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Hair cutting tutorial starts at 2:50

Bellami mocha chino to Carmel blonde 20” body wave 145g

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Hey what is up you guys? It'S sierra and i'm back with another tutorial today, i'm going to do a quick little install for you. I have multiple videos on how to install the hand-tied watch with the waterfall method, but mainly, i want to focus on how i like to custom, cut and blend my extensions, so go ahead and stay tuned for that. If you want to go ahead and skip ahead, i'll have all the time posts down in the description box. But if you want to see how i install and cut and custom blend my hand, tied, left extensions or machine tie blocks because we are using the bellamy. Hair today, um then just continue watching uh. So, as you can see, we're doing the waterfall method, we're just feeding each strand of hair into the bead, leaving out some hair between each strand um and here's a little bit of a close-up. If you see some beads without strands of hair in them, that is because the hair was too thin in that area. So i kind of customized a little bit um. When i start my stitching, i always start three beads back triple knot. It and then um you'll, see. I think this is called a blanket stitch. I'M not quite sure what the actual name is, but you can see i kind of go under and i bring the needle inside the loop and then i come up and i pull tight on that um. I do have a video on stitching, so you can go ahead and look through my channel kind of check that video out um, but we're just going to do a quick little stitching on the bellamy weft right now. Um i'm using the mochaccino brown going into like a caramel blonde. We got the body wave in 20 inches um and it is just such a beautiful blend. You can see that she has a natural roux and these extensions have a really gorgeous natural root. So whenever you see the end result you're gon na see how truly you know perfect. These extensions are for her hair today, all right, you guys, so i'm going into straight cutting the perimeter um, so i basically just took off the stragglers. I really didn't take much length off. You can kind of see um, so i just like to go around the perimeter. I'M going to have my client face forward and tilt their head all the way to the other side. Just so there's no over direction or anything happening. I like it nice and flowy. Most of my clients are going to wear their hair all the way forward. So i like to cut a lot of the hair already coming forward because they're not going to wear their hair to the back that much and like i said, i'm just trimming it up and doing slight angling, so you're gon na see that it's gon na be Nice and square, and then i'm gon na, come up a little bit and round it off. So it's not too too blunt um. You know, i feel, like the bluntness, gives it the thickness, but you also want movement in the hair, i'm using some of my favorite shears. These are the kamikazes by hanzo shears and they cost me right around seventeen hundred dollars, but they slice like butter. They leave. No tearing or ripping or lines in the hair um. So basically, what i'm doing is i'm going and taking vertical pivoting such sections around the head, dropping where her hair is so i'll kind of give it a good shake seeing where her hair ends and then i go and slice down these sheers slice like butter. This was actually the first time i've ever used them and you're gon na see what i'm talking about it just makes for a very clean blend, really customizable um and i'm absolutely in love with it, and i'm just gon na go all around her head and do A little bit of face framing in the front. Okay, now we're coming to the front of the hair. So i'm seeing where her natural, almost like curtain bang like um length, is starting and i'm just doing some slice cutting putting some nice face frame around the face. Um making sure that it blends really really naturally and going to the other side doing the same, you can see that, like we haven't styled her hair or done anything to it. The extensions are just like shampoo and blow dried and installed right now, and you can see how good that blend is um pay attention with how i'm slicing i barely have to do any movements, these sheers honestly just glide right on through the hair, and then i Kind of pull the hair all the way towards her face, and do some nice face framing um right around her face where her hair stops. I you know start my cutting and i don't like to take too too much out just enough to have movement. Every client is going to be different um. I just wanted something really subtle, really natural, where it looks like her. Hair still has movement but you're not taking hold of that thickness out guys. If you go in and you start chopping chopping chopping, you can easily either create holes or take some of that thickness that they're wanting out of their hair so be careful whenever you're doing it. Whenever i do the wefts, i do two rows, so i'm honestly only taking the top row and layering it and using my second row, which is the bottom row um that is going to be my weight barrier. So you don't want to cut into where your weight is. So i usually like to grab right where that second one or the first weft is, which is the very very top one and that's what i'm layering and then the second one, the very, very bottom one. That is what i'm leaving alone and i'm absolutely in love with my bellamy, um hair curler. They sent me this one and it's just so cute. I love the curls. I love how big it is. It is um a 1.5 inch curler and it's just the absolute best, especially for longer hair, like it's just enough to hold but they're soft, and they can easily turn into like nice, beautiful body waves, which you'll see once i brush them out. But i'm obsessed with this curler, i wasn't. I don't know what i was expecting, but i wasn't expecting it to be one of my favorites but the babyliss babelus. However, you pronounce, it has been my favorite for a long time you guys, but this one i'm in love with i like it a lot, so you can see how beautiful the curls are. I go in with my touchable amica spray and we're just going to brush them out really lightly, so the curls on their own are really pretty, but i like to take my wet brush and kind of create almost like body waves with the hair um. That'S just my preference for how the extensions look and you can see like you, can't tell where her hair stops where it ends. It flows nicely. It has a lot of movement. She has a good weight barrier, doesn't look straggly or thin at the ends, and then it kind of has almost like a like a square blunt, but it's still round. So it has that thickness in that rounding. Here'S the front you can see where those beautiful face framing starts, and it just gives her a nice natural curtain being where her short hair starts in the front. That is what her curtain vein now looks like and again you can see how perfect the color blend is, and the movement of the extensions i mean, i'm obsessed, my favorite part, is showing y'all. What under the hood, looks like you can see that if the wind blows, you are not going to tell that, she has extensions, and the hair is nice and bouncy and soft. If you have any questions, go ahead and follow my instagram page, i'm gon na link. It down the bio, it is champagne, underscore hair, underscore extensions. We also have our champagne hair studio page and then my personal page, which is champagne, hair xo, go ahead and like and subscribe to this video and follow me on my social medias. I always always always answer people's questions. Comments, concerns um and, what's the best product to use in the extensions i personally love the amica, but anyway thank y'all. So much for watching

Ourielle: looks so beautiful! how much hair did you add in?

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