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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, so today I'm going to be showing you guys my Bellamy, hair extensions. I got these for Christmas for my boyfriend and I wanted to do a review on them, for you guys and also show you guys how I put them in I've been wearing them every day since I've had them, I love them so much. This is my first pair of like real quality, hair extensions and so far I'm like in love with them. I like them a lot. I wanted to do a review on them like right when I got them, but I thought I would wait a couple days before. I did the review because I wanted to really try them out and make sure I really liked them before I told you guys I like them. I'Ve did a lot of research on these before I asked my boyfriend to get them for me, and a lot of people were saying that, oh after a couple days of having them they're like coating on them goes away and they turn really frizzy and get really Crusty looking and stuff and I've had them now for a little over a week, I've learned them every single day. I'Ve straightened them. I brush them every day, all day long for a straight week. I have not found that they felt any less soft than when I got them. The ends of them were really nice and like thick, they look like normal hair and they're, not exploited or broken. They don't tangle up at all. I haven't had that problem with them. Tangling my hair. It'S been raining outside these past couple days and my hair has been kind of frizzy. So if we need problem, I've had with them lately it's because of my own hair, because it's the humidity outside other than that I haven't had a problem with the hair extensions at all and that's not really a problem with the hair extensions. It'S problem myself. So this is the box that it came in. The hair extensions came in is a bugatti on them and Bellamy, and it's like it's a really nice box. It'S hard to see it's a really pretty box, it's a golden black which are my favorite colors. Basically, your hair extensions will come in a package like this and they'll just be rolled up in like a little fishnet thing. They'Ll be all rolled up inside of one of these, and one of these and you'll come with two of these with the Bellamy extensions, because sorry it'll come with two of these. When you get the bugatti hair extensions, because the bugatti extensions they come with a pack of normal hair extensions and then they also come with a fault of volumizing weft, which is like double the hair in one left. So it'll come with two of those packages. It'Ll also come with like a little tester strip at the bottom, which is just one of the two-piece wife's of hair. That way, you can take it out and see if it matches your hair color see if you like them, you like the length, if you don't, you can put the texture strip back in the little bag and send them back. But if you open up the hair extensions and not the tester strip, they won't take them back. So try out the hair extensions first with the tester shirt. They send you to see if you like, the color of them and everything my hair color matches these hair extensions. Like perfectly cuz. My hair is just black. I dye it black every so often and it's the darkest. I have it's just jet black that these hair extensions come with in this little box, which I don't have it with me right now. It'S actually at my boyfriend's house. It comes with a brush that for your hair extensions and it's like my little detangling brush and it's really nice - and I wish I had it in here, but it's at my boyfriend's house, so I can't show you guys, but it's a really nice cute little handheld Brush it works really good, but I've just been using my normal brush on these lately cuz. I left my brush on my boyfriend's house. So another thing that came with the Bellamy, hair extensions inside of the box was this protective case for the hair extensions and it comes with this little bag, and it has a zipper right here. So you can zip up their hair extensions after you've, taken them off and put them in here, and it comes with this hanger that goes inside of the good bag. So this hanger can you can fold it up like this and once the hanging part is tilted down, you can open this up and put place all of your hair extensions in there. I just lay them flat in here, all of them stacked up on top of each other and then I'll close it down like that and flip the hanger part up and it locks it in here. So you can't open this anymore and then once I've done this and they're all like dangling on this hanger. I stick them up through this bag and up through this hole and the hair extensions will be in this case and be all protected and stuff. That'S like the best way to store them, so they don't get tangled if they don't get matted. This is just a protector for them and it's really handy because if you're traveling, you can put them in this just to make your room neat. So you don't have a bunch of weave all over the floor. You can put them in this bag and then hang them up in your closet. Hang them up on a coat hanger, whatever you want, but it doesn't have any type of holes in there or anything like that. Everything I got was just great like nothing was defective. Nothing is wrong with any of the stuff that I got and I didn't I'm not sponsored by Bellamy. They just said these because I was a normal customer, so what I got you guys should be getting also details on the hair. I got the blackest color color. One it's just the jet black color that they have that's the color that I got and then the hair extensions are the Bugatti hair extensions. Those on their website from what I've seen are the thickest pair that they offer they've got the most hair included. I'Ll be sure to put off the correct, like information on the hair extensions like how long they are, how many grams of hair they are I'll, be sure to put that all correct in the description, but for right now, I'm just gon na yes, but I believe That these hair extensions are 22 inches long, which on me comes to right here and I'm pretty sure that they are 320 grams of hair. So that is a lot of hair for hair extensions. I have really short, not short, but like medium length, hair, my hair. Naturally comes about right there, so I have a medium light hair, but my hair is also very thick and I have a boy kind of haircut. My hair is all cuts, one light too straight across and that's very hard to hide, hair extensions in with that kind of hair, because your hair just is noticeable in the hair extension they're super thick. So I don't have to worry about wearing my hair, a certain direction or something to try to hide the fact that there's some thin. These are just really thick and I can wear my hair any way I want to, but yeah so they're, 320 grams, 22 inches long, I'm pretty sure I'll. Look it up and I'll put it in the description, the price, the all the little details about the hair extensions you guys can just check out down there. The only thing that I can honestly critique about these hair extensions that could be a little bit better. Is the clips on the hair extensions like the little clips that you clip into your hair? Sometimes they don't want to clip down like you'll, clip them down and they'll just pop right back open and that's only happened on one of the clips in the whole set of hair extensions. But that's honestly, the only thing that I can find wrong with them. So yeah guys, that's it I'm going to go now and show you guys how I put these hair extensions in step-by-step the like sequence of hair extensions that I put in, and I also have a little tip to show you guys a little secret tip in my Hair extensions just to make them not hurt or feel heavy or like try to slip out or anything like that. So if you guys want to see how I put the hair extensions in everyday, then just keep watching alright. So the first thing that I do when I start putting in my Bellamy, hair extensions or what I've been doing recently since I've got them is um, and I actually learned this trick from a girl on YouTube named Jasmine Gonzales. It goes have probably heard of her, but she did hair extension tutorial where she kind of did this trick that I'm gon na show you guys so, but I take the sides of my hair and I leave those out and then from about right here back. I also part to where I'll have a section of hair at the top. That looks something like this. I take this section of hair and I leave it alone. I just take a hair clip and clip this piece of hair up, and then I have the rest of my hair down here at the bottom. But what I do is I take a section of hair up here and I'm gon na French braid. All of this hair back and I tie it off so what this does is. It gives us a that hair extension something to hold on to because your hair is in a braid, so the hair extensions stay and easier. They stay longer. They don't hurt your head. I start off with a four piece weft of hair, and I just the four clips up here. I just take a brush and brush them out from the bottom up to the top. I just clip it and I just put it straight across the bottom here: the like a volumizing left and this one has a row of clips on the top and the row clips on the bottom I go in and I clip the bottom row first and then I clip in the row at the top I just what I'm gon na do. Is I'm gon na take another four piece, four piece of hair and I'm gon na clip. It right here have three pieces of hair clipped in so far and what it looks like now, I'm going to take my hair down so next thing that I do is I sectioned off another section of hair and then I'm going to take my three piece left. It'S got three clips and I'm going to started the front and work my way back and then I'm going to take the second third clip. Now I'm going to take my two-piece what I'm going to part around the sides of my part and I've got start from the front and clip in the first one, the second and put my hair back over it and I'm gon na part around this side. Of my part, I can't tell where my hair is and the hair extensions like it just looks like it to my hair. I hope you guys enjoyed this Bellamy, bugatti hair extension review and i put them on. I hope you guys all have a great day and don't forget to Like and subscribe and I'll see you guys in my next video

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