Bellami - Guy Tang Balayage Hair Extensions 20" 1C/18 || Irma Esquivel

Hi guys welcome back to my channel today, i'm going to be showing you guys, some extensions that i got and i am so excited because i needed them today and i got them today so anyway. If you want to know how i style my extensions, how i like them - and if you want to see how they look on me, please keep on watching. So i got these extensions they're, the bellamy by gaiteng, the balayage version they come in that box and then you open it - and it looks like this so um in the bag there's a sample which you you can only open first to see if you like it And um and you know, try it on or whatever, because if you open the actual package, you can't return it, and then it comes with this um hanger and the little thing you can put it in to preserve them and you know not let them get ugly. I got the color um 1c18, so i'm so excited and i am officially gon na open them. If you guys can hear my son crying it's because he's they're trying to give them a bath, so they come like in a little net thing and they go perfectly with my hair. So i am going to put them in and then style them and i'll. Be right back, okay, guys, i'm back after a meal or two, so i'm gon na put this heat protection and a tip. So if you have little baby hairs that have um broken off down here is grab your hair, those short hairs down here and make yourself a braid or just hold them up with bobby pins. So you can't see them here bye. I am currently 28 weeks pregnant. I cannot stand my back. My lower back is killing me. I can't do anything because my back since it's the first time, i'm wearing it, i'm grabbing smaller sections, because it um isn't curling as well. If i grab them bigger and the way i put them in today, i usually would never do this with my other extensions, but i saw a video where guy tang says that he just you know, parts the whole thing and then, instead of putting like the longer One down here and then you know going shorter all the way to the top. He put like the two four um clip, one, the longer ones, the whole way like one here and one here, and then he went like three two and then one. If you need it, i did not use one of the one clips, because my hair got full all right guys. I'M back - and i am in love with these um extensions. They look so nice, they blend in so well with my hair and they are long and luscious. They feel so good looks they look so good, i'm in love and also i forgot to mention - i used um. They had like a code um, it was code pony and they, i guess, the the ponytails. The extension for the ponytails are um like 40 dollars and so with the code they were free. So it came with this. The extensions for a ponytail - and i think it is so nice to have i'll, try this later in some other time, so i'm so glad i got these extensions. It'S been a long time since i have used extensions so um, i really like it. What i was gon na say is that i'm not too sure that i like how i placed the extensions like i mentioned. The guy tang um way how he uh likes to apply them, so maybe next time i'll apply them. How i have always applied them and see if i i just feel like it's bulkier like my head, looks bigger or i don't know if i'm just not used to wearing extensions anymore. So i just feel like my hands, are bigger um, but that's okay. I really like them, so that's it for my video and if you guys enjoyed please give it a thumbs up, don't forget to share and please subscribe to my channel and i'll see you guys in my next video bye. You

Beauty & Eagle’s Eye Window Washing: I wish you would have shown the extensions more, the length And back! Other than that great video hun

Diana Barajas: Hi girly! How have these held up? Do they tangle a lot? I've heard good and bad reviews.... I know they are expensive so thought I would ask.

Maliyah Heaven De La Rosa: What color do you color your hair??? It’s so beautiful

Leslie Janeth Melendez: Ordene estas extensiones y mi cabello es negro natural con puntas color caramel. Y ya tengo miedo por que siento que no me van a quedar bien

panda mom: If you've dyed your hair what color was it?

huma huma: Hey i have natural black hair so will this colour be good for me for the roots? This brown?

Muxa Muxe: Are they the 20” or 22”?

Maliyah Heaven De La Rosa: What color is the pony?

Maria Olahova: Bitte was ust das fenau farbe???

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