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Hey guys welcome back to my channel today, i'm going to be sharing with you, my favorite product of all time, bellamy, hair extensions yay. Now i'm not sponsored i'm not like. Oh, i was paid to talk about these bad boys nope. This is my honest review. I have been through hundreds of hair extensions and they have all in six months, they've ratted up they've. You know gotten lost they've broken off because it's just been dead by my hair curlers. These are the best ones that i have ever used. Let me tell you so i got these 22 inch um bellamy, hair extensions in the color. Let me see beach blonde and they are 220 grams. So that's a lot of hair. It came with about, i think, 12 pieces of hair and you i got this little bag. Look at how cute it is for traveling. You can like. Hang it up um. Let me take it out real quick to show you guys so here they are they're on like a little hanger and guys look at this. Doesn'T this look like full and like this is like three pieces and the reason? Why is because? That'S all i need it comes with so much and i don't want to like waste them all, but literally they have been lasting me ages. It has been a year now and they still have held up very well. These are seriously the best hair extensions i literally can just oh. I can't explain to you enough. You need to buy these. If you are, these are real 100 human hair. They are very, very soft. They hold a smell like so good. So when i like spray hairspray in it, it smells just. It smells like the room with goodness and also they stay really thick. As you can see, it's thick all the way down. It'S not like thick thick, thick and then thin. They have not broken off at all. I you know, use heat as you can see, they are curled, i use heat on them every single day and they are so lightweight as well when i clip them in my head, there's not like bump bump bump, no literally they're flat as a board on your Head and you no one even knows that you're wearing them because they blend so well with your hair, i'm so surprised how well it blends with my hair, i haven't had to match the color or nothing, so i really suggest that you guys get these and they're Really affordable for actually what you get because hair extensions i've paid up to 400 for hair extensions that were complete, and this these were, i think, a little bit over two hundred dollars. But look it's been a year and i've used maybe three strands and they've all have held up so well. I don't even need to get another one, so i don't know about you guys, but that sounds like a pretty good deal to me. So i just wanted to share a little beauty secret on what i use for my hair extensions. My hair, you know, is getting longer now, so i don't find myself wearing hair extensions every day, but when i do curl my hair, i like the big voluminous curls and sometimes i like soft loose curls, but these oh, my gosh. These are my go. To'S. Look at them and they're so shiny i've, maybe washed them about once a month and i use heat protectant on them and they've just been amazing. To me. I would recommend bellamy, hair extensions to anybody. Anybody and i'm not even being paid to tell you this. I'M just telling you my experiences on what i have used and let me tell you: you need to go pick you up some bellamy sister, because they are worth your money. I promise you, i promise you and if you need help with color matching, you just do the online chat and they help you with whatever you want. That'S what i did so yeah. So i really suggest that you get these. I really really love them, and a lot of you guys have noticed commented your hair is so pretty it's so long. They'Re hair extensions like literally they're real hair, but they're, not it's not mine, and you can't even tell no one can tell so. I just wanted to share a little secret with you guys on what i used and you should really go get them because they're amazing. I think that will do it about my review on the bellamy's. Let'S just do one more little they're. So pretty. If you have any questions um, you can visit their website i'll, have it linked down below, but i suggest you give them a try. I mean, what's it gon na hurt, i think you can read yeah, you actually can return them if they don't match your hair color or you don't like them for whatever reason, but they have never. Let me down - and i just thought you guys would like to know the best hair extensions out there, because i have tried literally all of them all these youtubers rage. Oh, this is the best hair extension. No, this is i've, tried them all and it's just fake they're just being paid to say it, and let me tell you guys: one thing: no money can ever buy my review. If they, if somebody contacts me and says hey, can you talk about this product and i don't truly love it? I'M gon na be like heck. No, i have to truly love it to tell my friends what to buy and what i think they should buy, but these are an absolute eight plus from me good job elmy and, i believe also the people who are sponsored by them have a coupon code that I have used, but i don't have a coupon code, so i would look at other people who are sponsored by them and maybe sneak a little coupon code off of them, because i think i got like 10 off or five dollars off or something, and it was Really awesome so yeah, that's it! Thank you guys so much for watching once again and you're amazing you're, beautiful, you're, wonderful! I love you so much and i will see you in my next video bye, bye,

riley: Girl, I think its safe to say you're my favorite youtuber now, I seriously LOVE your videos Don't stop!

NevaehMarie: Your hair is goals! And your real hair is getting so long, soon you won't need those! I love your channel, and best of luck to whoever wins the giveaway :)

Mia Shelton: Can you also do your favorite hairstyles with the extensions please? Ilysm❤️❤️

Daisy Do: I Love Bellami hair extensions!!! It's just I could never afford them lol but its true that they are the best :)

m: Great video! I wish I had these cuz soon I will be donating my hair and I want to grow it out so I can donate again! I love your videos and this is a great review!

Itsdelayna: I'm in love with you and ur amazing videos!!!! I know you will def get far on youtube !!!

Sophia Soto: Your hair is so beautiful !

Aditi Ratra: You have the perfect hair❤️

Antonela Munjiza: Britt_Rochelle Your videos are every time much better.I love you soooo much.Just keep working on your videos and you will become really popular.Ly :-)

Bhavan Patel: I ❤️ reviews and do you have the Bellami curling iron and if you do can you do a review on that too? And Ilysm

Mia Shelton: I'm excited for the giveaway reveal!! ❤️


KeKe Whitfield: they must be really good she had those for a year wow and they still  look new wooow

Justicesya Xevandra: Perfect ^O^

JessiLove: so glad i found your channel! ! yey! i subbed<3

Aliah H.: You're so so so cute ! love you Britt !

Afrin Mifti: I really wanna win the giveaway. If I win, I will love u a billion more times

Bhavan Patel: Guys extensions are great if u want thicker hair too!!!!:-):-):-)

cookie: Whyyyyy?!?! Why do you have to upload in the middle of night? Well. In Germany, it was the middle of night when you uploaded. But I so wish to get a reply from you :/ Anyways: Great review Britt <3 I missed you so much and I'm so glad to have you, angel <3 Stay as you are cause that's why I love you <3 Britt_Rochelle

Aleena: I love your hair so so much your hair is so perfect I am so ganna get hair extensions when I am a little bit more older I love your giveaway I hope I win

Afrin Mifti: She's gonna tell who's the winner today!!

Afrin Mifti: Ur so pretty and I not only love ur hair, I love u

Lynet Rosado: You are so pretty!!!

Maisarah Zainal: You are my fav youtuber right nw..

Taylor Hunter: I want your hair!!!!!

LoveDolls Forever: i really hope i can win your giveaway!      luv your channel <3

Milena Loor: I like your top where do you bought?? Love yoou

Sarina: Whatever happened to you?? Please start uploading again!!

Bhavan Patel: All most 2000 OMG!!!!!! This is torture!!!!!!:-):-):-)ily britt

Bhavan Patel: Britt_Rochelle Britt i love you!!!!!! I know u just started out but you are one of my favorite you tuners please reply!!!!!:-):-):-):-)

reborn lover: i hope i win that givawy

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