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im wearing the 26 inch / 360 grams off black silk seam hair extentsions. I hope this video helps you decide what will be the best hair for you ! Bellami has great hair and its hard to go wrong ....whatever you chose. please let e know if you have any questions!!

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All righty, hey guys, what's up, it's halsey! Welcome to the video! Thank you so much for being here. So in today's video i wanted to talk about my bellamy, hair extensions. I recently got the 26 inch bellamy extensions in off black and instead of doing like the traditional kind of like um demonstration of putting them in and stuff like that, i wanted to kind of answer a lot of the questions that i get most often people dm Me a lot and ask me lots of questions about what hair they should get, and things like that. So i wanted to kind of go through um, just kind of like. Basically my most asked questions about bellamy. If you guys are interested in getting anything in the video, my code is chase 10 and i will of course, link it down below and without without further ado. Let'S get into the video. Let me just say: bellamy: hair was founded in 2012. They have two founders um, they kind of marketed themselves as um an accessible, celebrity hair option where a lot of the celebrities were wearing the hair. And if you wanted to look like your favorite celebrity, if you wanted to have that red carpet hair, you do not have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for hair extensions. You can pay a um, an affordable like a a lower price and have that look in 2015. They really broke on the scene when they launched a hairline with kylie jenner. They made a very smart business decision to collab with her on a hairline of her blue hair. Now we all remember she had the black top and then the blue on the bottom and bellamy decided to make that in clip clip in hair extension. So they had the black roots and the teal bottom, the kylie jenner, hair, and that was very marketable because it was also on keeping up with the kardashians. It was the storyline, basically catapulted them into everybody's instagram, feed, tmz, and things like that were talking about it. So very smart move on their part they've con since then, they've consistently always collab with celebrities like dove cameron, um, who my daughter, watches she's on the disney channel they've collaborated with so many people, tokyo, styles, kristen, hancher, zac, musket and they're. All very smart collabs. A lot of them they're, mostly all collabs, that make sense to me: they're, not a company that collabs with that will like collab with a random um like fitness guru like some people, some brands do and you're like wait, but does this? How does this collab even make sense, they typically collab with people that make sense for their brand, so i really do like that about them um. So when i first started working with them, i started working with them really early on in my youtube career. I guess you would say they were actually the first big company to reach out to me and ask me if i wanted to work with them, and i was like this has got to be a mistake. There'S absolutely no way. Bellamy hair wants to work with me, but they did um i've. I'Ve had some kinks in the road with them, but now it's really smooth sailing. I really like um the girl. I work with her name is ashley and she's awesome and i hope that she never leaves her position because out of all the people i've worked with. She is truly the best and i literally love her so much so i feel comfortable with them and i feel like they're, a good company to work for um. I i don't know like back in the day. Maybe they just had a lot going on. I don't really know, but now i do i i do like them, and the thing that the thing that i will always say about them is their products have been very consistent with their launches. Like you really never see them have a launch that comes out and people are like. I don't like that, and a lot of the questions i get asked online are what hair should i get and generally i feel like. If you get something from bellamy, you can't really go wrong, because all the hair is very good, so the sight can be very overwhelming to navigate and i feel like and and the thing is it's all just hair. It'S all just clipping hair there. It'S! Yes, there is some that's different um. The way the weft is sewn into the clippings are different, but your what it looks like when it's all said and done is very similar and brands. Do that. You know you like to keep launching new products just to stay relevant to stay in people's instagram feed to stay you know, so you can like promote your brand and things like that, like, of course, you can't just like come out with one one product, never launch A new product you have to be relevant and consistent and fresh and new, and that's what people like to see and so um i i totally get that and i i love their hair, so basically they they started with just like a very traditional clip-in extension. It was a very good, very thick, very full, just something that a lot of us hadn't seen before in clip and extensions. I know like before bellamy i was getting my extensions from i think, like sally's beauty, supply and so to go from that, and i want to say, the price was pretty the same like i think, sally's was like 70 and the first one i ever got from Bellamy, i don't think it was more than 150 but the, but the quality was astronomically different, so um, so they have their like very traditional line and what you want to look at is the grams. So if you're, someone who doesn't really care about having like so much hair and so much volume like i oh like i have see - i have right now - i have a lot of hair. It'S down to my stomach and i have a lot of volume. There'S a lot going on here, but i i really like that. I also do youtube videos, so i'm very mindful of just wanting to like you know, look cute on camera and, like i i don't know i just i'm, i'm someone who likes to be a little extra but like. Obviously, if i'm going to pick my daughter up from the bus stop, this is a little much like i don't always need to like do the full shebang, so they do have so many options um, and this is the thing that i tell everybody across the board. I don't care if you're going to the club, i don't care if you're going to the the bus, stop you're going to the grocery store you're going wherever my favorites favorites, and this is what i'm wearing now and i don't care if it's long short little grams. Big rooms, my favorite extension, is the silk seam bellamy, hair clip-ins, and they are so amazing so here here i have some with me here that i that are not clipped into my hair. You get so much and the weft is so so this at the top. It'S so light in the head: it's not pulling or dragging or ripping your real hair out, it's so wonderfully made, and so shiny and beautiful and silky, and just everything you would want in hair extension and - and this is what i recommend to anyone and everyone. If you are looking for a hair extension, get the silk seam forget all the other stuff. Don'T even don't worry about it, don't stress about it, don't be like. Oh my god. What should i get? This is what you should get. I'M telling you. You will be happy with it. I'Ve tried every single one of their hair extensions every time they have a new launch. They send me the hair. I try it out, and this is the one that if i were to buy with my own money. This is what i would get and this okay, so i have the 26 inches. This is how long they are so, like i don't know, if you could see, let me try to do like a can. You see this is how long they are. Can you see them in my hair right now like this? Is the uh they're just so pretty, and i just really love them, i'm very happy with them. So right now i have in a three or four in two sides, and then i have a c. You can see i have extra, so i have another three and another four clip yeah like they're amazing. I do have a coupon code. My coupon code is chase 10 um. If anybody is interested in getting hair extensions um, but that's the t on that - and i just wanted to show you two of my the tools that i use the most i was gon na like bust out and show you guys, like all the tools. But i was like you know what like i just want to show like if i had to use two hair tools for the rest of my life. What would i use so here is one of the bellamy tools and i don't have all the extensions with me and they they come with five other extensions. They range from there's one, that's way bigger and then there's a bunch of smaller ones, and i just love the wand. I love how it it just like. I just really like it curls your hair, amazing, it you it's, it has the adjustable thing. The adjustable heat, of course - and i just really like this - this is one that is my go-to when i'm curling my hair. So this is another one that i use, and i literally this one i can't live without this. One is a little beat up this one is probably my one of my favorite hair tools. I'Ve ever owned ever used ever had ever had the the pleasure of being in the presence of, and this is their i, i guess i call it the hot brush, but i don't really know what it's called as you can see: she's she's a little she's she's, A little beat up whenever i touch something with my hand. It turns red because i'm magical, no i'm just kidding, because i have a lot of fake t. I use a lot of fake tanner, so i don't know whenever there's a cleaning chemical that mixes with baked tanner, it turns red. So i probably tried to wipe this down. I tried to wipe this down with cleaner and then, when i touch it, it turns red, but what basically it's not on right now, but it especially this is so good. If you have um like tape and extensions, microweft extensions, any kind of extensions, you basically turn it on, and you run it through your hair like this, and it blends your real extensions with your hair. Like a dream, when i first got this, i couldn't even believe that i had been living my life without this for the past 32 years and i was like what like what are you? What is this dark magic? Oh, my god, my dog just scared. The [ __ ] out of me, oh my god, my dog, just scared the crap out of me. Okay, i was like what is this dark magic like this is amazing. I literally love this brush. So much like, i can't even say - and it heats up here it has bristles. You could straighten your hair if you blue, dry, your hair, and you want to like revive if you want to revive your hair after you've blow dried it. This will give it that, like blow dryer effect. This is amazing for every for, like everyday use for oh, my god, i just love it so much. I just love it so much, and that's the t on that. So i really hope that i kind of um shed some light on uh. The most asked questions i get from bellamy. Um people ask me a lot. What should i get? Get the silk? Seam um choose whatever gram. You want, i always say the more the better, because i do like full hair, but not everybody needs that or wants that, and that's okay too, and it's still gon na look beautiful, no matter what like it doesn't matter. If you have the super full see like, as you can see, i have pieces in here that i don't even use so yeah like you, don't even need. So i use a three clip, a four clip and a two clips on the side. So you know what i'm saying you can definitely get the lesser. The lesser grams and you'll be good, but with that being said to conclude the video it's friday night, i'm gon na go on a date with my husband. So, thank you guys so much for being here. I really appreciate you guys if you want to get a new pair of bellamy, extensions or the tools or anything on the site. You'Re welcome to use my code. It is chase 10 and, as always, i love you guys so much. Thank you so much for being here make sure to comment rate subscribe like and i'll see you guys in the next video bye

Lush Lux: Hasley is gorgeous isn’t she ❤

Bria Merrion: Hi love I am new to this! I want your hair color but I don’t know what to get or grams!

J W: I thought it was Hrush in the thumbnail!

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