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What do you edit with? The most current iMovie on my Mac.

What do you film with? A Sony NEX3

Where do you live? New York.

How old are you? I am 17, and a senior in high school.

What is your ethnicity? I am Panamanian and black. Nope, I don't speak Spanish lol

This hair was sent to me free for review purposes, as well as the NuMe set. Thank you.

Hey everybody welcome back to my channel, I'm sorry McQueen and today's video is gon na, be a rundown all about this here that I had, and a lot of you, ladies, have been asking me about how about cheese. The color didn't come like this, so I bleach it that I dye it this way to hear from, and you know of course I had to make the ladies anything yo. So this here is courtesy of Beauty, fire hands they're tender on Aliexpress. I have in three bundles on 22 inches Peruvian body weight and I have a 20 inch free parting closure, so I have the closure installed at the middle part. I went ahead with my own mental part. I laid it down watching some YouTube videos and I learned how to have your free particle, oh sure, lady, and at first I thought that may be free partner closures. Don'T lay a splat, but with every closure you have to do some kind of tweaking to get it to you like it's getting to your preference and to get it later girl and that's what I had to do so. I'M really liking this free part in closure. But then I think that at first I didn't think they laid and splat as much. I already come with the part, but I have learned - and I witnessed that when it's a free part in closure, it looks a little bit more natural expression, especially when you made them like this. It looks more of sculpt, so yeah um, let's get to the pros about this hair, my pros about this hair that is like barely any tangling. That'S definitely not an issue at all. Shedding is also very minimal as well. It does shed. I did not um. I did not show my webs and I mean I never do and I feel like what bleach, maybe that kind of affected the shedding tool, but it does not shed a lot I get studying here and there, but it's nothing too major, nothing that are good, um Ceiling or wet you know can't solve so I definitely would recommend that um. Yes, it holds a very nice curl. I love how the hair curls. I did use the wand as a mine only want from the curl Jam set to put in some curls a different day, and they do last all day did take the bleach. Well thought it was a bleach it and it's not too brassy or anything like that. I did like the color that I achieved at first. I did not this kind of color. I wanted more of a blonde, but I'm really feeling this brown. Yes, it's a good, curl and Flatirons really well. This is not the natural state of the hair, but when you wash the hair cuz that nice, like you, know, messy carefree, wavy look and then I ran my new me flat iron through it a couple of times not like a perfect flat iron. But I did um run it through, and this is what I got so yeah. I really do like that straightened easily, and it also holds a curl so like the best of both worlds - and I really do like the natural luster of the hair - it's not too shiny, and it's not too dull. It'S perfect natural and really gives you that nice sleek look so ya, didn't put any parts in this hair at all. So I did not do much at all. To achieve this color I use some 45:39 developer and the B or the DW packet of the powder bleach, I put a whole bunch of both into a bowl mix it up and I applied it on all the bundles and I left it for about 40 minutes. Yes, forty minutes got me this color, it's not bleached blond, but you know I do like it. I left it on each bundle for 40 minutes each. So yes, I just let it stay after 40 minutes. I washed it out, and this is the color that I had it wasn't really much. A lot of people have been asking me that I use like some kind of toner after and I deny it all - I did was use some random um shampoo. That was laying around my house and conditioner, and I thought washed out the bleach. I went had a shampoo conditioner humming up letting it dry and that's how I got this so yeah really like that about the hair they give you. You know that orangey look so yeah you guys, that's basically it about this hair, how cheap the color, my closure and the information regarding the color, the bleach, which is a typical bleach that I use to bleach. My not I used to bleach the hair, so yeah not simply cheesy as well. So all the information regarding this hair, the products that I use on a like, my flower and the my wand, will be like all down below and also they'll, be information about. My shirt that I have on this shirt is courtesy of Cheyenne calm. You guys know. I love that website, so pharma-quick, cute and affordable, you know pieces and this top is from there so make sure you go check down below click the link and go check. It out see you

GlamBCosmeticsBeauty: Yes I ordered some hair from them and I loved it !

Chrissy Cousin: Yea this hair color is def you!

Nia Rose: When you ordered your hair did you get it shipped from China or the US?

catmo59: Nice neutral brown. I wonder if it will get any ligher since you left it on 40 minutes. I might give them a try. Also, wish your camera angle was a further back so that we could see the 20 inches and the shirt

TheGlamCho: Love the hair! I'm almost positive you don't remember me (and this is guna sound super lame ) but you used to play habbo with me and gabriella like yearssss ago. I stumbled upon your vids and had to subscribe

Sasha LabellaSoul: that hair color is perfect on u ... u shld bleach your curly hair that I Love on you and u wear so well this same color omg it will b so bomb!

Tyla Ford: How did you get your closure to be so flat? Is this your first time getting a closure? If so do you like it and would you get it again?

BeautyWithAshlie: More videos pls !!!

Sheila Mcmorris: Can you give a tutorial on how you bleached your closure?

Ciara S: Very nice ❤️

Taniya Spratley: Do it last long

Taylor Maree: Would you still recommend this hair til this day ?

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