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Hey! Thank you so much for returning or stopping by. Please enjoy some free entertainment from me, Lala This video is my second time trying clip-in hair extensions from Amazon! The exact hair is linked down below... I hope you all enjoy, don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe!

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And I'm gon na rock it until the wheels fall off. Okay, hey y'all, welcome back to another video, So today we're going to be installing some clip in hair that I found on Amazon. I got a 20 inch and an 18 inch. This is how the hair comes out. The packaging I've been really craving some straight hair. I usually do body wave with clip-ins, but I got straight hair this time. This is how they look side by side. It'S pretty thin towards the ends, but I I don't mind it. It'S still. You know nice and Fuller towards the top of the clip-ins, but it does thin out towards the end. So now we're going to take care of our real hair. This step is important because your hair has to be you, know nice and pressed for the clip-ins to blend in. So I go ahead and I take one of my favorite leave-in conditioners, and you know I just go Section by section and apply the conditioner to my hair. I do this while my hair is still damp after washing, so I can blow dry it like in my hair, once it's all dry, I'm going to go along my scalp and put in some Growth Oil, and I like to massage that in as good as I Can and for the rest of my hair towards my ends, I go in with the shy silk infusion just so that when I press my hair with the flat iron, I get a nice silky straightening. I feel like to get the best silk press. You definitely have to use a leave-in conditioner, and you know some oil just to get your hair, nice and silky. Look at this come on now, let's get to the clip-ins. So this is how the hair looks. You have Clips on the ends and some of them have Clips in the middle like this one, and these are not seamless but in my opinion, these tracks still work just as good. So personally I like to lay my clippings out on my bed just so I can see everything and know how many pieces I have I like to lay out the shorter length hair first, because that's going to go towards the top. So this is the 18 inch that you're seeing right now so before I add the 20 inch on top, I do want to show you guys how they come in one pack, so you get two of these really small pieces. You get two of the bigger size pieces, two medium size and then two of the regular sides that just has like two clips on each end: um y'all, I'm installing this hair. A few days later, I was enjoying having my natural hair out, so please disregard any dandruff. You see so simple. You just take. Whichever piece is the length that you need for that part, and you just clip it right on top - and this is my little dance - I wanted to show y'all how long the hair was and just part and repeat all the way to the top foreign. Thank you, foreign s. It could get a little tricky towards the top. It depends on how you want your hair to be how you want your hair to lay down. So I do want a part in the middle, so I had to keep making this u-shape all the way around some pieces I have to like overlap. It all depends, but it's way easier if you just want like a straight back hairstyle. Finally, we are at the very top I like to go in and add some tracks, as close as I can to the part that I'm going to have that way. The hair looks more full and Blended. It'S not like a big gap between my hair at the top and the tracks, so I like to add some at the very very top. Thank you, foreign foreign, okay, y'all. This is the finished. Look. I decided to be a little bit more natural this time. I usually would do like edge control and like try to Slick it down, do Spritz and all that, but I really wanted to just be natural and flowy. I usually do like a body wave when I do clip-ins, because my hair will puff up and went body wave, it kind of looks better. It looks more like the texture, it looks more in sync, but I wanted to try a straight this time. I haven't done. Like bone straight clip-ins in a long time with this hair, I do wish that it was thicker towards the ends. I wish this was like more full um. I was considering buying three packs of hair. For that reason, I really wanted it to look full, but I can't fit three packs of hair in my head. I couldn't even fit all of the tracks from the two packs that I've had. I have three tracks sitting over there that I couldn't use, because I have no more room left on my head unless I like clip them on top of each other, but I don't want the bulkiness. I think just my hair being thicker here makes it a little weird, but but overall I like the hair, I like the flow of it. I like the feel of it. It feels really good. It'S nice and soft. I do wish that it was a little bit thicker towards the ends, but you know you get what you pay for. Okay, this is from Amazon, but yes, I do like the hair and I'm gon na rock it until the wheels fall off. Okay, like after a while I'll, probably put some curls in it and that'll make it look thicker, but for right now this is okay, so I hope you all enjoyed this video. I know a lot of people do go on Amazon and get these products that I tell you guys about. So if you guys do get this hair, let me know down below how you feel about it and don't forget. I told y'all it's a little thin. So don't get it and then be mad at me. Okay, if you haven't done so already, please don't hesitate to give this video a thumbs up. Leave me a comment down below. Let me know if you bought from Amazon before I have a few different videos on the channel. I will link some of them down below and yeah. Thank you guys so much for tuning in, and I can't wait to see you all in the next video. Thank you.

Kena Ollie: Hey Lala it looks so natural, you did a great job! ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

Melinda Hall: Hey hey miss lady notification squad. Ur natural hair is beautiful. The tape ins seem simple and look great. Thanks again for sharing. Keep growing and for sure keep shining

Nea J: Flawless as always ❤

Sulu Luxe Life: Ooh love how you do your hair I know I have to practice awesome video ❤❤

🌴 Iamshallan: Notification gang … this is influencing me to perm my hair so I can get clip ins

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