What Are You Clipping Them Into? Demonstrate? | Hair Topper 101

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Ideal for those in the progressive and advanced stages of hair loss, Aura has a large 7.5“x 7.5” base size which can provide you with ample coverage and volume.

Different from other UniWigs hair toppers, Aura features a skin middle part with a fabric back.

The individual hair fibers are implanted into an artificial plastic scalp base (1.5" X 5.5"), giving the look of real hair growing from the scalp. This topper also features no hair return.

Made from 100% human hair, it can be styled with heat styling tools into any hairstyle you desire.

Aura is in 110% low density and lightweight, and it offers the less pressure for your scalp.

If you’re seeking an affordable and good quality hair topper with a large base size, Aura is a compelling choice.


Color might show a slight difference due to different hair fibers, base types, and screens.

After being subjected to high temperatures, colors on the skin hair toppers have a larger chance to turn slightly lighter compared with colors on other base types.



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So toppers are a great option for anybody with partial hair loss. If you have too much hair loss, you won't be able to clip it in, but you really only need a little bit of hair for this to work. So these are pressure sensitive clips, you're going to scoop up some hair with them and then clip them shut. So i start with all of them closed and then i usually start with the front one. I'M going to scoop up a little bit of hair and then close it now, i'm going to work my way around my head, while i'm holding it on my head in place, go all the way around just scoop up a little bit of hair open them. Scoop clothes you just kind of incorporate it into your own hair and you're set

UniWigs: Shop Aura topper: https://bit.ly/3KlkrCT Code: YT15 for 15% off

LLCooL L: Tip: If you use a topper, it will look more natural if you align the part of the topper with the part in your natural hair. Hers is misaligned so it doesn't blend in as well with her hair

Chi Chicana: Hey, thanks so much for the courage. I'm sending this to my mom. Fantastic!

KatyB: That looks really natural!

Miss Nikki14: Looks so good! Gorgeous ❤️

cutelonelygayasian: Don’t those clips also pull and tug on your healthy hair? And might cause more damage??

Kevin Hughes: This looks amazing.

Alexis: Looks fab, where do you get your toppers from which company? and can you give the price please, thanks

Europa 17: A good option. It looks great.

Ashley Morehart: Looks great!

LM: I know this was a demonstration on how to clip in but I’m wondering what length is this particular Aura in the video? Thx!

Marilyn Monroe: What hair... Your eyes are Mesmerizing!!

Sasha fierce18: These are amazing! Why soooo expensive though

Sherry Bartels: Looks natural

Lilli: Looks really good!!

Лиза Адамс: Beautiful

IR.A.: Do these clips pull /pull-out your remaining hair?

Braeutchen: Whoa...... beautiful !

Ash T: What's the base size for the one you are showing?

ypcomchic: Wouldn’t those clips cause more hair loss on top??

Jane: Just wondering if they make your head hot and if the plastic cap and additional hair trap heat?

Marina Hyland: Hi what inch are you using on your hair

mark smith: That's awesome

cheryl bennets: How Fabulous is that you look great ❤

Merri Cat: Cool. I have never heard of these

Anna P: Lovely ❤️

Elisa Lopez: Love this

Maria Kuijpers: Ik vind dit geweldig

Claudia Yaradi: Hermosa

Virginia CalderonE: i like that!!

Manuela Gschaider: Sehr schön ❤️

MAGNO LIA: thanks.i suscribe.From Spain

Ninja Cat: If you can dye them these could really help people who are kinda addicted to dying their hair. That way they could dye these and leave their natural hair alone

Tangeroise in munich: wow

Kim Ngaan: Thanks You

Meghan Smith: I was thinking about one of these can you wear a pony with one of these on

Swathi Swathi: It's really good I also want how much

Google User: The biggest problem is matching the hair colour ??

Tigre's mom: Ok but I can still see that you have a topper on because the front is lifted slightly.

yaya804: Those clips don't help if you have chronic or partial hair loss...they can make things much worse

Butterfly Rose: Those clips will break ure hair

Stefania Mirri: Fear the weight can go all on the scooped up areas of the scalp increasing the fall. I heard that squeezing the juice of an onion into rapresed coconut oil and putting on your hairs 5 minutes a week stimulates the regrowth in the scalp hairs and strenghtens the lenghts giving volume

Tracy Marsh: You can try this. It helped me. Go to Walmart. Get equate brand minoxidyll. Apply the way it says. In 9 mos the spots were filled in with natural regrowth. Good luck! Its worth a try. It doesnt help100 percent of all ppl. But it helped me.

elizabeth draven: Get rid of that thing an inch an halfway from your hairline line is really fragile and it will lead to hair loss using clips on it all the time, plus the hair underneath the hair pace may fall out like Balding from a hat. Use regain inStead

Ruchi Saxena: Kahan .milega

Sarah K.: 300 $

yusnaidys fondin: Donde manda a pedir uno por favor

ANGNA GIANANI: You people are damn costly man can't afford it

Khadga Khatri: Malai chaiyo Kati ho pp

stawpit foo: "Toppers"? You mean a closure?

hermajesty52: Wow

Divine Durham: Lace front

421541Michee: See, I see that and I don't have the urge to touch it or ask if it's real/all yours....

Chanel’s Channel: There’re terrific. But love, there may be an underlying reason to your thinning hair. Have you had some blood work done?

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