I Brought A Human Hair Wig From Shein (Honest Opinion) Must Watch

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Hair details


Wig Type: 4X4 Closure

Color: Burgundy

Density :150%

Price $146 (I paid $133.84)

Website: Shein


Okay, sis, if you clicked on this video, you probably want this long explanation on why you should get this wig. Do you see me, though? Okay 26 inches? It is a closure um. When i was installing it, i did kind of put a. I had a little bit more to the side, but what happened is i went out? I fell asleep, i unwrapped my wig and then so i decided to re-put it back on and when i already put it back on, i just decided to put it a little bit slightly to the right this time. Um curls still look amazing um. I literally just put mousse on her honestly, and i just use like my wax stick like right here, a little bit concealer and she is good to go honey um. I did try to bleach the knots, but i don't know like. I don't trust me yet like sometimes i could be uh my knives look good and then other times it's like forget it. You know, but one thing that i will say is this costs 133 dollars i'll be wearing her to work. Honey. I'Ve been loving the feedback i'll begin off. This wig like when i walk places people be like who is she i'll be like okay, um? I think originally, the wig is like 150 or whatever. The case is like yeah, so i did use a coupon. This is the sheen wig. This ain't, no make-believe. I was wondering if it was make-believe because, obviously like a lot of girls would be buying wigs off machine and when i would be seeing it i'll be like i don't know yet like i'm like. I don't know. If i should purchase it, but this is definitely like a win-win. It says, like you, if you clicked on this video thinking that i was going yeah, i'm saying trying to finesse you into getting here: no honey. No, you just feel it for what it is. Okay, if you're trying to look good in summer, this is the wig, for you be sure to like comment and subscribe. Oh to get to my house, it took like a week like sometimes i don't be knowing if it's me or i'll, be knowing. If it's the company - but i didn't have to wait that long honestly, it took like about a week like five days or whatever, and i didn't really come with nothing like super special, just like the little sheen plastic bag, the reusable bags, that's what it came in The hair did not smell funny, but you know i still had to wash it because that's how my mama raised me. I wash everything i wash my fruit. I wash my meat. I said i'll wash my meat for you late nasties out there and i wash my hair okay. No, i'm just fine so be sure to comment like and subscribe and comment what color. You think. I should get names because they've been calling me sending me a child. That'D be like, oh here comes cinnamon after i first initially installed it. I really ain't like i knew i looked that good, but i was like i know when i reinstall it i'm gon na slay it like so i literally, like i said i had when i one day i sweated it off y'all i had put the headlight glued. I sweated it off whatever, and then i decided to re-put this joker back on and give it a go, but this time i have more time. The last time i was i was going to press for tom. It was my best friend birthday party, and i was just i was trying to look good, but all right, yeah, okay, so go get the wig, i'm gon na put the link below and you gon na, like

tatyyy: What products did you use on the curls

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