2 1/2 Month Review On Shein $85 Human Hair Closure Wig!

I wore this wig everyday for almost 3 months, and this is a review on quality, revitalize an old wigs, and tutorial on how I do everything!

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Okay, so you guys seen the hair when i first got it done the density of it, and this is the density after about a month or so it's a little thinner. But it's not that much different from when i first got it done the only time it really shed is when i'm adjusting it or manipulating it in some kind of way. But besides that, when i'm just wearing it throughout the day, it doesn't really shed. I also want to add some hair on the bean because i feel, like the beans were really thin. I'M not sure if i want to just go ahead and cut the kind of dry ends off of it. Before i add, the bundle in this bundle is a 20 inch and this is supposed to be an 18 inch, but i don't i don't. I can't see, there's been an 18 inch honestly. This looks like about a 12, maybe like a 12 inch, which is why i also have a 14 inch bundle or 12 inch bundle, because i'm not sure if i'm gon na add the 20 inch to make it longer. Maybe maybe a little bit longer or just just probably be in the back, so this much longer or if i want to just make it thicker but keep the same length and just add the 12 inch. I'M not sure i'm gon na decide when i start um sewing, i mean sewing the tracks in, but you guys can see the before look at it. I might have to cut the dry ends off and then just you know, put the neat hair in i'll see once i start flat out in it. I'Ll really be able to see. So i'm just gon na go sew the hair in i'm gon na wash it all up, make it uniform and then i'm going to go ahead and cut it, and i'm going to take you guys along for the journey so yeah, let's go! Okay, y'all see this thinness right now have a good look at this hair, because the next time you see it, it's gon na, be revitalized transformed and i'm gon na be swinging swinging swinging. So look at it good because it's the last time you're gon na see this wig. Looking like this, i'm also gon na add some pieces in my veins, because yeah y'all see why so yeah, let's get started okay, so i just finished putting all of the extensions in a wig. I started off putting the 14 inches in the back, but then i was running into the same problem, which is it being thick in the root and then getting thin on the ends. So i went back, took the 14 out and replaced it with 16 inches, and i put two in the back three in the middle and then two at the very top and then on the very row right before the closure. I just went ahead and put the 14 inch just because i'm gon na cut it anyway and plus. I ran out the 20 inch on the back. So this is how it looks. After all of the hair has been added. It looks so much longer, but i'm still kind of running into the same problem just because it was 18 inches. Well, it's supposed to be 18 inches, but it was more like a 12 inch honestly because it was the same length as that 12 inch. Maybe a little bit longer so technically, this will be like a 12 14 inch and then a 20 inch on the bottom. So what i'm gon na do is just cut the ends not a whole lot, because i do like the length, but my main problem was having it thick at the top and then getting thin on the end. So by me having a 20 inch on it. It'S kind of doing the same thing, although it looks better, is giving me the same problem and i feel like it's going to show when i curl it, so i'm still going to cut it just a little bit. I also want to cut it to fit my face a little bit more, so i'm going to cut some kind of slight beans in the front and then just cut the ends bluntly so that they can get thicker. So i'm gon na do that right now. So, just for the banes, where the first thing i'm gon na do is straighten out this part, because one thing i noticed that it wasn't in the middle and so the little combs on the side was uneven and that was extremely annoying. So i'm gon na go ahead and wet it first and then straighten the part out so whoa operation wet everything around me up. Well, i like to wet the hair when i'm doing it just because i feel like it's easier to straighten the part out, especially since i don't have any moose so got ta make do with what i have. So what sweat it up wet it up, wet it up. I'M definitely gon na wash this hair because it is stiff as hell. Okay, finally got it in the middle. This hair needs to be washed so badly because right now, i cannot do anything to this wig without it being washed. First, as a matter of fact, i'm just kidding, i forgot, i said i was gon na cut it first. That way, when i wash it it'll lay right in place, take two little pieces. This piece right here then a piece on this side put them together and that way i angle it cut the way i want it there we go all right now, i'm just going to bluntly cut it on the bottom. I think i want to cut it. I don't know yet we'll see in a second, because i don't want to overthink this so push all the hair in the front and brush it first. I just love the length of this. I hate to cut it, but i know if i don't cut it, it's going to be so thin that i'm still gon na feel the same way i felt about it. So i'll just cut a little bit. Maybe like that much that's a lot. You know probably about this much so i'll cut two inches off then i'll do the same thing for this side. I just hate to see these inches go, make sure it's even. Why do this side seem shorter? Okay, i'm just gon na wing it about two inches um about right. Here, cut the thinness off of it and let's check it out, see how differently. Oh, i instantly felt the difference on the ends got so much fuller, oh my gosh. That feels so much better. It'S still kind of long it's longer than it was before, and, of course, this hair is such a better texture of the sheen hair, not that the sheen hair is all that bad, but this is obviously high quality version here you see, you can just see the Bounce in this hair compared to the she in here, obviously the sheen did need to be washed too, so we're gon na be a little non-biased for now. I wish i had more of it, so i can add something up in here some more, but then that's the closure too. So i don't really want to add anything into the closure, but maybe i'll cut some more on the ends too just a little bit to make it more blunt, so it can get thicker, i'm trying to cut like a layer in this area right here. I love the bottom thickness, i don't mind the thinness at the top, but right here i just want something like a little layer cut. Okay, this is how it's looking so far. It looks so much thicker, but i'm gon na go wash it because it's still a little stiff, it is stiff as y'all. The only thing that's not stiff is the ends the new hair just put in, but i'm gon na go wash it up really fast condition. It blow dry it and then flat on it and i'll come back on camera for the curling process and just to show you guys how it looks, straighten and i'll be back when i'm done okay. So this is how the hair looks when it's completely washed blow-dried. I actually air-dried it and then i just blow-dried it at the last minute and then i went ahead and straightened it completely. It looks so good y'all see the bounce, the difference in the bounce now the before and after this is what i'm talking about now. This is bounce, it looks so good. I also went ahead and trimmed the sheet in here a little bit just because the ends was it was dry, and so i made it blend better with the the other bundle, and i love the lint too. It just looks so good feels amazing that she in here did pretty good. I thought it was going to shade a lot more because it was so cheap, but it really didn't do that bad. It only shed when i was manipulating it in any kind of way. If i was harshly combing it if i was flat ironing it and a lot, but besides that it did pretty good and i definitely feel like i'm going to get a lot of wear out of this hair, especially with the additional bundle added. I feel like i'm going to at least get a couple months out of it, but i'm definitely going to keep you guys updated, so just make sure that you are subscribed so that you don't miss any of those future videos and yeah. Now i'm going to curl the hair and i'll come back and show you guys how i look or do you guys want to see? Do you guys want to see me curl it yeah all right cool, i'm gon na curl it on camera. So basically, i'm just going to section it off. I like to curl with the wine curl, because it's so much quicker, but then the flat iron curls are prettier. So we'll see i'm just gon na section it off pull this up in the air, not too tight, because i don't want to put a crease in it and then just take a clamp and clamp it on top and yeah i like to flat on it. First, just so, it can get hot that way when i use the wine it curls right away, instead of me having to hold it on there for an extended period of time. Yeah just do this comment down below if you actually use the glove that this comes with. I don't know why i always lose it, but i don't think i've ever used the glove that comes with this, which it makes sense to use it because my hand is definitely burning right now, but i just never can find it when i'm ready to curl. So comment: if you ever use it, let that curl sit up in here. Oh my hands burning, i just let it let it do this just so that it can uh curl and i won't have to go over it and then, when it cools i'll, just drop it that's curl number one. Then i take the other side. So i curl one on this side and then the back the next curl i curl it hold on. Let me pull this up. This is in the way, then this side, i curl it. I curl both of them going back, so these these curls will be going. This way, and then this curls will be going this way. That way when i pull it down, it'll be all uniformed light on it, one good time and then go in with the curling run, still curling one. How many seconds do y'all normally hold it on there? I usually do until it starts to burn my hand, because if it's burning my hand, that means it's burning the hair, and that means it's getting curled and there we go hair, just curls, so much better. When it's washed, let me get closer because i really can't see there, we go sorry did this side and voila there we go successfully curled it, and this top i'm just gon na spray, some heat protectant on it. If i can find it, oh no heat protecting. So i guess this water just gon na - have to do i just spray a little water on it on my hand, rub it together and then just get all the flyaways at the top out. I don't like to curl the top just because i like it to be flat, i feel, like it looks more natural and yeah. This is pretty much what i do. This is the final look. Do y'all see the difference from what i curled it? The very first time, compared to now so much more luscious and just full love it. It even curls better. Just because um i got rid of those real raggedy ends on the sheen wig and then i just went ahead and add some more hair with this, and so it looks better. I can definitely wear this wig for another couple months like i have no doubt and do y'all see the bounce do y'all see the before and after in this in this wig looks so much better. Even the banes look better and more just more full, but yeah here it go. It'S not shading either like. If i run my fingers through it, i get no hair, so i definitely feel like this. Wig is going to be here to stay for a while. Now and yeah this is pretty much my one month. I think i've had this week for like a month and a half now so this is my one month review on my sheen wig a little bit over a month, probably going on two months honestly, because i got this in february yeah, like two months, i've been Wearing this for two months now, and with one bundle, it literally looks like a brand new wig. It looks better than when i bought it the first time and freshly washed with the bounce in it yeah this wig. Is it - and i didn't even uh, glue it down today, just because i want to make another video, so i don't want to glue it down and have it stuck on my head, but i feel like it looks so good. Let me know in the comments how you guys feel about it, how you guys feel about it, and i didn't even sew this wig on my head and it looks this good. So let me know what you guys think so. Y'All see the before and now y'all see the after, so full, so luscious nothing beats freshly washed, curled hair, so yeah. This is the video. Thank you guys so much for watching. Please remember to like, if you enjoyed it and until next time, i will see you guys later.

Always b Cherry: I love the end result. You revamped it well adding those extensions. Wow!

Twon Baker: That background is ! I appreciate it more after watching the DIY video of you doing it

Lois Martin: It looks better than before,great job !

Always b Cherry: Here watching . Good that you did a follow up review on the unit. I still need to purchase something from Shein

Jasmine Melrose: The transformation is crazy !!

Concrete Nurtured Rose: Great review! Thanks for posting!

MUFASA!! 🦁: Sorry, but this wig is not it!!! Great vid ig

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