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Hey you guys!! Today I am going to try out this curly clip in braid out with my colored hair, if you remember I tried this a while back when my hair was still black. I think it turned out great!

Carols Daughter Coco Crème:


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I am wearing an 18 inches clip in hair extensions in a kinky curly texture from CURLSQUEEN .


COLOR: Customized

Note: Custom colored curly clip-ins have a loose curl pattern than natural black ones . so make sure you get a tighter curl pattern if you are going to custom color the curly clip-ins.

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Shop the natural black clip ins:

√ 100% High Grade Brazilian Virgin Human Hair

√ Upgrade 10 Pcs Set for A Full Head

√ Double Wefted and Double Dawn

√Custom dyeing service

√ True To Length

√ Suitable for 3b/3c Hair Texture

√ Thick & Full From Top To End

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I guess they just hello, you guys. It'S me rachel and today, i'm back with a super, exciting video and today's hair is coming from curls queen they went ahead and sent me a water, kinky, curly clip-in set, and i'm just so excited to show you guys this. I'Ve done a video like this before, but never with my new hair color. I honestly didn't even think that i could, or like would ever find the extensions that matched my hair but curls queen delivered you guys so a little bit about this set. This is their water, kinky, curly, cliff and hair extension set. I got mine in the glam full set, which means there's 10 pieces and mine are also in the length 18 inches, which is about 215 grams and 90 249.90. So i'm gon na show you guys how i did a braid out using these clip ends and like blending, my hair, that is pretty heat damaged. So the first thing that i do is part my hair off. I always start at the bottom with the two clip wefts, and i just put them in and i put in about two rows before i start to wet the hair and use a detangling like wet brush. So all that i used was water and the carol's daughter. Cocoa cream, that's absolutely it that's my favorite product for braid outs, because i feel like it makes it the most fluffy and just what i like personally i'll, install like two clips, wet the hair and then braid it together. So really i just repeated that all throughout my entire head, as you guys will see - and i do have a more detailed video on my channel - but this is pretty much you know like what you see is exactly how i did it so for me personally, i Went to bed with the stylin, and i also used my dyson blow dryer to dry it even more in the morning, and i think it turned out really good you guys. Let me know what you think, i'm absolutely obsessed with these clip-ins, i'm going to bring them on vacation with me next week, because it just makes it so easy, especially if you have heat damaged hair. That you're, not like the most confident wearing out, makes it so easy to wear like a braid out style and be able to wear your natural hair and give the heat a break. So, just a few things that i love about these clip-ins they're 100 high-grade brazilian virgin human hair. They have the two different options for you guys you can get a five-piece set which is like the everyday set or you can get the glam full, which is what i prefer: um they're double wefted and double drawn custom dyeing service. So they went ahead and colored mine for me personally so on the website. You'Ll see them in black, but you guys can inquire about their custom, color service and just a number of pictures of your hair and they will match them to the best of their ability. And i think they got my hair color pretty on spot. And then the texture that these clip-ins are for is for about 3b, 3c, hair and they're very thick from the top to the end. So you guys can also use my code rmyt to save money off so yeah. You guys, i'm obsessed if you guys want to watch me, continue doing my hair, keep watching if you guys enjoyed this hair sure to leave me a comment down below and give me a huge thumbs up, subscribe and i'll. See you guys in my next one bye was: is so easily? Never nothing. I guess they just don't know what you mean to me. I can't believe and keep us out of all this crazy madness and when they talk, i think it's just is me me and you stop trying to get the best, no matter what they say. Baby me, oh so easily, i got three words to say never say is, i guess they just don't know what you mean to me. I can't believe they stopped her happiness and keep us out of all this crazy madness and when they talk, i think it's just a shame. Stop trying to get the best me

Liyah Chante: We love a nice curly look . Sooo natural

Lana Bana: So pretty!

CurlsQueenofficial: You didi a really great job!!!!!! !Love this look so much.

Annette: Gorgeous. Can you do another makeup tutorial

Dr.Derri's Diary: Love this!

d b: Looks good

shania w.: What were those little things you used to roll the ends of your hair?

Janelle Mcfarlane: Did you use all 10 pieces and if so what order I was trying to figure out from the video alone❤️

Beautiful & Blessed TV : yesss you look amazing!

ALL BEAUTYBYJACQY: Very beautiful ❤❤❤.

callicomfort: Hi can you please make a placement one and how you cut the clip ins

KaylinMonèt: Did you color it yourself?

Petrose Lushi: Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine empr.ONLINE Brünette und eine andereu Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde

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