Bellami Hair Extensions For Thin Fine Hair, Thin Straight Hair

Bellami hair extensions for thin fine hair, thin straight hair, Bellami, Bellami hair extensions for short hair.

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What'S up YouTube alright, so I am gon na show you guys how to do some hair extensions with some bellamy hair. This one is the 120 grams 20 inches. Color is 613 comes with two of the four clip pieces: 3 of the 3 clip pieces and two of the 2 clip pieces. First thing you're gon na want to do is you're gon na want to take up some of your hair, so you're going to part it pull it up. Have your clip ready clip it up? So you start with a little section. I'M gon na start with a 3 piece section down here. I have a pin straight hair. I don't even need a flat iron or anything like that, and I don't actually team it like some people recommend and these things have stayed in my hair. Despite that, so I haven't had any trouble really, so I'm just gon na kind of you kind of put the teeth in like you would any kind of hair piece and then it grabs on really really well. So this is the first layer so now that I got that up and out of the way I'm gon na take my next layer same process throughout the whole thing. Alright, where it started - and I want to get the middle tube first so that you know where to start a new hair, it's not op sided. I'M gon na take my last four-pronged piece, as you can see right here, start with the two middle. Tell me this literally doesn't take long, my second three-pronged piece, starting with the middle prong, it's already opened. I have these two little side pieces. I'M gon na take one of these side pieces and attach it so awesome, I'm already loving this all right, sighs. I like to start from my front, so I get this close to the front hairline which the rest of my hair is gon na fall over that push down it's nice, and I mean I can almost do this without looking and I'm brand new, I mean really The first time I did it, which was recently, it only took me about maybe 10 minutes, and that was because I was just trying to figure out where the pieces were going, but now that I pretty much understand it a little bit better, not having that problem. So all right, so the next piece that I'm gon na put in, because I have much shorter hair and I don't want the track to show, but I also want it to blend nicely, which I have had a little bit of difficulty with. I realized that I need here my last piece to cover more hair, so I just take a little crown like that, as you can see, little crown not a whole lot, throwing clips and stuff right there alright. So this is a three piece: prong everything is open here, I'm gon na kind of feel for where it is - and you know where there's quite a bit of a separation between this hair and the last year. I might need to redo this one, but let's just see how it turns out. That'S good just move some of that hair cuz. I realize I want this year over it and that's good. I'M just gon na take the rest of my top hair and voila. I am a mermaid, I love it. This is one of my very favorite looks. I don't know why I ever cut my long hair, but guess what I'm going order, because I like to change it up now, a short hair, so much easier to deal with. You can do it in five minutes, five minutes. What do you guys think? Please comment in the description box. I love it pull the front, maybe I'll braid it up. You can do whatever you want. Alright guys, that's it! So if you like this, please like subscribe, share the video. I definitely love Melanie here, I'm not sponsored with them or anything. It'S my first time trying hair extensions and they are phenomenal and you can get some discounts and stuff. If you sign up and put your email through I've all about discount sign the discount Queen, always look at my descriptions below to see what kind of promotions I have for you guys take care. God bless peace,

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