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Hello My Carobears! In today's video I'm showing you guys how I style and put on my Bellami hair extensions without having to use any heat on my own hair thus protecting from damage while getting lots of volume and style.

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel Carolyn, this is Catalina and today's video I want to show you guys a quick little hair tutorial on how I put up my own hair extensions and make them look natural, and you know beautiful and give yourself a little fun With your hair look, so if you guys want to hear more, please Satan, okay, so the first thing we're gon na do is putting my hair in the velcro rollers. And what is this gon na do? Is it's just gon na give me a little bit of volume on my hair to match the hair extensions which I have previously curled? Okay, so I have a couple of velcro rollers on my head, as you guys can see, I have one on top of my head in the front. This is rolling back. I have a couple on the side, some on the back and one up here on. You know the top of my head kind of just add some volume, and this is one of the ways that you can, you know, add texture and volume without having to use heat tools. Actually, I have a video that I made about a year and a half ago, where I kind of just went through how I put this on and talked about different ways of keeping your hair. You know styled without using any heat, so I'll link you guys to this video and then I'm going to add some beautiful hair extensions, where I sitting right here behind me, as you guys can see right here. What I did is, I use a drawer in my vanity and I place the hair extensions inside the drawer, so they can stand steady and then I went ahead and curled the hair extensions in different sections. So I'm going one way and some going the other way that way. You know the hair will add more volume and it's not going to all crow in one. You know direction. The one that I use is this one right here, as you guys can see. It'S not every thank you, and I wish I had a thicker one. I do not use this for my own, as I said, we're trying to maintain our hair healthy and one way of doing that is not using heat tools on your own hair. Now from here. What I'm gon na do is I'm going to remove all the velcro. I can't even say that word velcro, okay, I'm gon na remove all the velcro rollers. You guys can see how my hair looks side okay. So this is how my hair looks like, as you guys can see, has lots of volume and texture. I can run my fingers through it and I just you know, feel like you know. This look by itself would be enough, but we definitely want to take it up a notch and you know give it a little more oomph and that's why we're gon na add the hair extensions. So let's go ahead and do that right now, I'm gon na be sectioning my hair in two parts, I'm only wearing three different extension tracks. I'M gon na place the first one at the bottom and then the other ones in the middle. So you guys can see the final result, but I'm gon na do it one by one. It'S I'm going to divide my hair right above my ear. This is the bottom of my hair and now I'm gon na add the hair extensions. The first two clips in the middle and I'm gon na go ahead and clip them in and then I'm gon na hit the corners as well. Now, let's go ahead and put the other two tracks of hair extensions and, as you guys can see, even just with one track of hair extensions, I already I'm already loving the look you know and I'm gon na get up a little more sure you guys. It'S really amazing what hair extensions can do to your hair. It'S instantaneous, I'm already loving it, but I want to give you guys. You know the full effect of the hair extensions, so I'm gon na go ahead and put the other two tracks right now, this time I'm gon na go right above my eyebrows and I'm gon na take my two fingers and just kind of slide them through my Hair, so these are the two sets of extension tracks that I have left and there are three clips they're almost the same length and what I'm gon na do is I'm gon na place them on both sides of my head, so they meet right in the middle Of the back of my head place your hex tension. Sometimes it just takes practice and it also depends on your own hair. Some people, for example, want a lot of volume up here. Some other people want a little volume down here. For me, I want to add both. I want to add a little bit of length and also volume. So I tend to you know, stay almost in the middle of my head. I don't go way too low and I don't go way to hide. That'S gon na continue. I'M gon na put my hair down and show you guys how everything looks so just using my fingers. Nothing fancy! I'M just gon na make my own hair with the hair, extensions and sure you guys the final result boom. It'S like. I went to the hairstylist is crazy. I love it. I eat I'm the biggest fan of her extensions. I feel like her extensions, have helped me. You know be very versatile with my hair and play around with it and the different styles without having to put so much heat and so much damage into my hair. I absolutely love the idea of just being able to get up in the morning and you know trying to get to work, and I don't have time to do my hair and just being able to put my hair extensions that have been previously styled and just boom. Have immediate results like I feel, like that's one of the biggest things for me, so this is it for today's video. You will see just a quick little tutorial on how to wear hair extensions. I hope you guys like it, and you want to see more of these videos, make sure you give it a thumbs up and I'll talk to you guys next time, ciao ciao, you

Jesús L.G.: Pues sin las extensiones tienes un pelazo precioso igual, pero si quieres usarlas pues también estás muy guapa! Saludos =)

Dominique Vas: your natural hair is enough! but if you like them then that's what matters. great video!

Abigail Ball: Your hair is great without the extensions. I had to go back to the beginning and then the end to compare.

Khardellen: They look great!

Javier Q. García: Cuanto tiempo te llevo modular tu voz? psdata: eres hermosa n.n

Zoë: like always ur gorgeous !

Jasminexoxo: gorgeous sis <3

Ken Orias: i love it!!!

caffareli: Pretty Woman :-) ... nice and beautiful... look great!

rute56gik oi: u are beautiful amazing hair

maria Camila Morada florez: girl you don't have to say in every vídeo your name , we all already your name is Carolina , lol

Carlos Alejo ramirez: Muñeca

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