How To: Get Voluminous Hair With Both Hair Topper And Hair Extensions

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Hair Topper + Hair Extensions?? It's now a new idea but not many people are trying that. In the video, Karen added her hair volume in several minutes with a hair topper and a halo extension.

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Today I am going to try out in a product communal eggs, the authentic Rachel, and this is a two-in-one synthetic hair extension, as you can see, is one big left of hair. Now that I have all of my hair out of that, what I want to do is go in and do the clips now look at how much hair I have a beautifully this blends in with my own color. You do not see these that's. Why are they across my own hair is covering everything I'm gon na? Take this one step further, so hold on one second, it took my hope, topper, and I added that as well as the Rachel filo extensions. So I have my own hair. I have paler extensions and then I have my Tom Murphy on top. I have a top row which goes bring around here and it's there back here kind of blend into did with my own hair, and then I thought he looks tensions the back to come to about there. So I think that's just a beautiful blending job colors are just perfect for my hair and and show you the back part that this way to just help my hair is there. So again you don't see anything as far as the extensions, though you don't see my cap, everything just looks totally natural, and I want to thank them again for sending me feet Rachel, hallo extension. You really enjoy this just think, they're great. So until next time you guys, I love you all and bye bye,

Thrifting For Thingamajigs and Whatnots: How fun to see part of my video on your channel! I love all the products I’ve tried from UniWigs but the Rachael is to quick and easy as well as secure to wear.

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