Bellami Chestnut Brown 22" 220G Bellisima Hair Extensions

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So, let's talk about the extensions, these extensions, the packaging is 10 watts um. It comes with two forklifts two three clips to two clips and for single clips and random spots that look like they would meet here, which the girls wouldn't I have a lot of, and so these extensions were made, for I don't know the color more brown, but They'Re distinct, my hair, I'm I'm like a really dark blonde, so they should be or

Lonely Store Mannequin: i am planning on getting this same color but in the 18 inches. i think you have the 22 inches. how tall are you? just so I cam guess-stimate how long mine would look on me. the vid was helpful

hilaryymaria: odio playing in the back round thoooo lol love that song lol and your hair extentions!

E: Ur gorgeous

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