Dying A Hair Topper And Adding Clips

I have sewn in four snaps. Actually we washed it because since I dyed it, you know there's always dye left over anyway. I washed it yet again just to try to make sure I got all the excess dye off, because every time I wash my hair, I'm seeing it. So, let's see what I'm doing here so you can put it on. However, you want, but, however, you want the hair to ball. The snaps should be pointing that way, so that is easier to clamp on unsnap them just by bowing them out, and then you know, try different things to find out where they are going to look the best feeling with my brain, feel it with my birthday. I put an extra one down the bottom, because you know mr. Trump's hair sometimes flies up, and then you see he's got like a a bit of a you know. Flyaway piece, that's definitely not what I want for me. So I put a another one at the bottom just for that very purpose, because I wouldn't want the wind to catch it and take it away. No, I wouldn't want it to lift up and you'll be able to see it. So we clamp that back went in. You can hear them snap. That'S open that's closed, so I will tell you this also, I like to wet them because then I'm integrating this into my wet hair and I don't mean soaking wet all the time. This is just because I rewashed it - I just had dyed it and also sewing in the snaps. A lot of the hair sometimes get stuck underneath your sewing, so by rewashing it and brushing it out, I'm getting all that hair out that ended up underneath the sewing. So you can cut this to match your style better, but I actually like the messy fall of it, and sometimes I so I saw the claps on the other way because then you've got all this long. Stuff is hanging down this way and it makes for a really nice messy. Look if you know what I mean, but so that has really perked up my hairstyle and you can also dry it a program that keeps popping up and stopping my videos. I'M gon na have to delete it or something. But so I dried it just a little and I can see over here I want to make sure this is in a little bit better, because I can actually see a bit I saw it was, you know a lump there and you don't want any lumps. So let me find all my little things. My snap is all the way over here for that one and then a snap is here so I'm going to unsnap this one, because I think I think it looks to me like I'm seeing a bit of a so and then the one you just fix it. So that it's sitting properly on your hair and the nice thing about these clips is they're easy. They snap on really really easy. So again you can blow dry, you can add product, you can cut it. If you feel the need, then it's going to help it blend in better to your hair, so just treat like your normal hair. I love that I dyed it same color as my dog I like it, you don't have to put it so far back or a front you can. You could put it in other places. You know I put mine back, but I love the way it looks so real and you can you can put in more snaps. I was just thinking that the three on the top we're actually enough and then the one on the bottom. So we can even go closer to the front to the bang area. I kind of sometimes think it looks the best the closer up front. It is snap and then get it to match into your here. Pull your hair out my comb. If you have a comb, you can pull your natural hair out a little bit more from under it to get it to blend in more. But I definitely don't like the straight look. I like get messy and my bud. My dog is here, so, I think, looks good I've worn it before my son. It was very, very nosey, ish didn't even notice I was wearing and he actually just thought it was my hair dye so because the scalp of the wig looks like a human scalp. Is it so amazing anyway, I will try to remember to take a picture later on when it's fully dry, but you could see my hair is darker down here: cuz, it's still wet and it matches the wetness, but once it dries it'll all you know be more Of this color here, but I don't like to dry it because I like this, I like this messy curl. Look I like that, so I don't like to draw it except I just like to dry my bangs just a little bit. Alright, I will try to remember to take a picture tonight when it's all dry: okay, thanks for watching it's so easy and so inexpensive to get I'll call the topper or weekly. It'S so much cheaper than buying a wig and then happen to have it fit it and glued on. You can take this off at night and just you know let your scalp breathe. I used to wear wigs. Oh, you, girls know they itch man, they itch and you're, like you're, taking pencils and you're, taking nail files and you're in there. You don't have that with this. So alright, thanks for watching

Try it, Buy it, Make it, Sell it!: You did a good job. Looks really natural.

Rosemary Lucy Cosentino Canadian Fine Artist: how did u prevent lace from getting dyed?

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