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Hey Lovelies!!

I have been using bellami hair for a few years now and its my absolute favorite brand of hair extensions. They are so incredibly soft, well made, amazing clips, and such an amazing company in general. If you have any questions at all you can leave your questions in the description box!

I use the color #8 ash brown!

If you have questions about which hair would match your hair better you can email [email protected] and they would be glad to assist you!

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Hey guys welcome back so today I have an exciting video for you. It is my unboxing of my Bellamy, hair extensions. I was super excited to get these and I decided I was going to do an unboxing, video and kind of, let you know everything. My thoughts and like how the shipping process and everything worked now quick. It was so if you would like to see this video then just keep watching alright. So let's talk about shipping and all that stuff before I get into the unboxing, so I ordered my extensions on April 8th I, like 8 p.m. so I ordered it really really late. I decided I needed some new ones and I just ordered it lace and I expected it not to have like ship out until at least 2 or 3 days, because I did order it so late. But it actually sent me a tracking number, the next day so April, 9th at like 2:00 p.m. I got an email saying that my Bellamy hair had shipped, and I was like. Oh my gosh like that was so fast. I was sooo sooo, so so so super excited so that I was just the waiting process of waiting to get it. And luckily it arrived at my house on April 13th and it said that the estimated delivery date was going to be April 14th. So that was like six days like all right. That'S awesome, like less than a week, that's so cool and then so the week has gone by it's Wednesday. I'M still checking it and then it says out for delivery, and I was like oh and I was like. Oh, my god, like, I can't wait to get it and open it and see how days and just how amazing it is so the process of like getting the hair was so amazing. I couldn't believe how fast it got and I ordered it at like a p.m., so it was really really great. I'M so happy that, like the tracking number, when you click it, it actually came up and like with an estimated delivery date, because you know like sometimes you like trying to track your shipment and it's like nothing and it like hasn't, updated or anything like nothing's there. But this was great because it like was always updating itself and I knew exactly what it was coming and then it ended up arriving early. So I was super super grateful for that. Alright, so without further ado, let's open this box up, I'm so super excited. So I got the felony Bugatti set, so this is the thickest set that they have. So let's get the Box open. Alright, so it comes in this amazing golden box. It says felony Bugatti on the front. It is so super cute, so I got the Bugatti. As I said, I got it in color eight. I always get my about makes sentence in the color ash Brown. It just like matches my hair almost perfectly and the boo guys that is 340 grams and 22 inches long, so I'm so super stoked to see these bad boys alright. So inside, when you open it, it comes with all sorts of one comes with all sorts of goodies. So I'm going to set this down and show you what it comes with the first thing that I'm pulling out is this Bellamy detangler I'm going to take it out of the box, so I can show you - and it just looks like this - I'm gon na take The plastic up alright, so it comes in like this. It is a pretty classic detangler. It has like a little extra spot for your hand, which is nice and I'm just going to give myself a nice little brush. This is a great thing to always a brush. Your extensions with so it doesn't pull and tug too hard because of these Breschel bristles. So I love that this came with the set. That was super awesome, alright, so something else that it came with. Is this carrying case? I love when they come with carrying cases. I got some extensions, maybe two years ago I got the 22 inch dirty blonde. Wasn'T it didn't come with a hanger, but I think they're starting to come out with him, because I also have the colossi hair and that came with a hanger as well. Um wait: did it yeah it did? It totally did alright. So this is the carrying case that it comes with. It'S super gorgeous. There is like a gold theme, because the box was gold and the brush was gold on the back and then this bag is gold. It just has Bellamy, and then it has like a golden hanger that goes inside the carrying case, so your hair can be nicely protected, just free inside the bag um. I always always always store my hair in bags. The first pair of extensions - I got my dirty blonde ones, I did not put in a bag and it did kind of cut the life down just because it wasn't being protected inside the carrying case. So I would always recommend, if you don't. If one of these don't come with it, I would definitely recommend getting one because it just prolongs the life of your extensions. So next thing that comes in is this bottle of lift me volume and texture powder. I'Ve never tried this before it feels like it's almost almost empty, but it's not it's just very lightweight, but it's just for a lightweight powder designed to give a matte finish, while adding volume and texture to any hairstyle. So that's exciting doesn't sound like anything. But so that's super exciting everybody loves volume, alright and then getting into the hair alright. So it comes with the 120 inch 25. So it comes with the 120 gram. A 22 inch volumizing left. This is the one I'm super excited to like open and try out, and then it comes with the Bellini who got a 220 grams 22 inch set. So it comes with the two comes with the volumizing left, and then it comes with the original. Like 220 gram. 22 inch extensions. So if you look at this, it has the little tester strip down below that's the one you want to open. Always that's always the one you want to open first to see if it matches your hair, because if you open up this part and it doesn't match, you cannot return it. So you always want to open the tester first to make sure that it matches your hair. So I am going to open this one. I know it matches because I have these. I have the bow extensions in ash brown and like three colors are in three different styles, but it just looks like this, and it is a two clip wet wept and you can see it literally matches my hair. Almost perfectly love it. I'M so super excited to open this, so this is just like one piece, that's 120 grams, and I think it has like I'm gon na nine clips on it. So let's see what hole isn't so mature, alright. So once again, this is the volumizing weft. It has the nine clips - and it looks like this. What I love about Bellamy hair is that it is thick from the top all the way to the bottom, so it makes it look more natural in your hair, so the ends are nice and thick as well. So the clips of Bellamy hair are also super super sturdy, which is so great underneath it it has a little silicone strip which helps adhere to the hair when you clip it in, and you can actually hear the clip like how sturdy those clips really are, and They are all like that, so it is amazing because they don't ever slip and slide out of your hair and since they're so sturdy it doesn't pull on your hair because it really locks into where you put it because of that little silicone strip underneath and it Just really stays in place so, as I said before, it also comes with a two-piece weft. This was the tester strip. It has to be it same clips as the other ones. So here is the two clip weft alright and then this is all of the hair that came in the 220 gram little container with the tester strip. So this is the rest of the hair it came with, so you can see once again. This is also super. Super thick and I'm just going to go into all the pieces that this came with as well, so this also came with another two piece: weft just like that. Tester strip was so it comes with two 2p sweats, and then it comes with two three clip weft. The three clip weft are the exact same length, and then it comes with two four-piece wefts, and these ones are not the same length. There is one that is just a little bit longer than the other one. So, as you can see here, I'll put them all up with the next door. So you can see here that here is the two four-piece weft and you can see that the one wife is about a clip longer than the other one, which I love, because you know your head goes up in a certain way that it takes up more room On the top part and less on the bottom, so it just works as you're like layering, your extensions up to the top. So it comes with two two piece left two three-piece wefts, two four clip webs and what I really like about this - that I just noticed was that it doesn't come with any one piece left. I really don't like one piece West. I feel like not a lot of people use them, and then it comes with this like big, huge web, that I'm super excited to put on my face quickly before I do the demo. I kind of just want to show a comparison between the bellamy, extensions and another brand of extensions. I'M not gon na mention the name of the brand. It was a brand that was just like you can buy it at Sally's, but this brand I had worn in the past like way back like maybe like three four years ago before I started using bellami actually was about four years ago, and it just showing you The comparison between the two was one of their three-piece wefts, so you can see here it is very stringy. It is not thick at all. You can see that the clips are extremely extremely far apart and you can see the difference and thickness. So this one is so thick you can't like really see through it at all, and then you have the one from Sally's that you can see like everything through so back in the day. I did think these were like the bomb I didn't know really much about hair extensions, and I was super excited to know, make my hair longer make it a little bit thicker and then I came across these Bellomy ones and I couldn't believe the difference. So the Bellamy ones they are more expensive than the ones you find it's Sally's, but they are so much better and they are so so so worth it. I mean just look at the thickness of this hair and I can't even begin to describe to you how soft this is. If I could, if you could like touch it through the screen, I you know I'd hold it up for you, so I'm going to show you a quick demo on how to clip in your Bellamy hair extensions. Now I know everybody does it differently. So if it's, this is not how you do, it doesn't mean you're, doing it wrong or doesn't mean I'm doing it wrong. It just means that we do it differently and I'm gon na. Do it quick disclaimer at the fact that this is a fourth day hair for me, so if it looks a little greasy when zoomed in showing you how to clip it in once again no judge um, let's keep it nice, so yeah. My hair, luckily doesn't get too greasy alright. So the first thing that I like to do is to separate my hair at the first layer, and I like to go just about this far underneath my ears and then I will clip it up. And the first piece that I like to clip in is usually my three piece weft, so I will just unpack the clips and I will flip it over. Usually my hair stays pretty well, so I don't need to tease it. I like to clip the first, the middle piece, and then I will do the two outer pieces and you want to make sure you are clipping it as close to the part as possible. So it looks the most natural and then, since I know my head doesn't have that much room on it. I like to clip a three piece wet to my smallest four piece left just to save space on my head and it doesn't make it too heavy or anything. So I just take the three clip weft and I put it like right in the middle of the smallest four piece, wife and it just really saves a space on my head, because if I want to put in as many extensions as I can, but yet like It doesn't want to let me ayah clip to Wes together, so that I can fit on the most amount of hair and as again, I'm going to be clipping the middle clips first and then moving to the outer part. Then it will look something like this. I know this isn't perfectly straight, but it's okay, alright! So I'm going to clip the top ones first and the sides and then some probably clip the bottom. So I'm just kind of feeling where it is and kind of tilting it up and then securing it on the hair that is below, but you can't put too much hair in or it's not going to want to clip and like that. But I'm you know the look, okay, so for the clips that I have left, I have two two piece clip swept and then I have one four clip piece swept and unfortunately I don't think I'm going to be able to fit the other four piece weft. But I am going to take these two with two clip weft and put them on either side of my head so based upon, where my part is I'm just going to kind of part it and clip it as close to the front as I can. Okay and let this down so this one's kind of bendy, because it was in the tester piece, so it was kind of more curly than the other ones were. So I'm just going to clip this one. As close to my hair, the front of my hair as I can clip it and cut a bit all right, so I assumed way out so you could see so the hair once again it matches my hair so well and it is so much hair. So this hair over here looks a little wacky because it is kind of more textured because of the hair and how it was like in a smaller container than the rest of the hair. But, as you can see, it made my hair much longer much much longer. It is incredibly incredibly thick and I don't even have one of the pieces in so this is so much hair. It does not feel heavy at all on my head. It feels really really good, like you can barely tell you have and that's like the best type of extension cuz, it's the worst when you're like. Oh, my god, my clips like oh, I have a headache. So these clips are really really nice. They feel really really sturdy into my head. I feel like I could go out and dancing all night and they would not move so I 100 % recommend these extensions. I'Ve been wearing bellamy hair for like 3 years now. I think they're absolutely amazing, and I would not tell you guys how amazing they are if I didn't believe how amazing they were. And if you look at my Instagram, you know that I wear my extensions literally in every single one of my pictures, because I love them. The great thing is that I have a coupon code for you. If you use the code kortnee, you get five dollars off of your extensions, which is basically free shipping, which is so very who doesn't love free shipping. So do not forget to use my coupon code if you are going to buy your extensions once again. I am in the color ash brown because I know a lot of people ask about my hair color. This is actually my natural hair color. So I can't tell you like what to go get when you're at the salon, but I have the ash Brown at number. Eight Bellamy, hair extensions and, as you can see, it basically matches my hair almost perfectly, except for these front few pieces that have like blonde at the end when I like head them, highlighted a long long long time ago, but other than these couple of pieces. It matches almost perfectly to my hair, like you can't even see the difference between them um. So I would say, if you want my hair color, I would say, get the ash Brown and then like bring the ash Brown to your hair salon and then be like. I want this um but yeah, so this hair is amazing. I absolutely love it. I totally recommend it. It is the thickest hair I've ever had. I I have the dirty blonde 220 set. I have the guy Tang set the 220 grams set. I happy khalessi hair, which is the 280 grams set, and then I have this set now, which is the Bugatti 340 grams set, and this is just I just feel luxurious with this hair. Like does do I look as luxurious as I feel so if you have any questions about what hair extension color, you should be purchasing, so I know sometimes it's really hard to decide. You can just email info and bail me hair, calm and we'll gladly help you. I will leave that down below in the description box as well, because they are great at color. Matching is just all you have to do is like send a picture of you in your hair in natural daylight, and they will let you know the best color that will match your hair and there are so many selections of hairs that you can buy length. Gram and all of that stuff - and I recommend them all - and I do have a lot of their hair just because I really do love it so all of them. I would recommend, but I recommend this one so much, I'm in love with this hair and what's great, is that you don't have to put all of the wefts in so you don't have to put 340 grams of hair in your head. You can put a less amount and still have this like gorgeous amount of hair, because I mean I love it, don't you love it and, as you saw in the video, it really didn't take that long to clip the extensions in either two, maybe five minutes so They'Re super easy to clip in and the clips are so great. They really stick in there when you pick push them in so they're. Just the best extensions I have ever tried and I actually have tried other extensions other than the one that I showed you. I'Ve tried two other brands, I think, and this one I just always go back to because they're just the best um. So thank you so much for watching. I love you guys, so so much don't forget to use my coupon code. If you go on by your Bellamy's, make sure you tag me in your Instagram photos of you wearing your Melanie's if you go out and purchase some. Thank you so much for watching. I love you guys so so much and I will see you my next video bye, guys

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