Hair Extension Tips!

Fading & shrinkage are normal and happens with hair extensions after they’ve been worn over a period of time. Heat damage & color fading over several months was how this weft got to look worn. And it’s now time for my client to get some new hair!

Every client will vary in the length of time their hair extensions last, I usually say 9 months to a year is typical before we have to order new hair. Factors that play a key role, is how often the client washes and uses heat on their extensions.

Here are some ways to help preserve the hair:

Use a shower filter! This is a huge way to prevent color fading & dryness! (linked in my amazon store)

Use alcohol & sulfate-free products.

Do not go over 350 degrees with styling tools.

Brush extensions every day to prevent tangling.

Keep hair moisturized by oiling the ends as needed daily.

Apply a conditioning treatment once a week to hydrate the hair.

Thoroughly dry your extensions before going to sleep.

Wear your hair up while sleeping to prevent tangling.

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Both of these wefts came from the same exact, hair extension package, but why do they look so different? The one on the right was worn by my client for several months and it's time for her to get new hair. So why does this happen to hair extensions and how can we preserve the longevity of our extensions? Read the caption for more details.

Leanne T: Why does this happen x

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