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This is my first impression of Bellami Hair Extensions. I am in LOVE with them and hope this video helps! Bellami has a YouTube video on how to find the right color match, which I

thought was helpful!

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Bellami Hair Extensions Hanger and Carrier


Hey guys so today, i'm gon na be doing an unboxing video um. I recently purchased some bellamy hair extensions um. I have short hair and i love my short hair and i really didn't want to get extensions, but i'm in a wedding and everybody has long hair and is wearing the hair down, and i didn't want to be the only girl with their hair up. So i didn't really know what kind of extensions to get my mom does: extensions she's, a hairdresser, and we were thinking of possibly doing tape ins, but i want to be able to take them in and out because i love my short hair and i really don't Miss my long hair but anyways. I went to sally's and couldn't really find any extensions that i really liked. I felt like the extensions i couldn't really tell um. I didn't really know enough about them, and so i kind of went online and did some research and i found bellamy - i had heard about them but didn't know much about them. So i went on their website and checked out their um different types of hair, and i ended up getting the bellasima 20. 220 grams. 22 inches. I will be cutting these because 22 inches is just pretty crazy but anyways so yeah. Now i'm going to unbox them here on the bottom. They have like a little tester strand that you can take and you can test it before. You open up the entire package to see if it's going to match your hair and that's basically what it looks like. Oh, my gosh, it's pretty long and it is thick 220 grams, so it's thick from top to bottom. The ends aren't crazy, thin or anything. You can't really see through them and they pretty much match my hair. They don't necessarily have to match completely, but they do need to be somewhat close to your hair color and they only had three types of blonde. They had a dirty blonde, which was way too dark. They had a beach blonde, which was way too light and warm and just kind of like barbie hair, and it was just not going to work so then this was ash blonde, which it's pretty ash. There are some warm tones like you, can see the warm tones in it. So it's kind of it's not all one color there's different colors of hair, mixed in which is really nice, because it makes it look really natural and the good thing about it is. I can play with it and i can match it so say i want to low light. My hair, i can low light my extensions and they can match so or i can highlight them and highlight my hair, so you can kind of play around with it. So i was running my fingers through the extensions and a little bit of shedding took place not too bad. I don't think you can see it yeah, not too bad at all for extensions um. They are 100 human hair, um and human hair sheds. So you are definitely going to get shedding. You don't want like chunks falling out, but it is very normal for them to shed somewhat so now i'm going to be officially opening the package, there's no going back all right. Let'S see look at this! That is a lot of hair. All right, let me see so. Basically, this is all of the hair yeah. That is a lot of hair. It is thick, which is great because i have thick hair and i was kind of nervous about you being able to see my hair. I haven't put them in yet, but i was kind of nervous about getting extensions and then them not being hidden and just people being able to tell so. This is great because it'll blend better with my hair and i'm going to layer these and cut these to. Actually have my mom cut these when i have them in that way: they're layered and they look more natural and they'll blend better with my hair. So with the bellasima extensions, it comes with two of the four clip extensions, and these clips are big and when they go in, you can just tell that they are not going to move at all. So two of the four one is longer than the other. So it's great because that way you could put the longer one on bottom and then the shorter one. On top then there's two of the three clip which you can see right here and then two of the two clip and then four of the one clip. So when i purchased these, i was thinking to myself. Where am i gon na put them? How am i gon na take care of them, and so they recommended me getting the travel bag. It looks like a total garment bag um and the hangers, so you can literally hang them up in your closet, basically, which is pretty crazy. I never thought that i'd be hanging up hair in my closet, but i definitely want to take good care of them because i'm definitely investing a lot of money and i want them to last. I think anyone would want to take care of them if we're spending. You know a couple hundred dollars on extensions, so yeah, i'm excited i'm definitely gon na put them in and cut them. So i'm pretty sure i'm gon na do another video showing how to take care of them and i'm gon na link everything down below um so that you guys can see what i got: um, basically bella: sema 22 inches 220 grams um ash blonde. Basically, what i got and then i got the garment bag and the hanger so yeah, but i'll list it all down below um, so yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed this and i will see you in my next video bye.

Hailey Pasterchick: Wish you still posted! This video is awesome, I just ordered the same color in the boogatti set and this is the only video that showed the true color and thickness. Thank you thank you thank you!

Tori Rose: Waiting for my Bellissima Bellami's to come in! Great video, new subscriber! :)

Jessica Fernandes: Hello, can you tell me when did you bought your extensions? How long did it take to get the order? Thank you, xoxo ***

Lisa ten Holt: Wow this vid makes me dizzy! Your background ''changes'' constantly. It moves. If you get what I'm saying.

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