"Mini" Solutions With Top Secret Haircessory "Mini Savauges"

Diane, Linda and Patty are looking for a lighter haircessory to add more volume to their hair. Denise Russouw shows them the perfect Top Secret mini savauge to fit their lifestyles!

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Hi, I'm Denise Russo and this is Diane and she came in to me last week to get her hair color and you know it's been hot lately and she wants. You know another alternative, I'm here to see Denise to see what she can do with my thin. Fine hair, so I'm introducing her to our new mini sbatch. I think she's really gon na, like it so Diane. Here'S our first little mini Sauvage. It'S a really tiny piece, so it's gon na be very comfortable and it's gon na be lightweight and it's gon na be very cool. So this will stretch out your color a little bit more and you don't have to shampoo is often it'll cover the roots and it'll. Keep your hair fading too in the side, so we're gon na just pop this little mini savage on and this it's great for in-between, like I said, or when your hair's flat and they're you know call you out for lunch or whatever and then look at that. So you see how her hair went from flat to fabulous in just a matter of four snaps amazing. Thank you yeah. It really is cute. I think this will add some value to your lifestyle, and so now I'm going to show you the combination of the prone. The crown Pony and in the combo because you're always considered you're, always you know conscious about your hair being really fine up there, so we're gon na do a little combo, Pat, so I'm gon na show you the crown pony. Now this comes in 14 inches. I cut this one down as a sample just for women like you who have the shorter hair and want to go to an updo. So this is gon na go you're gon na place it about right at the top of your ear, and the younger girls can wear this by themselves and pulling their hair over and gives them that bump just for height or go take it back into a ponytail Right just so that high for us, older gals, I use the combination again with the mini, as you can see. We'Re gon na place that right in front, and you can actually clip it on to the very top of this, the crown Pony, and then you just pull your hair back and a simple little twist or rubber band. So this is a good on the golf course cut type of look. You want to just pull it back, it's a simple little do and look how natural that looks, and you still have that poof in the front where you need it and that cute flower, it's a well so and doesn't it feel comfortable. And you look younger and your husband doesn't have to wait for you, so that's one option now, I'm going to twist it up in a little up too. So just using a little clip like something like this is great. Are you gon na use some simple bobby pins, so you're just gon na take it as if you were gon na and you just twist it up like so in the back and there you have it in that cute. I think it's so magnificent and you can add you know you can do as much fancier clip if you like spreading it out, but it's just a really simple and anybody can do it. Even the hair challenge ones such as yourself, yeah yeah, so you think you can manage that. That is really adorable. Okay, there, you have it. So what do you think about that? Absolutely all right, I'm so happy! I love my new mini Civitan ponytail they're, easy to use easy to put on, and not even my friends or my husband know when I'm wearing them, but I can be ready to go in five minutes and they they they're comfortable and look great and my hair. Just looks phenomenal. Denise is a magician hi Amanda. How you doing great to me. I already had really great. Oh thank you. So what are we doing with you today um? I came in because I'm really happy with my hair piece that I got did, but I was wondering - and I heard about the mini mr. blogs - I think they Scottish yeah and I kind of would like to look at it. I'Ve had this for a couple of years and I'm there's nothing wrong with it, but would you mind showing me what this new one? What I do happen to have one right here: it's a little bit darker, it's a six g 4b and it's so lightweight, and you just clip it on a little bit of hair, it's suitable for most small. When you get any. It is many, but it really does you a trick. It just covers and gives you that little poof I mean I don't have to do anything to it. What do you think I like it? It looks amazing and it's a perfect match. I really feel for the swing dancing that I do that this new mini shahboz is going to be so much lighter for me and it's gon na be able to breathe better. You know I am more confident my hair is very flat and it's balding, and so it's not made me feel very good about myself, but not one person that my dance knows. I have it, they don't ever ask. Are you wearing a wig? No with swing dancing? You always take the chance, if you're wearing a wig, that someone may knock it off, but with the clip on I I don't ever worry. I I get out. I dance at fellas. I'Ve hit my head a couple of times, but nothing's changed. It stays right in place the wind blows. It falls right back in place, I'm just very, very thankful that I have it and I'm gon na love the mini, as I do my other top secret. So thank you nice. This has been a life-changing then, for me, hey Patti, how are you I'm great Denise? How are you doing? What could I do for you today? Well, I think I want to change it up. I love my blonde hair, but I heard that you have some gray pieces. Yes, and I do. I am yeah. That'S right. Okay, I've got a new piece too, so let's try a couple of different ones. Okay, I got a new mini sahaj and everybody yeah they're mini there was small, but everybody it seems to cover. You know a lot of your hair and that little split in the back and fill it in. So, let's show that one first, but I think I have the perfect gray. That'S gon na be great for you and it blends right into your existing hair. So this is the mini. I just want to show you right, quick, oh my is in that time, though. Dude, it's really cute, but a little piece like this really does the trick. Well, this is where I need it yeah exactly. I mean look at that, but it gives in that poof mm-hmm. Doesn'T it uh-huh so and it fills in for not little lighter. Look, the gray looks amazing on you, it's fashion-forward. Nowadays it is, you know, to wear a little bit more natural and the way you travel in stuff, it's kind of nice to mix it up. Oh great, you think gray is the new black yeah. Yes, it is yeah, I like it. I do it's really cute. You just needed a little trim here, but I think it's really really cute. So that's the mini Sivaji and r1b 50. I'Ve been a client of Denise's close to 11 years and it's been a godsend for me. I have very fine hair right up here and, as we all know, it's very aging, but I think I've gained 10 to 15 years to my better with the nice yeah. This is kind of funny. I was at a makeup counter the other day and they're all young, very young girls doing the makeup and the one said I love your hair and the other. Oh yes, look at that. It is so cute and it really made me feel nice. You know I'm in my early 70s and it just made me feel good. I have more confidence with my top secret and I've done very well in the business world and thank you top secret. Nobody knows just Denise and me

Reine de Romeo: Love watching how you help to change these women’s self confidence. It’s wonderful.

Britt Albach: 2 hair pieces, great idea ! Looks soo fabulous !!!

Kathy, aka Mimi: I really love your hair toppers and it's what I need but as I'm retired, they are out of my price range. I understand quality and I wish that I could afford them. The minis are absolutely awesome!!

Margie Schirmer: i really appreciate it when the blogs don't take forever!

Sally Niemzyk: As soon as I started to watch this video...I got extremely excited and thought how badly I need this! Until I found out the price...which I know it is human hair and the quality is probably something special. Unfortunately, for the average person out there. this is way over priced!

Senorita Blanca: It looks very natural and real

Miriam: Love it thank you for sharing.

ronnie taylor: Can us men wear these toooo? I'm so tired of being bald on top and the only good results for us are uber expensive. I don't mind wearing long hair, it's my style. I would love a couple of these Mini Savauges, my sister can help cut and blend with my natural hair.

Anna Sterling: How often do you need to replace these mini sauvages which is just what I'm looking for . Many thanks - UK potentially buyer.

Melodie D: Does wearing these clip in pieces break off your real hair? Are these pieces heavy? Wearing two clip ins appear -- to me -- to be a recipe for a headache and broken hair near the roots. But WOW these minis look good.

S G: These toppers start with $350-$700

D Hoosier: *QUESTION!! Please. I have extremely thinning/balding in the very front, where the forehead meets the hairline. I have no idea how I would be able to use a clip on to take care of the worst part of my hair. Those are fantastic looking for those women. However, I don't see anyone that has the extremely thin hair in the very front of the scalp. Can someone please give me some information on how this could be taken care of. Your products look absolutely fabulous. Thank you for your time.*

Organic culinary cuisine: Beautiful

deborah thompson: love this i never knew how to put the mini;s on now i thank i can do it right thank you.

Cecilia Gabba: I am interested in getting a consultation for a haircessory but I don't know how to set one up? Thank you.

Sandi Pinti: I made my own from the top of a wig

Shelley Smith MacKewn: In Canada...anywhere you'd recommend?! Website?! I'm so grateful I fell upon your videos...for my mother, myself and sister.

Namind Kaur: Is there a topper without Clips? Like a stretchable one?

Sandra Boullineau: How much is this mini one

Indie Sindie: That's right! "Grey is the New Black!"

Monica Cassar: Woah these ladies look amazing

Moony1234 Nabil: I love the first topper do you deliver to Egypt and is it a human hair

lisa rossi: What a shame that disreputable companies have used this video, condensed it and put music over the dialogue and then sell synthetic, cheap hair..

Lenny Sookram: Would like to get one of this

Hilaria Troncoso: Like Patty,I need one☺!

kathymalldredge: How can I match my bio hair to the mini savage. Do you have color samples

Dadya Russki: Beautiful

Rachel McWhirter: Do they offer these in a loose curl?

Lynda Siciliano: On Dianne, is that the 5 or 6 inch mini savauge?

Top Secret Haircessory: If you wish to contact us, you can visit our webstore www.topsecrethair.com, or call our office (844) 556-8111

MARIA CARMEN HERNANDO SURROCA: Hi, I have taken some pictures. I hope they serve to have an idea of what I need.

Jessie M: Will this work for a lady who has no hair in the very top?

JUDY CONKLE: where do I shop for your mini savauges

MARIA CARMEN HERNANDO SURROCA: How can I buy a hair topper? I live in Spain. Can they be purchased online?

Margaret May: How do I purchase a hair topper?

MUSHRATJHA SHAIKH: Indiya mumbai this product were is found

Carolyn Harper: They do now! (know about your top secret)

Ann Cochenour: What are you snapping it to ???

nifty nancy: What is the name of the small piece on the 2nd lady? It was the last one she had on.

nifty nancy: What kind of hair is this? Can I use a curling iron on it?

Wanda Pattillo: I am interested in those can you tell me where I can buy them and how much they are thank you

Elizabeth: where can I buy one?

محمد سعيد: كيف أستطيع الحصول على القطعه

Eva emery: How do I find her to help me I want the mini I just need it on the top is there a phone number or is there somewhere I can write to her

Beena Pant: I want to buy in silver grey colour .can u send me the price in indian currency. The first lady u applied

Shayesteh Abbasnezhad: very good i would like to have i need more information please

Barbara Miller: Where can I get more info for purchase

Key&Me2018: Do you have mini savauger for men .?

Manal Fawzy: How can I get it?

Deb S: The one your presenting a 5 or 8 in. Thanks

SandyD: I will like to purchase one.  Can you give me information please.

rita psaila: Where can i get more info pls

sharliz theron: Woww.. where can i bay one ??

Renee Westwood: csn /U sent s=a few clips of hair and have a savage made? wish you maden some form of red

TANIA JAIMES: 350 it’s to much !!

gloria barton: I need bangs

meg racks: $350. for a tiny wiglet??? Seriously? You are taking advantage of us women.

Hilaria Troncoso: How can I get one,?

Greenleavesofsummer: Too expensive

M.A. jensen: so expensive 650???

Johanne Gray: I m from Montreal where can I go for a purchase

Kathleen Williams: Where are you located at.

ana furner: We're can I get one

Xiomara Miro: Where I visit you?

Nadia: The last one looked ridiculous. & the phoney testimony was even more ridiculous.

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