Ellen Wille Ocean Wig Review | Flattering Mid Length Shag! | Champagne Rooted | Get The Details!

GET THE DETAILS on Ellen Wille Ocean wig review in the color Champagne Rooted. Flattering mid length shag cut! This wig was sent to me from @WigStudio1 - find the product links below. XOXO TAZ

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My WIG MEASUREMENT - 21.25” Circumference 6.5” from hairline to chin 3-4” from chin to collarbone 5’2.5” is my height and I have a medium frame


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Hey everybody welcome back to tonsils with closet at wig studio one today we're going to do an unboxing and review of Ellen Villa's ocean style in the color Champagne rooted coming up. This quick Stone was sent to me by wig studio one so that I could review and give you the details for it today we're going to check it out in Champagne rooted you can find it at wig studio. One drop below the video expand, the description box. You will find a direct product link. There should be labeled Ellen Villa's ocean. If you click on that link, it will take you out to the site where you can see all of the colors and pricing don't forget. Ellen Villa is always an automatic 30 off at checkout at wink Studio One and, if you're, having trouble finding the right wig. For you don't forget about the free consultation services at wig studio. One all you have to do is email support at wickstudio1.com and don't forget to visit us on our private Facebook group called the wick Studio, One wig and topper support group. So let's get started with the unboxing you're going to see it for the first time right along with me now I did have. I did have one of these years ago, um one of these Styles ocean by Ellen Villa, and it has been gosh a long time ago. So my memory isn't real fresh on this style, all right, so it comes comes inside out there and there was no net on this piece. Well, now that it's inside out, let's go ahead and explore this cap I'll assist the fit for you when I try it on so here is here's a little bit of a different cat by Ellen Villa I have seen these before, but there's a left monofilament side Part here now that side part is made from a monofilament lace, material that runs all the way out to the hairline, so there's absolutely no Fabric or seam right at the front. The combination of a little lace front and a monofilament part, and then you do have a velvet piece there. What I like, too, is that I see lots of fiber spliced in the front hairlines, which always gives a more natural look there as well. This one seems to be very finely knotted lots of wefting here, an extended filter, nape with velcro style adjusters. There seems to be quite a bit of stretch on this um just looking at it. It looks average to large to me so we're going to check that out. Okay, the fit this is really large on me. I don't remember this style being this large. Now I have a petite average circumference at 21 and a quarter inch I'm going to have to make a sizable adjustment on this piece in order for it to fit me securely now I want to give you caution that sizing is just one of those things that We can see some variants just because my piece fits me large doesn't mean that will fit large. It just means that on my particular circumference, it is a bit roomy too roomy. For me, okay, I took the tags off, but I want to show you the adjustment, so I'm going to bring this in as far as it can go by knitting up both ends of the velcro adjusters here like this. So that tells me that it's probably average size but is more suitable for average large than it would be for petite. Oh, my goodness, is it ever cute a mid-length shag style cut with some manageable Fringe at about 5.25 On The Fringe pieces and right around 14 inches overall, with these really flirty, flips and bends, the movement of these layers is amazing, isn't it so it's a really Fine dandier on this fiber and it feels soft and silky. This is not a heat friendly style. This is regular synthetic and it does have a lot of Bounce and body. It'S just an average density. I think the shape of it makes it look full, maybe a little more full permatease. This one doesn't have a lot of permatease. It'S just a very modest um amount of permatease and permatease is another item that we can always see a little bit of variance. But I think for this style it's not a big poofy style. We want to emphasize the flips and the bends rather than the big volume on top. So it's rather flat on top a little permatease aside from the monofilament a little bit in the back and some at the nape, but just a very little amount. So let's chat about this color just a moment. Champagne rooted. You can see some variants in this color. Among the different styles so on this particular piece, this one is more of a medium to dark, beige blonde, and then it has some honey mixed in which is more of a neutral color and then some Platinum. So I do feel like this is a really nice neutral blonde, there's not a whole lot of intense gold in this color at all. I think this would satisfy the warm blonde lovers, as well as more of the neutral to ash blonde lovers as well. It has a medium brown root. Okay, so when we're up here, let's take a look at this lace, so we saw this from the inside of the cap and it runs from about here to here. So a couple of things: uh, the knots - are very fine and you cannot see the seams where it cuts off there. So that's a really nice Plus. This will give you the ability to kind of style It Up and Away right there at the front which I like to. Do I like to build in the Contour all right and then that monofilament goes all the way back to the hind Crown. So it's a nice long, monofilament part that you should be able to see the illusion of scalp down through so right now, the way it is these these bangs just kind of want to move forward and spread out and around the eyes which is ideal. This is a really lightweight piece too, for its length and all of this body, it's about 3.6 ounces. It feels like just feathery. It just feels feathery light all the way around and, like I said it's not Heavy Across the shoulders or back, it doesn't feel like it's dragging, and I think that is because of those those flips back there. Shag styles are just one of those universally flattering Cuts. I think, okay, I can't wait to get into styling and show you what this one can do, but first, let's take a look at this color in outdoor light and I'll join you in styling. Thank you. So many of you depend on my assessment of how glasses fit with a style, and I knew these were going to be. This is going to be a winner for glasses wearers simply because it fits beautifully between the ear and the ear tab on this. You can go under the fiber around the ear. It'S secure. It'S not painful! That'S a good positive sign that this is going to work well with glasses. Everybody have a great day, we'll see you back here real soon at taz's Wing closet at wig studio, one foreign

Ikn0wn0w: The most realistic long wig I have seen in a long time. SO cute.

Kai Meijer Cluwen: Lovely wig and a gorgeous style Taz. I haven’t been wearing wig that long and I am still searching for my favourite one. Most of my wigs that I have so far came from your review. Love to wacht your review. Than you Taz❤️regarding from The Netherlands

pat stonecipher: Love it you do the most through reviews of anyone straight to the point

Mint: Hi Taz, she’s a beauty! I love shags. At least I love shags that aren’t dated. This style of shag never is out of date. ❤xxx Sharon

Deborah Luongo: Very pretty Taz waiting in the doctors office for my physical. Glad you put this video helped with the wait time

Patty Carosi: Very pretty style Taz. Lots of styling options on this one. Have a great week. ☀️

Lil: Taz, I know longer lengths tend to scrunch and knot after wearing. Are the newer wigs any different as far as how the fibers, especially at the nape and down the neck, lay? In other words, do they still tangle due to the friction? Btw, I love this wig style on you! And, I love shags!

Margaret Tassey: Thanks for the review. When you came out, the music started playing in my head: These boots were made for walking. I love a shag style and have been considering Ocean, but can see it would not work for me. Cute style though and looks great on you.

Jean Jacobs: Greetings Taz! She is just so pretty! You know I love shags and curls! Really she looks fabulous on you. Love and blessings ♥️

Clara: Super pretty cute style

gym princess: Cute!!...doesn't appear overly shiny

Michelle Diekman: Is Very pretty and flattering Have a Blessed Week Dear, tell the Babies Auntie says Hi!

Sheila Carter: Gorgeous

Janet LaPierre: Do they come with a lighter root? I’m originally an ash blonde and find that root to dark.

Guided By Angels (Liz Harrison): Ooo i love it

Francine Shea: Can you recommend similar style in grey petite:avg, light weight? I’m a beginner

DeeCee: Thats really cute.

Maria P.: Do you own any human hair wig? I'm more into those.

Suzi S: You are so pretty, a mop head would look good on you!

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