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Hey guys thank you so much for watching! I am wearing the bellman hair silk seam hair extensions in ash blonde.

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Hey guys, what's up, it's healthy welcome to the video. Thank you so much for being here in today's video. I'M going to be doing a tutorial on this look right here. It'S in a highly requested hair. Look that I've done and then I also have the baby hairs lead for the guy. We wanted to basically film, because I really just want to feel normal like everything, it's so crazy and all the swords right now and just everything going on. I just like it would make me feel better we're in a new house right now, so that's kind of I bit a little bit delayed in my filming. It just took me allowed it kind of like gon na filming set up by my filming equipment, blah blah blah, and I do have a code for my doll - need hair extensions. If you want to use them, it is chase ten. I will link it down below. Otherwise, let's get into the look, because I'm just gon na do my hair and basically like a little helpful pop down. I'M not gon na take like pay too much attention to kind of like where the part is. Are everything like that? But basically, I'm just doing this, so this part of my hair does not get entangled with the part of the extensions that I'm going to put in. When I tell you it took me so long to do this setup in the bathroom like it took me so long, okay, so I'm just gon na start by parting. Basically, like the back of my head, like this yep, I'm going to clip it. If I can find a clip, because I'm always on prepared and unprepared right now, because they don't have a clip, are you guys? I thought so? I'M just gon na these they're just kind of like to like grab it up there and just clip it like that. Well, that's okay, silks theme Bomi her extensions, which my absolute favorite I love them, go brush it. You didn't see it still house like a curl in it, and all I'm gon na do is tease the back of my head and put them in so basically, and then all I'm doing is just clipping them in the back of my head all right guys. I switch the camera angle like this, and hopefully you guys aren't too oven. Did I just wanted you guys to kind of be able to see the length of what we're dealing with? So I don't know if you kind of heard what I said before, but essentially going to be spraying my hair with this and kind of coming it through, and for me, this link just kind of teams. It makes it much easier to work with you're, not always going to be dealing with like a fresh, brave new pack of experience. Be honest, they're pretty expensive, so I know people you know I'm just like a helpful hand. Okay supposed to say what I'm going to be doing is I'm going to try to go with the memory of my curl, which is it see, I'm pretty sure it's going this way, so I'm just gon na wrap it around like this and then I'm just going To alternate between curling out pulling in calling out calling in moved to a new house. So basically I was closer to Atlanta. If you're living close to Italy - and I like for many many many years like in Atlanta or very close, I used to live like in Atlantic Station that I used to live like on Briarcliff, and I just like. I'Ve always really been super close to the Atlantic area. I'M gon na call this one, so you grow this one out and when I call this one in, but all of this happen before the whole coronavirus started happening. We got into our house just weeks before it really turned into like a pandemic or clutter, so it's been really weird. Needless so kind of like, instead of just like seeing what's around us and like getting out and exploring, we felt kind of like confined to our house, which is good and bad. I think it's confusing for my kids, because they're probably kind of thinking of our old house wondering why we're here wondering why we're like not leaving just you know it's scary, forget it's weird changes, weird and it's really all we've ever known, and I didn't really realize How much it would affect need somebody from the city, but it's for sure been been super kind of weird. I guess I don't know house to put it because I'm so happy when a bigger house thing. I could never probably feel like this. In my bathroom, my old bathrooms, like it just, was really small. They covered why it would just kind of looked like a like a very basic bathroom, and this one it's just more like upgraded and then another reason why I wanted to move to this house and they move it's because it's really working eating it. For me for filming YouTube videos where is like before I always have to like find like a place to film and set up - and I feel like here it's just because the house is nicer - there's just more plate earth, though, because the hell is this kind of More updated, upgraded, I feel, like there's cooler places to film, so those were just like a lot of puzzles for me. I feel, like part of the reason I don't have news, I don't want. I don't really watch the news like there's like so many times when people really there's a hurricane coming to Georgia, the biggest one if the errors are like, I don't know just like people are always like saying stuff, and it never happens, and I feel like the Way I kind of like escape. All of that like drama is I just don't watch the news and I know like if something is a really bad happening like I will find out. I think I don't just think, never watch the news, but I, if I do you watch the news. I don't like to just look obsess over like negative things that are going on and just like to watch it for like informational purposes and then move on. I feel like you can really get so consumed by what's going on. It'S almost like, I feel like bad saying this, because I know people who've lost their lysing, don't mean this another in a like disrespectful way and all, but watching like the president, like watching everyone talk about it. It'S almost like watching this soap opera unfold, and I I feel like that has also played in a lot played into a lot of was continuing me to grow and grow and grow grow and grow just that the media bus around. It is, of course it's because everyone is watching. Everyone in America is sitting at home, waiting for them to come on and be like. This is the update and really they're kind of saying things thanking God, my father-in-law. It is old and he also has diabetes he's a really sick and he would be a high risk person if he were to get it so obviously we're staying away from him we're just not gon na go near him. He stopped going to church, which I don't think they've stopped going to church in never one since I met them, and I think my mother-in-law has missed her mass mass she's from New York like four times in her entire life and that's like, including from the time She was a child, so for them it's like a really big deal, but they're not going because they cancel. Thank God, another thing, if your mom honey, who that is a whole other thing in itself being home with your kid, because my kids, I know like my kids, they are going insane and they, like my son, is 3. My daughter is five and it's you can't explain to that. It'S like almost impossible to explain to them why they like. She sees kids up like this little girl she's like mad. She said friends with she sees her like outside on her driveway reading a bug and she says mom. She wants like go play with her and I'm like you can't, because it's it's just impossible to explain to a kid why they can't go outside and play with. Other kids, especially they're all on school breaks, so they think it's party time like for them a lot of time. It'S probably like a dream come true that they have no school, and then you tell them, they can't go outside and play and the look at you like you're the devil, all right, we're just gon na curl. The rest of this really quick, because I feel, like you guys, have heard me ramble and talk. Basically, we do the same things I like to give her just like a little spritz and just call it an out and out. So let me know in the comment section what you guys have been doing to survive to quarantine, especially if you have kids they're both this little part that I had up here and I parted it in half. Just like this, like in the middle like this, and I'm just going to basically stock these two on top of each other, and they just like this put one in here, and I don't really tease this part because it's like held with a ponytail surgically. It'S just not necessary gravity isn't really working against you and then I'm just gon na put this right here. Okay, guys we got the half-up half-down and then I'm just going to basically do the same thing where I'm going to crawl these pieces and out and out and then I'm going to do the baby ears. Alas, it didn't because you just want really relaxed curls and just idly. He do it and using the protector, it just makes them more on the relaxed side. You don't want to leave super frizzy curls it just. It looks like too crazy this. What is this? What is this I'll? Just curl it? Why not? I don't know what it is little curly C's deal like this side is just like more just like relaxed and the sight is like super frizzy and crazy kinda. But if you don't call the top, I mean I'm not saying those wedding. I don't know why I like driving this point home but like if you didn't, if you don't curl this in and kind of like everything you did here is goes to waste, because you can't see here we go. Here'S just like this swimming up going on here. Top here we have like our nice little like curls like this and then back. Oh sorry, okay, okay! So do your baby hairs you don't have to, but I just feel like it looks like more put-together and more just like snatched. If you do your baby hairs use these baby hairs here, maybe using this stuff, it's called. Can too I'm just gon na. Do this see it's like green waxy substance? No, I think the toothbrush is not that good, but like okay, this is okay. There. There that's better okay, see see how I got that and like swooped it up like that. Okay, I almost want to do one that's like here, because I feel like they look cool if you see it better in this mirror, so I'm just in this year. Okay up there we go and with this side BAM, there's probably a lot of things. You can do with it right here. It would look good like what would that look like I'm gon na do one right in the front brush it baby years, and I literally feel like I cut this because, oh okay, if you are doing a beam into the temple of the other ones before do Also, thanks to this one one more time, let me see if I interest you gon na, give me a hard time. We got it and some maybe like I'd like curlier than I've ever seen. I don't think it matters at least idols. If you asked me, it doesn't matter, but if you ask someone who's like a pro at that, they may be like um it alright, mature the last two and our hair or silk, seen bony expansions I'll link. Everything down below my code is 210 days when we music, it was like daytime. Alright, you guys as always. Thank you so much for watching and love you guys so much and now that I'm in my new house, things like somewhere to film I'm gon na be uploading more. So if you guys want to go to subscribe, please do you. I would love to have word. You hang in there with the crew. The virus are all Florentine together. Like that's. Why I wanted to film today, cuz I just wanted to do something that made me feel the door. Alright, I love you so much. Thank you. So much for watching make sure to comment rate subscribe like I will see you in the next video bye.

J W: You look lovely that hairstyle is so cute I hope you and your family are doing well :) Your new bathroom looks beautiful btw!

tammy duke: Halsey you are so beautiful.. I chose my color of blonde silk seam from your video . They are Ash brown roots and honey blonde and I couldn’t get more perfect I need a thicker set and I’m trying to chose between Khalessi or Boo gatti. My hair is thick land cut in a bob, so a thicker set would blend better. Also neither set comes in honey blonde so I’m stuck watching any video I come across n it’s between butter blonde and beach blonde . I’m about to chose butter blonde and I may mix in the silk seam maybe throughout. I just can’t decide. My hair has roots because I like roots and now idk when I will get it bleached again anytime soon. I am older 55 and I don’t want to look like I’m bleached out blonde really I feel it’s too much for me at my age. If you have any advice on which set and color I would be grateful.

D Smith: Can u do a video on how u maintain and take care of ur blonde hair please! I'm literally addicted to ur channel atm lol. I love ur personality! U seem so legit and like u have a big heart. Plus u have the cutest lil boy ever

HB 6703: Can you please show how to do the actual pony?

D Smith: I just ordered from bellami I'm getting the 24" because theyre out of 26" and have been but I have super long hair. I just cut off 9 inches tonght and its still to my butt lol. I'm hoping to have highlights without coloring my almost virgin hair. I do have highlights on the very top. I'm so excited! I never got any before but figured get the top of the line so hopefully they will be great. If you have or can make a video to care for them thatd be awesome! Thanks for sharing

Mariana Cervacio: What length are you using?I tried it last night and it was not good

Lush Lux: Wow beautiful ❤

Jessica hier: Darling does your code still work? And where can i put it in. Cant find a coupon field on the Site is it Because Right now they have the promo with the „Pony“ code?

Brittany Barrows: Hi ‍♀️ I am getting ready to buy these extensions but I can’t find the color “diamond” on the website??? Is diamond under silk seam or what color do u use from silk seam? I need a color close to yours ? Thanks

Diana Vasquez: wow you are so stunning!!!

Alexandra Mandapat: Hi, what length is your Bellami extensions?

Sara: ok but where is the part where you show how to do the half up? :/

P A U L A T O R R E S: What color ext is in this video I didn’t hear it here, is it boujee?

Mae's Lifestyle: What shade is this?

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