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With spring being here, I wanted to show you easy spring hairstyles that you can create with hair topper and hair extensions. These hairstyles look great on any type of hair, but i am of course showing you how to create them with long hair and using Tressmerize hair topper and hair extensions.

Hairstyle #1: Side swept with accented pearl hair clips

Hairstyle #2: Low ponytail with infinity braid accent

Hairstyle #3: Bun updo

Hairstyle #4: Dutch Braid with low ponytail

Hairstyle #5: Half Up Half Down Bun

Bonus Hairstyle: Half Up Half Down Ponytail with a pretty scarf


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: A B O U T M E : :

I'm Emina D. Sehovic, the founder of Tressmerize.

For years I've tried to grow my hair but the longest it seem to get is up to my shoulders and I'd always get frustrated with it and chop it all off.

To make matters worse 6 years ago I went platinum blonde and all the bleaching damaged my hair completely that there was no way of saving it, but the only solution was to shave my head, and I did.

As soon as my hair hit 3-4" inch mark, I was completely lost and hated it, I just wanted to have long hair.

Doing my research and wanting clip-in hair extensions everyone claimed that women with short hair can wear hair extensions. Fusion yes, but I just didn't have the income to go to the salon, shed, $700-$2000 for hair that I knew in 6 months I will have to go back for maintenance and shed another $700.

I also discovered that when women talk about short hair, that's usually shoulder length, and my hair wasn't even close to that. Everyone I looked on Youtube that talked about hair extensions for short hair had their hair shoulder length, but it didn't stop me from purchasing it.

When the hair extensions came I was so disappointed, The wefts were showing through and there were so many pieces in my hair that it gave me headache from all the clips.

I was sad, but didn't give up. I continued my research to how I could solve the problem and discovered a hair topper. When hair topper came, I finally felt that I found the solution, but again, the hair topper didn't match my hair extensions and the problem just kept escalating. The hair topper hair quality wasn't as hair extensions and I just got fed up, that I decided to make my own product that caters to women with very short hair who have thin hair just like me. That is how the idea of Tressmerize came.

Tressmerize it the only hair extensions system on the market that caters to women with very short hair. You have 6 pieces in a kit. It's light weight, it's easy to install and you'll feel beautiful, confident after you put it in.

Hi did a minute here and today I'm going to show you how to create five easy spring hairstyles. That will go very well with your spring outfits. All of these are very easy to do in all of them. I am using transfer eyes, hair toppers. I am also using a couple of pieces from trust, rice, hair extensions. Of course, if you already have long hair, you do not need to use any of these pieces. The reason I'm using beads is to show you if you do have any of these pieces, how you can create different hairstyles by using them last week. I have showed you some of the outfit ideas for spring and all of these hairstyles are actually in that video. If you would like to see how I paired it hairstyles with outfits, I'm going to link it in this corner up here for you and let's begin for the hairstyle number one, I'm using these large pearl clips. I can leave them down in the description below if you're interested in getting them yourself, I'm also using a hair topper that I cut bangs into it, and I have pre curled all of my hair and hair toppers here once I install a hair topper, I like To comb the hair topper in my ear together, incorporating together making you look all seamless and natural-looking, I always like to leave a little bit of layers around my face to train my face, but also when you're wearing the hair topper. If you do this, then it's going to make everything look more natural, then I take all of the hair and comb it to one side. I take these very interesting and trendy clips and I clip them to the side of my hair, making this hairstyle look very feminine sophisticated to make sure that your hair stays in place. You can take two bobby pins and you can crisscross them and clip them in the back. This is the finished. Look very sophisticated and D herself for the spring season. Hairstyle you're going to need a small elastic. Then you're going to gather all of your hair in the back low ponytail you're, going to divide this ponytail into two, even sections going to grab a small section of here, you're going to go under one section and over the second section. This is going to create an infinity braid once you reach the end of this section, you're going to grab a little bit more hair and you're, going to just keep braiding make sure that your sections are very tight and close to each other. This is what makes this braid stand out as I'm doing the right here. I'M making sure that all of the sections are fight together, then you're going to take your elastic and you're going to tie everything together - and this is your finished look for the hairstyle number. Three you're going to need an elastic and for the up to I always like to unclip two back clips from my hair stopper. This ensures that there is no pulling or any tension done on my hair. While I am pulling my hair up. So what I did. I have unclipped it. I am combing my hair to frame the layers as I like to do this, and then I take a comb or a brush and just brush everything upwards, creating a high ponytail. Once you have a ponytail you're going to start twisting your hair once you feel that you have a twists, then enough that it's going to easy go into a circle. Then you're just going to circle it around creating a bun taking the elastic and securing everything in place, and that's it then. What I like to do I like to pull a little bit up here and then I like to clip those clips in securing the topper to my hip, and this is the finished look. I also added the pearl earrings to finish the outfit and the homework they're. Still number four we're creating a Dutch style braid. I am using to clip clip in hair extensions from tres mirai's and I am also using a hair tapper that it has not have paintings I've sectioned a small section of hair in front, and then I'm taking that section and a little bit of tear from the Hair topper - and I am braiding a three strand braid going under this - is going to create a Dutch style. Great Dutch sound rate is braiding under your tomatoes, a three strand braid, but instead of braiding over your bread trading under and to make this frayed you're going to start with three sections and you're going to create about two times under and then you're going to start. Taking sections from incorporating everything together in the braid, once you reach the end of the braid you're, going to tie everything into a low ponytail, then to make this braid more interesting and to add volume to it, you're just going to call as much as you can Until you are satisfied with the way it looks - and this is your finished - look for the hairstyle number - five were going with half-up half-down bun, all you're going to do. Is you get economy together? Your hair you're going to create a loop and twist this here through that loop and we're going to gather the sphere around and take some bobby pins and secure it in place. I really like to create this type of a bun, because once one when I'm finished, it really looks like a flower so take as many bobby pins as you can to secure since you're, not using elastics. And this is how the finished look looks and for the bonus hairstyle. All I did is I created a half-up half-down ponytail, I think, took a scarf and I tied it around the ponytail, and that is it. So thank you so much for watching this video. I hope that you have enjoyed this video if you did. Please click that like button and make sure to subscribe for more videos like this

Tressmerize: Today I'm showing you how to create some of the hairstyles that are great to wear in spring. Let me know which one you like the best.

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