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Thank you look at my teeth, so this is the look that we're going to be doing today get into it look at the back, okay suit, so I am at Kai's salon and we're about to get the shirt did so, if you'd like to see how he Achieved this look, then stay tuned pick up yourself period period. So can we just get into this wig get into everything, also again to the fact that my hair is growing, I just washed it, so it just looks very like dry and weird, but that's okay. That'S literally how it stays and then like after two days, becomes all silky and smooth, I think yeah. It does work that way. Also, by the way this style is, is to do your touch if you've noticed him he's been in my videos for years and years being assistant to another hairdresser, now he's doing his own thing and he's doing amazing. So I had to come to him for this style because he was thinking Shan. We need to do this. We need to get this done so he's gon na show you step by step, how he actually installs his style. He has already um tinted this wig in the space of like a day and he plucked the edges and he bleached the knots he added a toner on this hair to get rid of any of the yellow. That'S on it. So I definitely say to get like a purple toner for your blonde wigs just to get that tone and that color to like sit really nicely with your skin or you're, just going to look like The Simpsons but yeah it wasn't that yellow when I got it Anyway, so yeah just apply the lace glue and it does this above like below my hairline. So it's not touching anything and it was so much easier to take off guys so much easier. So what he's doing now he's just going to lay the wig and then we're gon na come back and sort out the style properly. Thank you. Yes, can you see the edges? What lace so, first and foremost he's using mousse to get the star going so far? Is going to part out where he's going to be doing the mini bangs the two pieces on the side, so he just took out like a little small section, not too much hair, nothing too chunky just enough and then he's also going to be doing three sides. So the first bit would be the top bit and then he's gon na put the two sides afterwards with a parting in each bit. Just so that it kind of looks like you know something more complicated than what it actually is. So just pay close attention to exactly what he's doing guys. I am actually going to retry this hairstyle again with this wig and I think it'll work out because it actually came out quite simple. It actually is simpler than it actually looks. It'S just all about the skills guys and the mousse foreign. Thank you. Thank you. So once you've actually parted out everything, can you see like what he's trying to do and the definition he will go over that with some um concealer, just to make sure the line is properly set out, but first it's just using some rubber bands and he's just Making sure that the hair is together tight ready, then he's also focusing the parts pluck it make sure that it's more prominent he's put the concealer, also straightening the back of the hair um. I personally feel like I could have done even more straightening, but still it was great, I'm just being picky because he did such a good job. I'M trying to find something to say Kai. That'S like yeah, improve there somehow but you're doing so. Well so, yes, I was actually quite impressed. I sometimes just don't know, what's going to be happening, how I'm gon na look, I just trust the process. So, yes to the back of the hair, he's just twisting it round what he's doing twist it around and then you're just gon na put the rubber bands around it so simple to burn, and it made like a really cute pattern in the end. Yes, just put the rubber band around it really come on. Come on Kai. You got this come on. Kai, come on Kai, come on, come on cry! Yes, yes, nice, looking fun really cute, then you take the little squiggly bits a little, and then you just tease that at the top to give it something I don't know what, but it gives it something, and I was feeling it so. The next bits that we're gon na do is literally the sides, because what edges, though, says come on so the size we're gon na cut them straighten them up and literally the style is finito like easy right. Thank you, foreign. How are you doing? Look at my hair: this is giving everything it's meant to give. This wig is from yolisa hair. I love the color. I love the highlights Kai actually toned it just to get rid of some of the yellow. This looks amazing. Koi did a brilliant job. Thank you. Like guys, if you want to try out this look, I definitely try try out the style with this color, it's fire all the information for this all the information for you, this is hair, will be down in the description bar below. I hope you like this hair. Also, everything about this wiggle, also description bar and also guys details will also be down yeah. Please hit him up because sits DM him. Yes, thanks guys I'll see you in my next one. Thank you.

Chocostar 33: Okayyyy sis this colour was made for you! Wow ❤ please do a makeup tutorial x

Claudia Moss: Simplemente fabulosa!!! I love that color on you, Shan! And your makeup is fire! The eyes!

Marisol Quintero: Hermosa como siempre ❤❤❤❤

Mo n: The lace is melted!!!! Amazing

Yolissa Hair: Sooo pretty!!! Thank you so much for trying Yolissa Hair~❤❤

Susan Yorke: Looking good

Rizwanakhtar Momin: your beautiful face you are beautiful personality your hair long beautiful.

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