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If you love a human hair headband fall (headband extensions) like so many do....watch video to learn the absolute easiest way to create your own headband hairstyle instantly!

For more details and where to buy visit: http://www.hairextensions.com/product....

Jennifer Pompa at hair talk demonstrates how to transform your short or long hair into the perfect headband style. The headband extensions by POP works for every woman, saves styling time, and looks amazing!! Find out more about the headband human hair fall.... and enjoy the video!

Today, I'm going to show you one of the easiest ways to recreate a style. Ever it is a hundred percent human hair, headband extension you can see here it's human hair and it comes attached to this headband and it's really really easy to put on. If you have trouble with any other kind of extension, you have no excuse with this one, because if you could put a headband on which anybody can you can put this on. So it comes with the black headband, but it also comes with an interchangeable Brown, headband or tortoiseshell, so any outfit you're wearing whether it goes with brown or black you'll. Be able to wear this piece, and I want to show you how easy it is to put in I'm going to pin back the front of my hair. If you have longer, you know front bangs or friends, you might want to pull it back, just to be able to see what you're doing easier or if you have bangs, you can also leave those out or you can pull them back. It'S up to you. So I'm going to turn to my mirror here and pull my hair back just the crown area just secure it with couple bobby pins, then I'm going to take the piece inside the piece there's three little combs that just slide right into your hair for a really Secure kind of catch and then the headband itself is going to give you extra added security. So I'm going to hold the two side: combs and you'll just slide them in till you feel them catching your hair and then taking your index finger you'll press down on the center comb, and then you can kind of play with the placement. If you want it a little further back or forward, I'm going to turn and make sure I have it in where I want it, and you can see the kind of instant makeover that it gives here all this length and volume, and also one of my favorite Parts about this is I like a lot of volume up top right in here in the crown area. If you stick your fingers in there, you can feel some wiring. All you do is kind of push it up with your fingers, and you have instantly more volume here at the top. A kind of a bouffant, retro look and headbands are really easy. I put this look on when I have to run to the door, and I have my hair isn't done yet and the headbands are. They have kind of a youthful appearance, so they're super fun to wear so it's you see it in and you see it with the volume I'm going to take it out and show you how easy it is to change colors on the headband. It'S just secured in here with Velcro you'll just hold the headband and remove it just like that, and then I'll take the brown headband it's already pre-measured, so you don't have to guess where to start just press it in there with your fingers and now you're ready To wear this piece with an outfit that you'd wear brown with one of the concerns I had with this piece and it's a concern that some other people I've talked to you have is that they can't even wear a regular headband, because just the pressure of it Sitting on their head all day will give them a headache. So there is a third option on how to wear this and you would wear it as a like a fall or a three-quarter wig if you'll just remove it from the headband put it in your hair. The same way, you're going to grab the two side combs here, just get them in there and the center I'm going to turn and make sure I have it in where I want it and give it a little volume with the wire. And then you can take one of your own scarfs. This is mine, and I'm just going to put it over like that to conceal where the headband starts and you can tie it tight, I'm not going to tie it all the way, but you get the idea, and this way you can match it literally to anything You have on - and this look is a look - that a lot of celebrities use when they're just going out to the store or running errands. They know they're going to be photographed, but they don't really want to mess doing their hair, so throw one of these on with a hat or a scarf for the headband and they're ready to be photographed, and it's an instant hairstyle. This literally is the easiest thing you could put on and I think you're really going to love it.

HRH: I would have definitely bought this if it was still available. I don’t know why they discontinued it this is exactly what I was looking for. There are only two that are available now and one of them doesn’t have this type of headband which is the only kind of headband I like and the other one that does have this type of headband only comes in short curly hair where as I need long and straight.

hairextensions.com: Great tutorial!

Julie Stewart: I really think this is a beautiful wig. Wonder why it is not available anymore? Would have liked to have gotten this.

jeanettebear12: so cool! i want this now(:

ElleBelle SparkleSeed: Very cool. How fun! Great idea with the scarf.

Kristin E: What a great idea!!!

Leslie W: I think that you did a great job selling this.. I bought it and can't wait for it to arrive.

Beauty & Hair: I've just updated the video information to include where you can buy the headband. Thanks for watching!

ยายหนูAK USA.: That's what i looking for, Thank you

Beauty & Hair: Check out the website for the full color selection :) and because its human hair you can color it if you have a hard to match color!

Beauty & Hair: @AtcharaAK Your very welcome! thanks for watching! xoxo - Jenn

Beauty & Hair: I'm not aware of any actual stores in the UK, however the extensions(dot) com ships internationally.

Tracy Garner: How is the hair attached inside? does it have space to add additional clips? I wish there was a cloth type band that clipped over it rather than tying a scarf. I have a weird head that is flat in the back and narrow on the sides so bands and scarves just don't work too well. If the loose scarf had some clips I could attached it too. hmmm Maybe I will try to make one now that I think about it. If I can then I will look at ordering this piece I really love it.

Dear Sybersue: how many shades of red do you have? It is a great look!

Beauty & Hair: extensions(dot) com, I love it, I'm wearing it today!

Park Bench: I want that!!!!

Beauty & Hair: @PineapplePrinces10 Hairdo is coming out with a version of the headband fall that is made with styleable synthetic fiber!!

Christina Fernandez: do you know a store in ny where you can buy this?

Sully W: thats cool but imagine how embarrasing it would be if it fell out :) lol

Destinyatk: where on the site is this being sold as I DO NOT see it. Is it still available? Please respond. Thank you

chantal tome: Where can you buy these I have been looking every where and no luck

Mandy Burton: Where can I buy one of these wigs please

surajh cherti: How do we order this one

manasa so: Where i can get this extension

Beauty & Hair: @Beaverchic94 In the hair industry, some of the human hair is obtained overseas and in poorer countries (the hair is of course then thoroughly cleaned and processed). So the people who cut their hair for this purpose are sometimes paid to do so and also need the money from their own hair.

nafo: i dont know why you would use this cuz it looks just like your natural hair

deepti12347: where can I purchase this hairband extension.. i m from india....lease guide me ..I badly need this...

surajh cherti: What is the price and how to order it in india

Fleur D'Rose: I could not find this headband extension which you are demonstrating on your link.

Roxette Nguyen: omg i have hairloss problems i wonder if this will helpp

Wine and Beauty: Are there any more of these available? I clicked on the link and there's no product available...

Doll Verma: i need for crown part.

Ginny Johnson: Where can a person buy it????????


curiousdevice: She seriously does this just to add a little flip at the ends? I bet she could have that if she just put a headband in after "not doing her hair."

Beauty & Hair: @PineapplePrinces10 just uploaded the video for the new headband fall...check it out!

King Eddster: HUMAN HAIR?!?!?!? where they get it from LOL

chevon1920: Girl just make one. Go get some track hair and glue it to a head band. I'm quite sure its overpriced.

Beauty & Hair: @MakeUpCheerGirl That is how I say 'forward'. Sorry if it is confusing. - Jennifer

Rima Batayneh: I couldn't find it on the website

Beauty & Hair: @PineapplePrinces10 Why do you dislike human hair extensions?

Bok and Joa: how much???

AandGmovies: she just took a half wig and added a head band in my opinion just buy a half wig less complicated and so much more styles you can do

Marilyn Zanca: Dosnt seem to be on the website provided.

Jennifer Pompa: @MakeUpCheerGirl southern accent kicking in !!!!

Criss Gray: WTF LMFAO!!! NICE

Cristianandtupac: its prob expensicve if its human hair

Ruby mo: from India...

Jazzy FiZle: LMAO.

Marilyn Zanca: This wig is not available.

Iced: from a human

qtshu14: is this the same thing as a fall that Jewish women ware

chevon1920: Ew, I don't like that. Maybe it would be better if you had bangs out or something.

MaraS: India

Jeanie1940 sunshine: See with hat.

Nick Happold: she actually looked better before the extension lol ' seriously cancer should get priority

Olivia Janas: i don't mean to be rude, but wouldn't it be better for people to donate their human hair to Locks For Love instead of selling it to be used as extensions? ..this bothers me.

madisohn: ide rather see human hair being used for people with cancer rather than people who have hair o.o.....

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