Is This The Right Hair Topper? Brown With Lots Of Blonde Highlights, Seamless Hair Topper

This color is a medium brown with lots of blonde highlights. Three piece hair topper, seamless. Check out my other videos for toturials on how to clip this three piece hair topper.

Thanks for watching:)

Hi again so this 3-piece hair topper, the color, is a brown which is a medium brown and I, like blonde very light. Blonde looks like an ash blonde. There'S a lot of highlights on this, so I always clip it in the middle or pin it in the middle, because my model has very shiny head and I do it in the side. You can clip it anywhere, but you can. I could do it on this side right here. In my model, it keeps on slipping so to piece. Your topper check out my other YouTube videos Instagram for more pictures of different colors, okay I'll keep it long all the time, because they're very easy to trim. Thank you for watching around with very light one bye,

Debbie Davis: Very nice! Great colour for Summer! Thanks for sharing! ☀

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