An Honest Review Of Hope Wavy Mono Top Synthetic Hair Topper| Realistic Hairline

Shop this hair topper: In this video, @thefauxblond shows us her honest review and love for our Hope wavy synthetic hair topper. This topper features a lace front, monofilament top and a wefted back combination for the ultimate style and comfort.



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I'M just coming on to do a quick video on this gorgeous topper from uni, wigs called the hope. Wavy topper, this topper had uh comes with a lace front, so it's all lace in the front. It also has five clips in it. So those clips just clip right into your hair and you don't need much hair to clip it in either. The other thing i love about it is that, as you can see, it is not a perfect match at all to my natural hair, but once i put it on you'll see it blends great when i put it on, i line it up with my part, but You don't have to do that. I i just have a tendency to line it up with my own part, but, like i say you can put it on anywhere and then i just clip those it's really just simple to clip them into your own hair. Those ones have already clipped and voila. I have this beautiful wavy gorgeous head of hair and, as you can see, here's my bio hair underneath, but it doesn't look like it's what i showed you at the beginning. So at the beginning, you could see that there was like such a difference in the color, but once the toppers on it blends very well. What i love about this one is that it has the wave in it it's synthetic, so if it rains on it, it's still gon na continue to have this beautiful waviness and i love the realistic lace front. So here's a look at the lace front. I just cut the lace on it and it looks amazing. I'M really happy with the color um which i'll put in the description box, and i just think it was a great way for me to try my first wavy topper. I can put it over to the side. I can put it up in a ponytail. The hair feels so amazing. It'S like butter, it's so soft, and i like to remind myself that it doesn't matter what my age is: there's no age to stop wearing long hair. So i'm over 45, and sometimes i hear uh people in my friend group saying you know at this age. Our hair should be a certain length who came up with that rule. So i think it's whatever you feel good in and i happen to feel good in this length and that's what i'm going to wear.

LM: Wow, she is over 45?!? She looks like she's in her 20's and yes long hair is okay at any age as long as it looks healthy and polished. Uniwigs makes great toppers!

Margie Cross: You don’t look your age you’ll beautiful and I love your hair

Yolanta Sylvester: What is the name of the colour?

nafisa baksh: Good for you

Elvis Aron Presley by Rusty Martin: How much and are u in usa

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