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Hey says: what's up welcome back to the channel if you're new here welcome, so today we're going to be doing a little bit of some kinky straight clipping and blendage or whatever so yeah. Let'S get right into it, hey girls! So we're going to be doing some kinky straight clip-ins today these are from the lux collection and i already blow dry my hair and right there. I was just showing you all the stuff that you're gon na need. At first i had the flat iron on 400 degrees. I quickly turned it down to 375, though this is the heat protectant that i'm using, and i just did three big braids in the back and then like the sections in the front that were not gon na. Be left out, i just kind of braided them to the back um. So it's a really quick and simple like braid pattern. This is not necessarily a tutorial. I just was kind of like oh well. I have to do my hair, so let me like record, you know um, so it's kind of like a get ready with me, hair edition, um, so yeah i had to trim my ends. That'S why i like braided it off like that, because i needed to trim my ends in the back, so i straightened it anyways. So this is the leave out and then a hair that's pulled back. Is the hair that's going to be braided toward the back to just you know, blend in with the three big braids? That'S already back there, so i'm straightening my hair on 375 and i'm really doing only like one pass um and i don't really put heat on my hair. A lot like i just started blow drying my hair and i don't even really do it all day. I probably blow dry my hair twice um this year, um, but so yeah, i'm just doing one pass um and moving on, like i said, on 375 okay, but for real for real i'ma. Just let y'all watch the rest because, like i said this, ain't really a tutorial for real this, just like me getting ready doing my hair with you, okay, so let's go something new! Look at my hair! Already uh me ride on it, don't get tired on it! Oh, we handsome ride on it, don't get tired on it. Oh, we handsome roll that up roll that up roll that up and now everybody walking by thinks i'm ghetto i'll be back okay. So this is the final product now listen to me, my hair is not heat trained, so it's already like super frizzy and i'm in a bathroom me and my husband just took showers. So the humidity is still in the air, and my hair has now um poofed up, but we're gon na make it the way. To do i mean even still, with my hair like getting all frizzy and stuff like the blend, is still there period, so i've been trying to multitask so um, you know, hopefully the video wasn't too choppy, but the link for these clippings will be in the description Box, these are from the lux collection, as i showed you um, but the link for them will be in the description box. Uh give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it drop that in the comments - and let me know what you thought of the video and of the style uh subscribe. If you're not subscribed, i know i'm rushing um and enjoy the rest of your week. Your weekend, whatever it may be, peace and blessings

Stephanie Renee’: So perfectly blended! Well done!

Candice Sanders: Once again.. You slayed this look

Nik P: They blend perfectly with ur hair

Jenni Loren: I love this I did a similar video like this

Kingdom Beauty: Love it!!!

LifeOfLexx: Hi , I’m new here loving the channel so far

Shanece Legette: Love this video and your hair! Which lashes did you have on?

Harrah Moet: Ok i have the same exact dryer and flat iron and I be wearing the kinky straight clips too !!!

LaDonna's Boutique: I have been rocking clip ins lately too

Tina 💋: Gorgeous girl ❤

Dee Luther: Love this Video Stunning thumbnail tho Your Drop Dead Beautiful Makeup on Point EnJoy your night Too Happy Amazing Weekend ahead Stay Bless n Be safe always

Lorietta Sullivan: Yass getting me some so pretty I love kinky hair. Pretty sis

BlackQueenC: Love the install and what song did you use ?

WatchingYoutube11: That rapping part

BellePetite: Your vibe ❤️❤️

Royally Belle: They oook so good!

Ayesha Lewis: Are these clip ins human hair?

Justine Mason: Ok new video yass

Milana Campbell: Sold out of clip ins. Got more? Different colors?

Cheekygirl: Sold out

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