Bellami Hair Extensions & Curling Wand

How I wear my Bellami Hair Extensions & use the 6-in-1 Complete Curler set!

I am wearing the 22 inch Mocha Chino Brown extensions. I used the 1.75 inch curling wand to get the waves. I only use my curling iron on the trickier pieces that are very layered!

I am using Redken Hairspray & a teasing comb via Sally's Beauty.

More details are on my blog..

Hi, it's Emily from the sweetest thing today, I'm sharing to my biggest hair secret in today's video I'll be using the Bellamy. 6 in-1 crow. The first thing I do is section my hair off putting a majority of my hair flipped on top of my head. I'M wearing Bellamy's 22-inch Mochaccino flippin extensions. Next, I take the track with three clips and clip those in after those are secured. I wrap my hair around the curling after the bottom layer is curled. I go ahead and let down a little bit more hair. Due to my hair's thickness and the crazy layers, I have to make it a little bit lighter. I have to use my own curling iron to get control of a few pieces. Most of you will not need that. You'Ll just need a wand right now. I'M securing the track with forklifts. I use the Bellamy curling wand to get my curls because it makes the curls more natural and effortless looking just to clarify. I am curling all the pieces around the head, but to save you time, I'm just showing you what I do to each layer, the more hair you wrap around the barrel, the looser the way I'm doing smaller sections just to make them a little bit tighter. So I can wear them for a few days. They'Ll get looser as I wear them, although it does take some time to curl each layer. The great thing is for the next couple of days: they will stay curled. So all I have to do in the morning is put them in and go now, I'm letting down another small section of hair, so I can clip in another floor clip track. The layers between the extensions are very thin and I curl the extensions with the layer of hair below it so that it blends better at the base. In my head, I use a three clip trek in a forklift by another forklift, a three clip and two two clips on the side. I'M fast boarding a bit, so you don't have to see me to curl all of my hair. I went ahead and let the rest of my hair down after I clipped those six tracks in now, I'm just going to go through and curl all of my hair on top and then tease it. What I'm doing with my curling iron you'll be able to do more easily with your Bellamy, curling wand, and the final step is to choose my hair. Not only do I choose my hair to get volume, but I also do it to hide the clip. Teaching is also a nice way to break up all the curls and loosen them up a bit. Lastly, I'm just brushing, through all the curls to make them blend a little better. You

Cyn Morris: Loved it! Your hair is so gorgeous one day I want to be brave enough to wear extensions

Mavis F: LOVE the look!!! 

Yvonne Sandoval: What do type of hair products do you use to get your hair so full of shine and bounce?

lexis12333: Wow love your hair your so beautiful! <3

Gloria Cuevas: I love how your hair extensions looks....where did you get your necklace????

Erika Orozco: I'm in love with your hair and those are the exact extensions I want but my tips kind of fade into a lighter brown but is that your natural hair color or do you dye it because I want that same exact color idk how far off mine is but mines a pretty nice dark Brown similar to yours already I believe! But I want that exacttttt same shade and length! :) please let me know!!! Xoxoxo

Grace Conzo Stovall: ok please tell me do you dye your natural hair? If so what color and brand do you use? I will be purchasing the mochachino extensions, But I am older than you and I have a few grays, so I need to dye my hair and I want to match the extensions so can you tell me if you use dye what brand of color do you use, and what color ? Thank you your very beautiful. 

Glam Crstina: amazing amazing amazing <3

yasmyn battle: How many grams ?

Emina Tahirovic: Wwwooooowwe beautifuul:)

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