Clip On And Off Freestyle Topper Hair Units For Thinning Crowns

Freestyle topper hair units are ideal for thinning crowns. They easily clip on and off to blend with your sides and back hair. I personally make them in as little as 4 weeks. Available in different hair textures, lengths and hair colors.

Order a custom topper hair unit:

My wig salon is located in Elizabeth City, NC, 45 minutes south of Chesapeake, Virginia. Learn more about me, my products and services at https://mslolahairunits.mailchimpsites... where you can join my mailing list to get updates about what I'm doing next making sure women with hair loss look their best at every age.

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Thanks everybody for tuning in to my Channel today, I am making a freestyle topper hair unit, which is the most popular that I sell, because I can make them quickly and easily and have them shipped out in four to six weeks. I make them out of a lace foundation and then sew single wets in a circular motion throughout the unit, so that it looks very natural. They are easy to install by just clipping on and clipping off no complicated installation. You can wear them continually or daily. My topper hair units are also very inexpensive. I can make them for you in different hair, textures, colors lips and, most importantly, density because oftentimes, if you have a thin Crown, the rest of your hair is probably a little thinner than it was years ago. So you don't want it excessively thick hair unit. My freestyle, topper hair unit is absolutely perfect for the different diversities of hair loss. Oh thank you. This cute little unit is now complete. All I have to do is to add clips and then shampoo condition and let air dry and then ship to my customer thanks everybody for tuning in. I really appreciate it. I hope that you have enjoyed this video, showing how I make a freestyle topper quickly and easily and don't forget before you leave to subscribe, like share, tell others and most of all hit that notification Bell. So you'll always know when I am working. My magic take care I'll, see you next time. Foreign

alexxdaye1: You are FIERCE!!!! Love your work, headed over to your website! Subscribed and LOVED!

Allison Joel: Excellent video. Love your enthusiasm throughout all your video's. Thank you for sharing, much appreciated. Liverpool, England.

Nia: I love this! For reference, could you please say what the hair type and density was of the topper you are combing out on the mannequin head right at the end? (2:09) I guess it's the same one you were making in the video though I'm not absolutely sure. Also, do you ship to the UK? Thank you so much!

Queen🦋Supreme: I like the curly wet look.

ursula troxler: New subscriber here I love your channel

Cocoa boo: Hi: I really like this unit. How can I receive a wig topper like that .Web site please

jv: Nice ❤️❤️

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