Bellami Hair Extensions Honest Review

hi cuties! here is my Bellami clipin hair extension honest review! hope is helpful.


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What'S going on guys, it's the one here back at it again with another video today I have something super fun and I feel, like it'll, be very helpful for a lot of girls out there and maybe guys to that like to have loved her. I know there's a lot of you guys love having loved her, so yeah for YouTube. So today I have a just. You know a hair extensions review and this time I'm working with Belle and me so at the end of the video I'm gon na, give you guys a little coupon code, so you can save some cash. This is the Bellamy and guy ten balayage on the color. For number 418, basically, you get a little box open it like this. I already used that so many times, and here you get your hair extension. I mean basically and you get a little. You get your hair extensions inside of a plastic bag and it has two different compartments. It has one that has a smaller compartment with one piece of hair and that's the one that you need to open to try it out. If the hair matches your reel or natural hair, so you don't open the other compartments with the entire extension, because if you do that, you won't be able to return your extensions if it doesn't much on this extension, you get so many different kind of clips. Honestly, I don't really wear all of them, because I already have a lot of hair and I have a lot of volume, so I don't really need to wear all of them, but it's nice as you have extra. So if something happens to one of your clips, you can always have a backup right, she's, amazing. So basically it comes with two. This is a color super, pretty I'm gon na like brush it with you guys, super-nice, look at the earth. Please look at these hair. So my hair is obviously dark right, and it has golden undertone, has golden highlights, and also very very actually highlights. That'S why I went with these color, because there is something about hair extensions that somehow they just have all of different color mix to it. Even though, if you can tell they actually have Browns red golden ash, colors mixed in a her extensions, so even if your hair is literally lighter or just a little bit like darker, when you put your extensions on, is going to much all that's like it will It will much just because trust me. I have so many different hair extensions and I keep changing my hair color every single time, but when I put these babies on they much it's just a thing. You know, I don't know what they do. I don't know how they do it, but they much it's amazing, alright, so so they come with two of these four clip hair. Alright, so, as you can see it has golden, I mean it has browns and blonde up here and then it transitions into really nice. Really really light ash blonde right, which is the goal for any one other right now am i right? Please comment down below if you're trying to go to blonde or transition to blonde? Isn'T that, like the goal, getting your your hair, like that perfect ashy colony, color clips, I don't know if you guys can see it our little Clips right here, metal part, it says Bellamy and then it just feels very secure, like nothing is gon na fall or Nothing is gon na get ripped or a break. It feels super secure, like the quality is amazing. You know very worth your money guys. So you get two of these three clips. You get two off the chocolate extensions. I mean you get two of it to clip. Set get one right here, and this goes right here - that's how I usually use it, and then you get a for single clips that go on the side of your head. You know, look how much hair, so this is also the 20 inch one. So my hair, my natural hair, goes all the way to here. Almost to the end of my boobs, like the little less the longer piece of my hair, it touches the the end of my boobs and then, if I put my extensions in we'll, go look all the way to the end of my waist. Almost literally almost touching, my butt, which is amazing - and I know in camera, looks like this is a little bit more golden than my hair, but trust me when I put these babies on they blend like magic like a tree. Oh, you don't only get the hair, but you get a hangar. You know super beautiful rose gold chamber. Oh look! This is a super. Beautiful rose, gold, hanger or trouble hair extension back. I don't know how you got, I get it. It can be a hanger hair extension bag. I have no idea so basically, you just open this baby and here are four single ones. Look third, like this super small. This one go. They go like right here, so let me show it to you guys. Let me show it to you, because I know you're like a hair extension hanger. What how what so, basically it is like this right. Let me open this baby for you and like every time I open something. I have this thing where I feel like it's gon na break and these thing or something whatever I'm trying to break is gon na go straight in my eye, so I'm always gone like this. I don't know why. I have that, but yeah I'm traumatized from something. Worse, no idea what oh that's, how it will look when you put your hair in hanger and then what you do is put it back inside this and put it really nicely in your closet. I thought it was a great idea and honestly, every time I wear my hair extensions, I just take it off and I kind of like roll it like this, because I like how he lives curls already on my hair extensions. So then I don't have to use much heat on it and then I'll just say that in the box like that, but when traveling and you know you want to make sure when you really want to make sure there that your extensions are detangle, then I love These idea, so now, let's talk quality of hair, so the hair is 100 % rain, my hair, which means the best kind of human hair, and this really good hair. So the quality of the hair is amazing. When I try to cool them see when I try to pull the hair look, look I'm gon na. Do it again very strongly yeah, nothing really comes out so, like I said before, this is very secure. Every single hair - it's super secure here, so it doesn't really. If there's not much fallout, I mean I'm sure every time I take it off there, probably one or two little heads will fall out, but when I do this, there is nothing so the way these extensions are made phenomenal. It'S just like yep, I will have to say I will give it a ten and that's a lot, because I'm a very picky person. You know when I don't like something. I do not like something, and I appreciate the idea of the hangar, and that comes with that, and I know sometimes it comes with a brush. I don't know no, but you should comes a little detangle brush, so there is always something that they aren't. Your said to make it easier for you to take care of yourself geez. Let me see thank you so much Bellamy and yeah. That'S pretty much it to be honest, and now I'm just gon na pick my hair extensions and on and I'm going to show you guys how it looks with minor. But now I'm super Christian. I also won't even style my hair gel, so you guys can see how it actually look without styling. It alright guys. So my finches are n. You know and look. It looks so much darker when I hold it like this, but they're. All in my hair I mean most of them are in my hair and see how they look. They blend so well, they're, not style they're, just natural in my hair and look how they blend. Isn'T that amazing? So let me show you. I hope this thing is on focus, so these is how much hair I have I'm gon na stand up just so you guys can see how long these extensions are. So let me show you just you know my hair, my natural hair, it's right here. This is my natural hair, and these are the extensions, goes all the way till right here, the end of my belly bottom really, nice. Let me show you from the side. This is not style at all, and I think I might even just wear I like this, because it looks amazing and I am obsessed, so let me show you from the side so much hair and I am oopss and those it guys. So now I have to go to dinner, so I'm gon na end this video right here. Thank you so much for watching. I love you so much if you haven't subscribed already make sure to do so and if you want to keep up with my videos, because I will be posting two times a week - make sure to hit that notification bell somewhere over there. I honestly don't know what it is, but just make sure to hit that so you'll be notified every single time. I make videos so yeah if you're planning to purchasing these hair extensions, make sure to check my description box, because there is a little link there to the Bellamy's site and here's a little coupon code for you to save some moolah. Here'S just my name and ten. So yeah, that's it and also, if you guys have any questions, you know that you want me to answer about these specific hair extensions. You can go to my instagram, which is right here and just again me i'll, be happy to answer and help you guys so yeah. That was it until next time, i'm besito mmm Osito, you

A N D R E A: U have no clue how much u helped me with this video

Carolina luna: These look so beautiful!! And so do you❤️

Alyssa Barberio: Youre so beautiful!! I ordered the boo-gatti and used your code THANK YOU <3

Ashleigh Sherlin: The box isn’t something you get always it depends on what name you go with from Bellami

Visual Max: Not gonna lie here, the guy tang collection looks gorgeous. i ordered a set for my mom when they come out. i decided to get a refund. end I did. I feel like for the price you are paying for the blonde looks like barbie hair. my mom hair its super thick end the 220g set is not even that thick for her hair. end i feel like the blonde is WAY to process there so many little hairs all over the places. (breakage.) when I receive the hair extensions. ..

Stevens Victor: Preciosa!

Ricky T: I’m in love

las vegas: you are great all the time.....please more gym and jeans haul videos...60fps quality is clear thanks for 60fps video quality...and last you are very beautiful

Alicia Smith: I can’t find that shade anywhere in the site

Carolina luna: What color extensions are these?

Letty L: Is the voice real?

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