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Hey cuties! You guys wanted to know how I curl my hair soo here it is! I also included how I clip on my bellami extensions :) It's super quick and easy, I hope you enjoy!


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Do you miss me, like I miss what's up everyone, so I'm back with another video with today we're gon na be doing a hair tutorial. I'M gon na show you guys how I curl my hair. My hair is naturally like this, so mostly straight with a little bit of waves. This is my all my natural hair. It is pretty long, but it is pretty thin as well as you can see. So I recently got hair extensions from Bellamy hair. They sent me the Bellamy beliefs, belissima bellisima. You guys know that I suck at pronouncing things but yeah, it's the 220 grams and 22 inches. And if you want to know my color, I got it in 1b. I'M pretty sure you guys have heard about a Bellamy. I mean it's all over YouTube, all over Instagram they're, like the top brand for hair extensions and hot tools and stuff like that, even though my hair is pretty long already, I like to add extensions in when I curl my hair, just because you know when you Curl, your hair, it looks shorter and on top of that, my hair is so thin to the point that it just looks like there's no volume. So that's why I like to add in extensions. So this is the Bellamy extensions. This is the 22 inches, so I mean a little bit longer than my natural hair, as you can see, so this set has 220 grams worth of hair, like I said, but I normally don't use all of them, so it comes with too wet of the four Clip two of the three clips as well one of the two clips and a four the one clip but anyways um yeah, let's just jump into the tutorial. So what I like to do is first put up my hair, I like to part it like head. Above my ears, so I would just take my index finger and just go across so just like that. Oh you guys excuse my nails. I know my nails are always so ugly in videos. I never get them this long and I literally broke two already. They both broke right in the middle. My nails is so freakin painful, so just excuse my ugly nails, we're gon na take the 3 clip weft and I'm literally just going to stick it right on there just like so some people like to tease their hair before clipping the extensions in I personally don't Like to do that, just because the Bellamy clips are already really strong, so you don't need to tease your hair for it to stick on. I like to use a big curling iron like this. So what I like to do is just take this chunk literally the whole chunk, since my hair is thin, like I said, and put it through the clip like so, and you want the clip on top, so I'm just gon na go ahead and curl it in, Like so, and just kind of like open up release - and just you know, work your way up and just kind of hold it there for a few seconds so once you can feel the heat coming through just want to release and you can just release it. However, you want, and, as you can see just gives you a nice like Kim Kardashian loose wave just gon na do the same thing. On this side I like to take big chunks, so that way it doesn't like curl too tight. I don't like my curls to be too tight. I, like them nice and loose and release next. I'M gon na go ahead and part a little bit above like so so like in the middle of my head, and then I'm gon na take another one of the three weft is doing the same thing clipping it on to the back of your head, all right. So once I'm done with that, I released a little bit more. This is my top layer of my hair. So for the rest of my hair, I like to use a similar curling iron. I think this one's the 1 inch all right and then I just take my hairspray then run my fingers through and you can go ahead and tease like the tops of your head or anything like that. But I don't like teasing my hair personally. If this is the finish, a look, this is how I curl my hair. A lot of you guys have been asking, and yes, I always apply my extensions whenever I cut my hair just because it gives me a little bit extra length and volume. I hope this tutorial was helpful. It'S honestly super simple and easy to do enough, rambling. I will leave any Quan codes that I have for Bellamy hair extensions down below. I will also leave their website and the details on the extensions that I am wearing in this video until next time. I'Ll talk to you guys later bye,

Manifesting Maren: Your skin color is soooo gorgeous!

Gracie Garrison: Love the hair tutorial!! Can't wait for you to do a haul cause your outfits are always on point!!

Alyssa Sanchez: I can't believe how gorgeous you are! ❤ Love your videos, girl.

Klaudia Marysol: Yaaaasss Emanda!!!! Love that u uploaded how u curl ur hair! And u are right! u do it so simple yet ur hair ends up looking beautiful! Loved it! Thank u for sharing!! hiiii from Snapchat & much much love from Chicago!!!!

Lindaaa aaa: You're soo pretty, I don't wear foundation but u got me inspired to play around more with makeup!

Melissa Le: It's good to see something different. So so jealous! Girl, you always be SLAYING

Marissa Perez: Love your hair &videos! Is that your natural color or do you dye it?

Laura Becerril: hair tutorial yay! ive been asking for a hair tutorial thank you

Sarah Tran: You have such gorgeous hair! If, you don't mind me asking, but what are the two curling irons that you used?

Lea Jones: So pretty it

Mya Smith: So Pretty!! My favorite ♥️

Laura Becerril: Love it

Nass31: You look so beautiful girl i love your vidéo ❤️ from France

Lilia Sosa: love it my hair is the same way long but not to thin

Joyce Silva: Pretty hair!

Moya Mcfarlane: Hey girl what do use to get such a lovely tan... Girl it is everything.

Carly abel: I have these extensions too recently new. And for some reason they just don’t want to hold a curl idk why they always go flat

Christine Tamang: love you girl!!


Ashlee Klimenko: love you ❤️

Alexis Chacon: Where is your top from boo?!?!??

MARYAM: الحب ❤

Vanessa f:

Ester A.: not much of a diffrence.

Rena Villa:

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