Unboxing & Honest First Impression On Bellami Hair Extensions

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Bellami Hair extensions in Piccolina 120g 18" Dark Brown 2


Hey guys so today I wanted to do a unboxing, slash first impression on the Bellamy clip in hair extensions and before I get started. I just wanted to say that I bought this with my money and it's 100 %. My honest opinion, so I haven't even opened them. I just cut the Box open just so I would say some time, but I have not even taken a look at them, so I am so excited. I got them on Friday and I've just had the box just like sitting there, because I wanted to do this, video, so yeah. Let'S just get started, I am going to mention also that I got the 120 grams, which is the Pico Lena set and they are 119 dollars and of course I am trying to save my money. So I use a discount code. I mean why wouldn't you, but I got that and they also had a sale going on, that you could get a free hanger and the the storage bag to put them in and also you got a curling iron or a wand and yeah. So I got all of that and I am so happy, I'm so excited to just take a look at everything so without making this video any longer. Let me just open the box, so it came in this big box. I'M not gon na show you guys. The other side, because it has my address and all that it looks like this well once you open it, so the hair extensions are on top, but I put that down. I'M gon na show you guys the rest, so this came all in there and I'm guessing. This is the hanger and the storage. It says, follow me there and it comes with this. I don't know what this is for. It looks like one of those little backpacks, but this is so small, like I don't know what you would put in here. I guess I don't know, I don't know what they send this for, but I think I could make this into a backpack for me. Honor, like I could just put something on top: it also comes with the storage bag and inside I see the hangar. So let me open that up. I think this whole thing that they sent me was a $ 125 value. So I think this was for $ 35 on the website, but it's just a big storage bag and the hangar honestly okay, so this goes inside. So you can. I guess, hang on your and your closet up and be like that an excuse, my hair. I actually want to try to put the hair extensions on and show you guys what they look like, so the hangers right there and it just fits in there. Honestly, if I were to just buy the hair extensions, I would not like pay for this, like no offense, but this kind of is like a cheap material like I feel like. If this got caught on something it would completely just rip so and then the hanger yeah it's cute, but I mean I wouldn't pay for it like I'm, like it's nice that they send it to me, but I would never apply it and then the last thing That they sent okay, so the Bellamy, hot rod, thirty two millimeter looks like this, and then it has a picture of the wand. It'S pretty cool. This is nice. I like the color and it feels amazing. It feels really nice. So I like this a lot. This is what it looks like, so it has a power there and it has the heat setting, but it's there. So that's cool. I like this. Let'S just go into the hair extensions, I'm so excited. So I got the Pico leaned out 120 grams and it's 18 inches right there and I got it in number two, which is the dark brown and it comes with the set here or the tester at the bottom, and then the hair extensions at the top right. Here and it says up in the back like, if you remove it, you can return them. Basically, it says a hundred percent from a human hair and how to take care of your Bellamy, hair extensions, just basic stuff, try to wash them just stuff that you should know if you have worn a hair extension. So I'm going to remove the tester and I'm gon na take a look at them ooh they feel really nice, that's what they look like. This is a two clip left and these are the clips right here. So that's nice! I really like these. I have been wearing hair extensions for about quite a while about twelve years, because I got my first hair extensions. No 11 years. I got my first hair extensions when I was 16 and I just went to like a beauty supply store and I told the lady can you do clip ins and she did him for me and I was going to high school. They were not blended in and I thought I was the so yeah I've been wearing hair extensions for a very long time. I have tried, like the Sally ones. I had SKR, they were a brand off overseas and I don't think they make hair extensions anymore. So I also my favorite they're very well. This is the thing I had to get 120 grams for myself, because I have very thin hair and it's very short, so 160 grams, it's just too much hair and 20 inches - is just too much. I always end up cutting them and I think I'm gon na also cut these because 18 inches just for me. It'S just kind of too long. I have really short hair, but I have very fine hair. So that's why I wanted to get the hundred and twenty grams, so the hair extensions that I usually wear are from a company called Pro X, chintz calm and they have there an amazing website. I absolutely love them. They have overnight shipping as long as you order before 12:00 Eastern Time and they so they arrive the next day and their extensions are only a hundred gram. So I only got 20 more grams, but they're only $ 100 from Pro extensions, and I really really like them, but I just wanted to try something different. So that's why I went with Bellamy and so far I am NOT disappointed. I really like these. This is what they look like. I mean they're, not fake and they're, not thin. I feel like they're just perfect, and this is the bottom. I read a lot about that they're very, very thin at the bottom. It'S not that thin, but it's not like. It'S definitely thinner than the top, because I read somewhere that it's thicker all the way through and I don't think that's the case at all. They'Re very they're - definitely thinner at the bottom, a little bit um they. So these are dark brown and I think I think they'll match my hair perfectly, like I don't think I'm gon na have to do anything to my hair, so I'm just going to open the hair extensions. So I don't I mean I'm not even if they didn't match, I would just sign them because I'm just so impatient, so let's open that up, so it just comes like in here alright. So this is what they look like. They feel amazing. They feel very, very soft, they're, definitely you're all add the other one they're, definitely not like super thick, but they're, not saying at least for me, yeah, 120 grams, and for my hair this is like perfect, and this is the bottom they're. Definitely a little bit dinner at the bottom, but that's totally fine! Well, I was going to say they don't have that much breakage, because usually hair extensions will have like little like split end type, just like sticking out, but at the top they really don't I'll. Show you guys well, there there's some right there, but you start seeing them there. They have a very nice gloss to them, so they're very, very shiny, and it's just a really nice color. I always get dark brown, but it's always too light for my hair. But now I haven't even dyed my hair, I'm trying not to diet at all, so these match perfectly. So I am going to put these on and see how they look straight and then I think I'm going to use a wand to curl them, so I'm so excited. So, let's go put these babies in and I'll come back when they are in alright. So I put the hair in and it looks really good. I really really like it. This is what it looks like so I'll show you guys and it's they're pretty long, so I definitely am going to have to cut them alright, so I'm definitely going to have to cut them. They are still pretty long just for my liking. If you are looking into like, if you have thin, hair or you're just wanting to add some volume, I think these would be great if you have very thick hair and like a blunt haircut, I don't think these would would work for you at all. They definitely work for me. I always tend to cut my hair extensions into layers just because it works with my hair better, since I do have layers all throughout but yeah. I absolutely love them. They feel like so secure on my head, like it's ridiculous. They feel amazing, I feel like I would not have any problems with them. The only thing is, but I thought was weird was that they don't come with just like the one clip like wefts like there's. No, I know there's like there, companies that I usually get them from. You could put some here at the front and it's only like one clip and you can like put them too ever it fits you better. So I am going to have to play with them. A little bit because I do only have a two clip left here and here it brings two to clip laughs. Three three clip weft, two four clip west. So in total, that's a seven wefts and I mean it works out there they're really good. I really like them so, but I did say I do have to cut them and they do match my hair, pretty nicely, which I was worried a little bit, but I do have to work with these. I was going to curl them, but I'm not going to because I do have to cut them and I don't want to be putting extra heat that it's like not needed if I'm going to be doing something else with them so yeah. I really really like these. I mean I would definitely buy them again and they are pretty long. This is usually where 20 inch fall for me, so I'm glad that I went with the 18 inch and 120 grams, so yeah, if any of you guys, are wondering if this brand is good. This is my first time buying from them and I have bought from other companies, and I really like them. Shipping was okay. It took like what five days or four days, not counting Sunday. I would totally buy them again. I'M definitely going to layer these, and I guess in another video you guys will see me with them already done and stuff like that. I really like how they look straight and they do have that smell of like neo hair extensions, as many others do. But look at that highlight they're, so soft, I really really like them. I'M so excited that I bought them. Alright, let's cut this video short all right, so the final verdict is that yes, bellamy is definitely worth it. I really really love them and I like the curling iron and what else? That'S all I mean the the hangar and the storage thing I mean I guess I'll use just because I have it, but I would never buy this like this is like like just cheating it like look. I didn't even notice. They had that, like it's just cheap to me, and I would not pay $ 35 for this at all. I guess this is good too, like if you're wash them or if you're going to cut them. You could hang it and hang it on a drawer or something and put the hair extension there and start cutting. Let me know what you think. Let me know if you have Bellamy's. Let me know if you're thinking about it - and I hope that this helps you in any way if you are going to buy them. If you want to try the pickle, inna or the other ones, I don't even remember the other names, but I really like them I'll show you guys in the next video or something when I cut them and style them and use that wand and all that. So I hope you guys enjoyed and, like I said, don't forget to Like subscribe and comment down below and until my next video I will talk to you guys later bye,

Jad Simmons: Hello! I liked your review :) could you please say how your extensions look today? Thanks!

Taylor Roll: That Curling Iron

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