Exercising With Your Hair Topper

My first experience exercising with my hair topper on!

Spiral Plastic Hair Ties:


This was the smallest pack I found. There are also larger packs. Various colors are available in combo packs too

Hey everyone. I just wanted to do a quick video about exercising with your topper. Now I went for the first time to exercise with my topper and I just had a gym and a kickboxing class, and they seriously have you up and down. You know burpees and laying on the floor and planks, and you know kicking, and you know up you know all over the place. So I feel like this is a little more intense and just like a regular standard work out at a gym and the topper stayed. Amazingly, this is the absolute first time I ever do anything with like exercise involved that I do not think about my hair, and that is like it's just like a such of relief and like before. When I didn't have a topper. I would put this. You know. Headband on and - and I tried it today, just because one I didn't want to wear but worried about like the hairline, because you know you're sweating and like what, if it moves or and then this actually helped to keep it down more secure. And I actually I have two Stoppers now I have a newer one and I decided like hey: why not use my older one? I'M you know it's a little shorter, but who cares it's up in a ponytail anyways and why put the first one my newer one through the exercise you know through the sweat and through having to be up in a ponytail and having this headband, be on it Because you know, of course, we're going to restyle it afterwards. At least I would have to I get pretty sweaty. I'M, like you know, have to wear a headband, but like it is pretty undetectable that you're, you know that you have any top or on or - and it's amazing that you know have to think about the hairline and the whole time. Not once was I like. Oh my hair, oh my hair or the headband is slipping cuz. They would always slip when I hat would have just my regular hair cuz. There was like nothing to hold on to, but something I wanted to introduce to you in case. You don't know about it. Yet is this hair tie it's not like a regular hair, e-tax, not cloth. I actually don't know what it's called. Is this here now a friend gifted this to me, so I'm not sure where to find it, but I'm sure you can find it on Amazon or probably animals. I don't have it, but the amazing thing about this is that you know how you now we have hair, which is awesome, but we put it in a ponytail. It leaves like that. You know ponytail tie hair tie like crease. This does not increase your hair at all and like well. I can't really put it down right now, because it's jacket and everything, but every time I've used this. I have not had a crease. Even when I do like a half up when I put like my hair back and like half up like this, it does not leave a crease either. If I do it so slight, but I definitely recommend that - and you know it's good to have a backup topper like I said so, you don't have to worry about restyling it every time you sweat in it or clean it or anything. But yes, I'm so excited to be able to work out and worry about working out while I'm working on my thinking. Oh, my my hair, or you know back in the day, I would wear like a big like a big headband to try to cover it, but now I don't have to worry about that and the headband also matters, because I first tried using like a thinner like Nike one, but that one felt super tight, maybe because it was thinner, I'm not really sure or in general it was tighter, but this one like it's perfect it like really provides the support, and it's not you know, really tight on my head because hello, we have A topper on which is already a little, you know tension on the head, maybe and then we have clips, and then we don't want to be putting even more attention above that so anyways yeah, so excited for this um. Just another relief from having a topper but yeah enjoy, ladies and happy exercising with your toppers bye.

Lynn McKenna: Such great information! You have wonderful energy! Thanks so much for creating and posting!

Charlie G: Did you feel overheated with the topper and headband? I’ve been using Uniwig’s Molly clip in when I wear my hair in a ponytail.

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