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I've been transitioning back to blonde from orange/red henna hair for almost a year now and am hoping to finish up at a bright white aide of blonde in the next couple of months. I ordered some new 18" clip in hair extensions in my finished shade of blonde from Goo Goo Hair Extensions which is a brand that I haven't tried before but wanted to share my try on with you all here. I'm thrilled with the weight and quality of this real hair and love how the extensions are so quick and easy to fit to add instant length and volume to my own hair. Once my colour transformation is complete I'll be rocking these for every special occasion! What are your favourite form of extensions? Tapes, clip-in's, halo or a one piece? x

Hair Extensions in this video: 

Goo Goo Classic Clip in Hair Extensions

Hair Length: 20inch

Hair Color: Platinum Blonde (#60)

Hair Weight:120 grams

Discount Code: TRACY10 for 10% off

Hot Selling Collection: 


Goo Goo Hair say that they are “dedicated to the development of the high quality hair extensions. We are so excited to provide you with the highest quality human hair extensions to make your hair dreams come true, giving you a gorgeous natural look.”

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Hi guys welcome to this week's video where i'm reviewing hair extensions, and these are from google hair extensions. It'S the first time that i've actually seen this brand before spotted them online and i thought i'd give them a go. So, as you can see, i've just got back from the gym. My hair is really uh right. Now, it's the time of year when we're all getting ready going out, seeing friends and family and wanting to look really kind of primed and proper. You can see that my hair lacks volume bleaching it it can break quite easily so having long blonde hair is quite difficult. Naturally, for me, having hair extensions that you can pop in and be ready in an instant and then hit, the town is like the perfect thing that actually made from 100 real remy human hair, which means they are the best quality that you can get, which is Great as a gift, and just it's really pretty - for putting trinkets in afterwards or even storing your hair extensions safely, you have to break this seal here in order to get into that. I can't do this with nails, so i'm going to use a pair of scissors. It'S a clip in 18 inch hair extension in shade 608. So in here we have a lovely silky pouch. We have the clip in hair extensions. We have some extra clips here, replacement guarantee one clip broken two fish wire problem or three hair tape stops working. All of the above contact, google hair for new hair accessories, that's really reassuring, to know a booklet for instructions; it has lots of information here diagrams of the lengths of hair. So this is really helpful and useful. They do straight wavy or curly in different inches from 12 to 24 inch. They show you how to use tape and extensions flip in hair extensions, also halo, hair extensions, which is hung on a wire how to wash them combing, washing moisturizing conditioning heat, protecting and keeping the ends, trimmed how to style them safely. This is full of information and that doesn't normally come with hair extension. So i'm really happy with the quality of that - let's see what's inside. Ah some eyelashes as well a scrunchy hair tie hair clip with goo goo on it. So this is to help us section off the hair and apply the clips the hair extensions themselves. They come wrapped together, beautifully soft. I wish my hair felt this good. I had them in a nice light blonde shade. I'Ve just changed my hair from red henna back to blonde, so i am very much still in the process of lighting my hair. It'S quite warm at the ends um, but this is the color that i will ultimately be. Hence why i got them in this shade. So soft, so real, some hair extensions can be quite plasticky um and you shouldn't put heat anywhere near them, but you can feel the quality of this hair is human hair and it's absolutely beautiful. Let'S get these fitted 100 remy human hair is 120 grams. With clips and 105 grams without clips, i've got the length in 18 inches and it comes with seven pieces. The texture is straight that i've got, but there is also curly and wavy available. You have thick hair. One pack will increase the weight of your hair. Two packs will increase the length i have thin hair, so it recommends two packs to increase the weight of your hair and one pack to increase the length. So i'm going for length with this one pack, easy and quick way to change your hairstyle and color without causing damage to your own hair, how to wear the clip in hair extensions. The hair is sewn onto metal clips. Here, i'm going to trim these elastic cords holding them in place, so this is the big one which has four clips. You start from the back of your head lower down and you work your way up. You space these above each one getting smaller as you go up, and then we move to the top pieces and the side pieces two piece. This then goes more to the side of the head and two one pieces. They literally come right at the front here. I'M going to section my hair in half, i'm gon na tie the top off - i'm not the best at this, but if i can do it, then surely anybody can do it we're going to pop the clips open here, so they clip into the hair some people Backcomb, their hair, so that it just has something better to hold on to um. I don't you take the clips to the back of the head place them in the hairline slot them into place and clip them in making sure that the hair is nicely stretched out. As we go and it literally takes seconds there we go, that is the first piece in place from there. We take the hair down, let it fall into place, move it up ever so slightly. So i take a finger space separate the hair once more making sure the end piece ends over the ear here and putting it above the liner extensions that we've just put in or making sure they're obviously open before you put them in. You don't have to put them all in if you just want to add a few extra bits down to how you feel uh the look that you want to achieve, so i'm not actually going to have to use all of these, and then it just sits nicely Against the face there and they tuck under so cute, i still have my two two pieces left, which i could add for extra volume, but i'm happy with what i've got here just to brush it into place. Now that everything else is in the brush is so beautifully. I wish my own hair was as nice as this. Maybe i should have done my parting first here. We have the finished result. So i love love. Love, love the hair for flat hair. It'S just from the gym. This conceals really really nicely. The hair feels beautiful. It'S got nice weight to it. You can tie it into ponytails. Do so many things with hair extensions, um and i think color match-wise, once the final bit of warmth is out of my hair. It'S literally undetectable. There are so many colors available which match your individual hair, whether it's hair that you existing have as your color or something that you want to try as a new color. It'S a great way to add something more vibrant. You might want to have some blonde highlights in your hair. You might want to have a part brown part brunette. You can do lots and lots of things with it. I am super super happy with these hair extensions. As you can see, it literally takes five minutes to put them in from start to finish, and it makes such a difference to your look. So i'm really really happy with these and highly recommend them. If you would like to try them out, then go to google hair extensions, i will put the link in the bio to this video, it's a great gift for people and it's something that's always worthwhile having in your wardrobe anyway. For any event, so i'd love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this guys. Do you like me with longer hair? Do you think it's a good look and which is your favorite kind of extension? Is it the tape and extensions the clip-in hair extensions, the halos or the one piece i'd love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this and wish you all a very merry christmas and happy new year until next time? Take care of yourself be kind to yourself and others, and i will see you all soon.

Goo Goo Hair: You are amazing, Tracy!!

Mangal sen: Superb

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