it's like that right, it's the only thing that matters, because it's the only thing that they see, but occasionally it does twist and they see the other side, and it looks like that, like it's, this weird cloth thing which to me fair, i did buy it For 20, something pesos, so it is pretty cheap and it is pretty good for its price. It'S just something that i have to deal with and that you all have to deal with. If you do decide to buy it, it's still really really cute, so barely see it anyway. It'S like that. It'S just occasionally it goes. The next things i bought were sunglasses. I only remember actually owning like one pair of glasses, the ones that i wore before they're, either my mom's my sister's or my sister's friend, which leads me to this these pair of glasses. If you guys recognize it from one of my videos, the one i wore there was actually my sister's friend's sunglasses and he needed it back. So i gave it back. I bought my own. I bought a lot of my own. I bought these ones. These cat eyed black glasses, these oval-eyed hadeed, inspired glasses, these cream ones, and these green ones actually are cute. I didn't think that i would like this part, all really really affordable, so you should definitely add these to your shopping. Cart this by five. These next ones are hair accessories. I bought two bandanas. I really really love these because of the patterns like it's so cute, so vibrant so summery, which is the vibe i'm going for and this one today next on the hair accessories list, i got a bunch of these pins. I just oh because i was shopping for earrings, which you will see later and i stumbled upon these. I'M not a hairpin kind of girl, but these were so nice and they're still in their packages, because i haven't really found an excuse to wear them, but they're. So nice, like this one, this is my favorite and this one i have two favorites they're, so pretty they have a lot of other different designs and different sets. So you know if this one isn't your vibe, maybe the other ones could be your vibe. Last but not least, the earrings. I bought a lot because again, if i decide to just wear my favorite black, but i can use the earrings for a pop of card. The first one i'm going to show you guys are these ones, the one i'm wearing now these pretty pin earrings now don't be fooled. Okay, i thought that they would come in pairs, but they don't like they sell per piece which i didn't understand, but denise told me it's trendy to just wear one so yeah, if you guys are trendy like that, i guess just buy one. But if you're like me and you need a pair of earrings, two okay, two they sell by the piece, not by the pair now this next one that i want to show you guys are these ones. I love these ones. To be honest, these were the only ones that i wanted like these two pairs, but you know they came in a set and i couldn't find one that sold them separately. So i bought the whole thing again. If this isn't your buyer, but they do have other sets with other pairs of earrings, so go check them out this one as well. I love these ones because they're so girly they're, so pretty oh! No! I can wear them on picnic. Wear them with dresses at the beach. These little ones are my favorites cause they're, so pretty so pretty next i have more earrings red ones, yellow ones these blue ones, brown ones, and these green ones again don't be fooled in the picture of the shoppie account. They were all the same sizes, so i thought these three they're small. Then this one is big and then this one is medium. So it's a good deal yeah, that's it for today's video. I hope you guys enjoyed my very first shoppie haul and i hope you're prepared for five. Five now tell me if you guys want more shoppie hauls, not clothing, though, because i'm very skeptic on that. But if you guys want more shoppier accessory hauls. Just tell me i'll: do them for you and a little bit for me too. Remember silliness is happiness and it doesn't hurt to be extra kind. Every single day, i'll see you guys in my next video with all the love, as always from your miranda go zoey. No there's just something about shopping, that's so addictive! It'S not good, not good. Okay!

Kaori: Living for the layered hair ‍♀️

Denise Manzano: me the entire video:* ooh* look at that bag *oooooh* look at those earrings *ooohhh* look at me stealing her closet

Jielai’s Vlog: ❤❤❤

Bernard Manzano: make a video about intentionally spilling alcohol on your orange bag.

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