Hair Topper Clips Uncomfortable? Worried About Traction Alopecia?Tips To Maximize Comfort.

New to toppers or considering toppers, but worried about damage from clips?

Check out my tips to maximizing comfort when wearing hair toppers.

Are you a veteran topper wearer? have a tip that I missed? Drop it in the comments, please.

Hair shown is @Uniwigs Savannah in Mousse Brown.

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Hi! I'm Ashley, and I'm so glad that you're here.

After years of struggling with hair loss that continued to progress, a few bad wigs that never left the house, and internet searches that left me feeling hopeless, I took the plunge and jumped into the world of alternative hair full-time in 2020, and I haven't looked back. Now I want to share what I've learned in the last decade of my struggle with you, wherever you are in your journey.

Join me here for content related to all-things hair loss and to build a community of women sharing tips and tricks. Together, we can build a community that promotes inclusion, destigmatizes hair loss, and educates everyone. Together, let's celebrate life beyond the locks - because it's a good one.

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Copper Clips do they hurt. This is a question that I get all of the time in the DMS, including in the last week, so I thought I would make it my question of the week for this week, I'm a little behind on questions of the week, but I thought it was an Important one to talk about because I do get it so often it's one of the biggest questions and worries that we have as a potential topper Wares and for those of us who have gotten into the world of Toppers and find them a little bit uncomfortable. It is worrisome, is this going to cause traction alopecia? So let's talk about it right now. So one of the questions that I get is, do they hurt? Do they cause traction alopecia, so in terms of it hurting I'm not gon na lie to you. I don't find my Toppers to be that comfortable. I don't find them to be as uncomfortable as they did when I first started wearing them. I thought the very beginning. I thought that they were unbearable and I remember scouring the internet just like a lot of the people with the same questions that I'm getting in the DMs like. Is this going to cause long-term attraction? Alopecia what's the deal? Should it hurt this much and I ended up taking a look at something that she Sharon from Highline wig said when I first purchased my Highline and she described it's like you know. At the end of the day, you take off your bra and it just feels so good. That'S what a Topper take off should feel like it shouldn't be hurting you it should just be. You should look forward to taking it off at the end of the day and I'm not gon na lie. It was more than that when I first started wearing my high lines and she's talked about the importance of having good Clips, which she includes in her pieces. Um as a as a way to sort of combat or mitigate any issues with traction alopecia, but at the end of the day, like you're, putting something on your head, you're clipping it into your hair and if you have fine, thin bio hair and a Sensitive Scalp. That'S not going to feel comfortable. However, I can honestly say that my head is kind of getting used to it now and they don't bother me nearly as much as they used to. Is it sensitive? Yes, I'm not gon na lie to you. Do I have traction. Note alopecia from it no not to my knowledge, and I asked my husband to take a peek recently and he didn't notice anything either. So there's a few things, I think you can do to minimize the discomfort um and to minimize minimize potential damage to your hair. But at the end of the day, this is clipping into your hair and if you are really worried about it, then you might want to skip Toppers and just go straight to a lace top wig um. For me, it's worth the trade-off. I really like Toppers still. I love wigs as well, but I really like Toppers I like that. My own hair is Blended in I'm, going to be sticking with them and even if it meant traction alopecia that wouldn't stop me, because my bio hair is never going to be something that will look better than the Toppers and hair pieces that I wear. So for me it was like whatever so, let's talk about things that you can do so among the things you can do is think about capsize and I've talked about this before so I won't go into a ton of detail because I'm trying to keep this video Under five minutes um, but if you have a lot of density, so you're doing a small cap, that's really dense, like let's say a four by five five by five five by six, whatever something small, that's just up here: full of hair. That'S a lot of hair! In one spot - and that means if your Clips are right here - they're really like putting a lot of weight and a lot of pressure on that one area. For me, this area is very sensitive and very very thin, so I wouldn't want to do that. Hence a bigger cap size being my preference, I have a small head, I'm a size, small wig and I still prefer a bigger cap, so nine by nine for me, maybe even 10 by 10. If I can never get my hands on, one would be my ideal. The reason why the hair is dispersed, and so the pressure isn't just on that one little spot it's spread around and the size of the cap naturally just helps it to sit in place, so it doesn't have to clip in so tightly. So that's number one is. I would recommend looking for something: that's not too dense and something that has a bigger cap size in addition, um the way that you put on the topper matters. So when I was first wearing Toppers, I was so scared that they were going to fly off my head and honestly. I'Ve never had that happen ever so, I'm a lot more relaxed about putting my topper on unless, of course, I'm going on a roller coaster or something so what I used to do with my first topper, which was like a seven by eight or something is, I Would pull it down and then I would clip it in with as much hair as I could to make sure it wasn't going anywhere. That'S not how I apply my topper anymore, so now what I do because I put on my head and I actually instead of pulling down - I just put it in in a place, that's natural, and then I just do a tiny little scoop of hair. I don't know if you can see that just do a tiny, little scoop of hair like this and I clip it down. So it's reasonably secure. It'S not as secure as it would be. If I like, really pulled it down and scooped up a huge chunk of hair, but it's far more comfortable so instead of pulling down, I do a little scoop under and a little clip with just a little bit of hair um. And I go all the way around my head, like that and honestly I mean does it shift it could, but it hasn't. So that's my one major difference for combating it go well. Actually, two going for a bigger cap size has helped and then just a little bit of scoop. Other things you can do is wear a wig grip, so there are topper grips out there. You could also just wear a wig grip that you have. So you put the weight grip on and then you can use the front comb. If your topper has it that guy there and you can just scoop it under the wig grip and it will help give extra security. And then you don't have to use the the clips at all. I think I just got some L'Oreal rude spray on my forehead, um. Okay, other things you can do. You could switch out your clips for velcro some people report that being more comfortable. I have such a self-sensitive scalp and such thin hair that I don't think that that works for me quite as well, but it is an option you can also swap out your comb or your clips for a little bit of velcro um. You can move the Clips around that's another thing you can do is add clips and then put some clips in one day and some clips in another day. That'S another possibility. Some women talk about teasing the area or using some hairspray that it actually causes less tugging, but I would be worried about long-term damage. So maybe I don't know if that's an everyday thing for you um. So those are some of the strategies that you can use to offer grips, wig grips scooping strategically teasing and hairspray um velcro. Those are all really good options and, honestly for me, I'm I think it's worth it, but if it's not worth it to you the risk then just go straight for the lace wig. Instead of the silk wig or the silk topper, you can also get lace front. Toppers, but those will still require you to clip the piece in somewhat, although if you were to glue it down, it would provide extra security and you could probably go a lot lighter with those clips. So answer to the question: are the topper Clips bothersome? Yes, and no for me, they're not super comfortable, I'm not gon na lie when I'm done filming. This is coming off my head and my faithful like it's right here, my faithful scrunchies going in my hair um, and that's that's just my reality. I'M not gon na wear my topper around the house. It'S coming off, just like my jeans and I'm putting on sweatpants and I'm putting my hair in a scrunchie. So for me no, it's not the most comfortable thing. If you don't have a Sensitive Scalp, it may not be uncomfortable for you at all, which is the case where a lot of women, it just adds a nice healthy, looking element to their hair and it doesn't bother them and then for some it would be. Maybe even more unbearable than it is for me, so you really, you only know by trying the pros definitely outweigh the cons for me I love hair Toppers, so a little bit of discomfort and it's something that I don't even think about daily. Now it's just the odd time, but when it comes off at the end of the day you know sometimes I it feels relief, but it's worth it for me. So there you have it, I'm not gon na sugarcoat it. It'S not the most comfortable thing. You have to try it out to decide for yourself um, but honestly, I'm a huge fan of Toppers and I do believe that they can be life-changing. So if you are on the fence, I say give it a go um and let me know what your experience is like if I've missed something which I'm sure I have. Let me know in the comments what other strategies have worked for you to make your topper Clips more comfortable, I'm sure the others would love to know what works for you.

LM Sossi: Thank you for some practical tips. Too many YouTubers don't acknowledge any discomfort from the clips. Your honesty is refreshing.

Maggie Thomas: Ashley, I reside in Canada and was wondering if there is a uniwigs store here Also would you pick uniwigs or highline as your go to pieces? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just trying to make the choice for me to make me feel pretty again

Maggie Thomas: Ashley I went on to see the piece your wearing and I notice it has a nice large base compared to the ones I've worn. I think mine is a 6x7 but the one you have is a 9x9 which would give so much more coverage which I feel I need. I was wondering if you could help me out with a color from uniwigs. I wear Jon Renau color 12Fs8 and was wondering if there is a comparable with uniwigs. Thanks for your help :)

Maggie Thomas: I've been wearing a topper for years now, and unfortunately I now have traction alopecia and I've also lost my hairline. I've now resorted to glue to be able to still wear my topper. I don't feel it on my head at all now. I'm hoping the hair will grow back

Lisa Pacheco: Hi Ashley I just purchased my first topper. It’s a halo Fall hybrid. I have really thing hair and have to wear my topper at the very front of my hairline. My issue is it does not lay flat in the front. There is a gap, about 1/4 inch, between the top of my head and front of my topper. Any tips on what I can do so that it will lay flat.

Mrs. Bee: Thanks for your honesty.

cjw: Are highline toppers heavy on the top, like giving us a bubble head? I have a serenity Brazilian hair topper and it's sitting in the box because its heavy and looks ridiculous when I put it o . I mean 1k topper that I can't wear? Such a waste of money.

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