How I Put In My Bellami Hair Extensions *Blonde Hair*


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Oh, i always have these lights on in my room, i never like change the freaking color, because i love purple and pink. I feel like it looks really cute. Hey guys, welcome back to my channel if you're new here welcome, if you're not new. Here then welcome back. My name is shayna, make sure you click the subscribe button and turn on the bell button. So you will be notified any time that i do post a new video. So for today's video i'm going to be i'm looking at myself because my camera is actually pretty low. So if you see me looking at myself at the camera, don't get bothered by that um. So today i'm going to be doing a hair tutorial and i haven't done one of these - not the hair tutorial itself, but this kind of video in about a year and a half almost two years in january, and i'm going to be showing you guys. My new bellamy hair extensions that i got in the mail recently um. As you know, i did my hair blonde and it's a mixture of like light brown, dark brown and all that stuff. So um. I didn't really know what color to pick, because i do have like three different shades of blonde in my hair, so i'm like. Okay, maybe it won't be that bad, but i picked out the bellamy. Bambina 160 grams 20 inch um, hair extensions, and this is how it looks like, and here it is right here i already wore it like twice already and i like it, a lot um and then it comes with like a little tester thing, which i never really Pay attention to but and then, when you purchase one, you also get a ponytail for free, so um. This one is the belly me wrap ponytail 160 grams 20 inch, and this is in the shade ash blonde, which is really light. So i'm like um, i don't know, and then this one is in the shade, dirty blonde, which i feel like that's better for me, but as long as one, i guess so, i'm just going to show you guys like how i put it in my hair. This isn't really like a tutorial, it's kind of just like just how i do my hair, i'm actually looking for my clip that i use to like put my hair up. If i can find it, i was on the floor, so yeah so basically don't mind. My on your arms, i actually need to shave my arms but um so yeah. So i just section off my hair back here and i kind of do it like by my ear pretty low, because if i make a big parting, what's gon na happen is when i put the first clip and then i pull it forward, it's gon na look Really thick, i already have take care, so i have to do a small section, so yeah and i'm just gon na pin this up. Oh [ __ ] hold up there. We go and let me actually open this first. That would make a lot of sense. So there's doesn't say how many clips there are. I can count, but i kind of don't like counting, but i guess i will um hold on getting caught on the cliff right now. Okay, so it's not super thick. What i realized that i do like thick hair extensions, where i realize is that it's thick all the way to the end and then i have to get it cut a certain way and then it's like really bulky. Looking it looks kind of fake unless you curl it, but the ends are kind of like thinned out which i like. So it looks more like natural. So i have one two three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine like about like nine clips and the first one that i like to take. Actually, it's not this one i like to take the one that has three okay, so you'll know like roughly like how many clips can fit on a certain section of your head. I know for the bottom half of my head, like here by the nape. It'S going to be like three clips, so here's a right here, i don't really put it on like perfectly um. My parting isn't perfect. I don't only care, though it's in my head and that's it. It does stop. So i just put it in like here and just like this, and that's it, and at least you put it in pretty fast. So, even though you see it's dark up here and it's like light, it's like two different colors of blondes, but you can see it still kind of blends nicely. It already kind of looks like i have like highlights of my hair too. In a way, so i feel like i did good by picking um dirty blonde as the shade i think ash blonde, like the shade of the ponytail, would have been too light um. But now i'm like discovering that i actually want to go lighter not right now, but i kind of want to get rid of like the darkness of my hair and just make my hair more light. Um, i'm trying to find another three clip weft, what here's another one, this one's a little wider, but it still has three clips. It'S just. I don't know how i explain it, but this one is a little longer. So this is going to fit on this section because this is shorter and then this is wider, so i just put it in - i put it in the middle. I just fill it out and then i took like the small clips and then i put it on the areas like by the ear um. Just because you don't want this extra just to be like out, because when you bring to the front, it's not going to blend that. Well, so i just put it right here and then i take another one clip weft. If i can find it - and then i just do this side right here and i clip it and no one's going to see that this is like light at the root, it doesn't really matter honestly. So this is how it looks like right now see, but you can see the thickness of my hair right here like how it's like blunt, but it pretty much blends it nicely and yeah i'm going to section it again. My hair has a lot like orange pieces in there just because my hair was pretty dark so over time. I feel like when i do go, lighter it'll lighten up more, but it is a process. I think this one i take okay, so we have two four clip wefts right and one is slightly longer. Let me see this one's longer all right, so i'm gon na use the one that's like second to longest, or at least i don't know how to explain that. But this one isn't the longest one. So this one's gon na go here, i'm just gon na open. It and then i think this part yeah, i'm gon na - add another set of like the two piece right here. You also don't want to like put it too close to the hairline. In my opinion, i think that's smart to do so right now. This is what it's looking like. I really like how that looks actually is more blonde in my hair like all right and then, which one do i do next. I do the next longest weft, because this part of my like the crown of my head, this part, is a lot longer so, okay wrap this up, and here is another longest left, and you see with this piece since it's longer it's kind of gon na come More to the sides like this i mean i may need another piece, but they only came with butt, so much um and then now my hair, since my hair is thick. I'M gon na need to do like another like thin parting over here then parting over here and then in the back. So this is undetermined like what side of my head, i feel like. I need more, like extension, so basically, what i do is i pull it forward and wherever i see more of my natural hair like right here like right here, it kind of blends a little bit. Let'S see it would have been nice if they came with like another one of like these, because i'll just put one here, one here not be straight um, but also sometimes i kind of have to like move my hair around and kind of get it like blended. In so sometimes i won't like i'll. Have these pieces kind of like wrap like that in a way, and then i'll have like this down, but i do feel like when you get the thicker extensions. It comes with more pieces, but i just didn't want thick extensions. I don't feel like going to my hair slime and having her cut it, and it's just like you're doing my hair and now you're doing hair. That'S not mine, because extra for that um, let me see we're gon na. Do it on this side. I guess and honestly it's harder to blend my hair, because it's so thick and also it's straight, so i feel, like the hair extensions blend, a lot easier when it's um hold on when it's curled, because the hair is like intertwining. Imagine my hair was like this. Like the hair is intertwining with other hairs, just comb it down, i got ta fix something back here, because i messed up with my parting and now all this hair is sticking out. I'M definitely gon na like try some hair masks, because my hair is shining a lot um yeah. It'S shredding a lot, probably because i'm blonde now - and this is pretty much how the extensions look so my natural hair is right here. I just wanted like a little bit more length, because i really do love long hair, i'm trying to grow my hair like really long um, while still playing blonde, so that's kind of challenging, but yeah that's pretty much it. Let me get this hair off of me. Real quick, so i'm just going to give you guys a little montage of the extensions so yeah, that's pretty much it for this hair tutorial and how i put in my blonde hair extensions from bellamy. I hope you guys enjoyed this video for all my hair lovers and bellamy, hair extension lovers. Um. Thank you guys so much for watching give this video a thumbs up. If you liked it also comment, share and subscribe turn on the bell button, so you will be notified anytime that i do post a new video. Follow me on tik, tok and instagram at the roshana and check out my eyelashes at Shop link will be right here also in the description i'm wearing the lashes olivia, which are my fave and yeah. I will see. Oh, i will see you guys in the next video bye

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