Uniwigs Hope Mono Hair Topper, Almond Frost Color Review

8.5"x9" Hope Topper is a clip in hair topper with an extra-large base that is perfect for hair loss. It features a front lace, a mono top and wefted back. The front lace and mono top which gives the most natural hairline and allows you to part the hair in any direction. The ready-to-wear synthetic hair looks and feels like natural hair. Kanekalon Synthetic Fiber: Looks and feels more like human hair; very smooth but not shiny.

Find this topper: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07799BTZ8

Hi guys I wanted to pop on and I wanted to share something that came in the mail today, a couple weeks ago, the lovely folks at UNIX reached out and asked if they could send me one of their stoppers to try and of course I said yes, So I have been wearing kind of hair for a little over a year now I started with Stoppers and I've kind of transitioned into wigs. Recently I still love toppers they're, so easy they're light. You know they are a great place to start. You know if you've got, you know, thinning hair like I do so. My situation is that my hair is very fine and very thin, as you can see, but also I have a lot of thinning in the crown up here, and it just makes you know. Wearing my natural hair kind of uncomfortable for me, I you know, I've done all sorts of powders and - and things like that and - and I just found that wearing choppers was just like instant confidence and they're super easy, and they just make you feel, like a million Bucks, so I'm gon na show you this, so this girl here is called the hope, topper and she's by you know: eggs she's beautiful, so she is 16 inches long. She comes in straight and in wavy I got the street obviously, and I got her in the color almond frost, which is gorgeous, so this is very close to my own color, but she's, a big enough topper that if you wanted to go a little blonder, you Probably are not blonder, I might go a little blonder. You might go a little more brunette, whatever it is, but if you wanted to go a little, you know away from your kind of natural hair color. You certainly could do that. She is an 8.5 by 9, but base she's has a wefted cap or half of a weapon. Wefted cap she's almost awake - I mean this is this - is a pretty big cap. She'S got some pressure, sensitive clips that are on the side, there's five of them and there's actually a few extras that come in the box. So you could add a few more. She is a mono part, which means she can be parted in any direction within this little mesh area, which is awesome and she's a lace friend. So I have to trim this lace, but once it's trimmed, you want to trim it kind of nice in tight to the hairline and then it can just cover your own hairline or you could even probably take it back a little further and try and you know, Incorporate your own hair: now I don't have a lot of hair in the front, so I don't have a lot of luck. That'S cute incorporating Stoppers that way, so I love a lace, front topper and yeah she's beautiful. So I can't wait to try her on and what else can I tell you about her she's synthetic, so you wouldn't want to use heat on her um, but she's, silky and smooth. I believe that she was a hundred and thirty percent density. Now I don't really know what that means in terms of like wig talk or hair talk, but I will tell you that she is super silky and she's, not overly thick, which I appreciate like I. Don'T I've never had a lot of hair. So I do have a few toppers that are quite bulky, especially kind of like in the middle, and it feels a little off balanced and I will say that she is nice and light and she feels really balanced. This kind of shows you how pretty the color is she's just beautiful. So anyway, I'm going to cut this lace front. Hopefully I will not mess it up and then I will pull up her on and I'm going to show you how easy it is to to wear so. I'M gon na cut this nice and classy scissors here I feel like I'm not gon na, do a good job hold on I'm gon na pause and I'm gon na come back. Okay, so you're gon na undo the clips I've got her all trimmed up and basically you're, just gon na flip around your head. So everybody's got their own kind of technique for this she's, nice and stretchy. So I like to like stretch down a bit, pull and then clip on both sides, and then you can just go around and find all the clips. So there's five on this one too three. It might be missing one, but I think she's secure enough, and that is literally that's literally it. So then you just brush your own hair through she's freaking gorgeous and you can play around with the part. Like I said you could do a center part. You can do side parts and, as you kind of wear, her you'll train her. So like you can see, this is my hair back here underneath and this is all her and she is gorgeous. I love it. Thank you so much young wigs. She feels so so good

The Celtic Maiden: Hi how do you custom order? Is it on the website? I'm in the UK. I love this topper in the almond frost but I'd love the root to be a little bit darker. What rooting shade does it have please? Thanks x

Cindy: Very pretty

Jezaberr: That looks really good on you!

Dominique Chatelain: Hello, I watched your video, I also ordered my Hope Almond Frost color topper, I would like to know if the roots are not too dark if you compare to the color of this topper

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