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I'M ready to film, I think, we're ready. Okay, hi guys, I just finished filming another video, but I'm editing the one, obviously the one you're watching. I let this clip end because, honestly, I just feel like a lot of the time. When people do videos, they only show like the good side, obviously like you just show whatever you want to, but I want to be more honest with you guys. Sometimes I'm filming becomes a lot of pressure. You want it to be. Like super good, you want the lighting the video to come out exactly you want it to so. I feel like leaving this part in to show you guys that it's not always all rainbows and happiness and smiles um. I get very anxious sometimes - and I've recorded many many videos in the past. I just never post because of my anxiety beforehand, but yeah. I just wanted to let you guys know here's my dog disgusting reason. I wanted to record right now. It'S a Thai guys that I am NOT leaving this clip in for any sympathy. He is really going insane on this pillow, I'm not leaving this clip in for any sympathy. I don't want anyone to be like, oh my god like I'm. So sorry. I just know a lot of people really in debt. I want to be as honest as I can. I go here to show you guys that everybody has bad days and mine was actually this way, but I still want to get this video out to you guys and show you guys different Clippers. Does it actually have right now so yeah, like I said, I'm only leaving these clips in in case, you guys see me act a little bit different or anxious throughout the video. This wasn't the best day for me, but I don't want ever record this because I feel like a wide rerecord it and like put up a front and put on and put up an actor when I could just show you guys reality so yeah. I hope you guys enjoy this video. Let me check this water. I feel so anxious I'm about to check this water bottle. Hopefully my anxiety comes down because I ain't want to film. That'S better, for you guys, probably leave this part in the video show you guys that I have my days. Okay and today it it's not really my name. Well, nothing! Bad! Has I've been my anxiety, that's just bad, but I think it was. I had caffeine and caffeine. Never does me good, but besides the point irrelevant hi guys welcome back to my channel if you're new, I'm Ari, I hope you're having a lovely day night whenever you're watching this today, I'm doing another hair sub video another. I haven't done a hair cell video since I started my youtube channel. I don't know if I still have that on public, I had one hair style, video and I think that's not only video I've ever done. I'M super excited because recently I've been obsessed with Pinterest. Obviously, being home all day long, all I do is just squirrel to Pinterest find a new outfit inspiration, hair inspiration, makeup, literally everything and every outfit that I see. People always have like these clock. Flip hairstyles butterfly clips, and I grew up watching my grandma and my mom - have these little cloud clips like every single day. This is all they would wear so yeah. This is a very like 90s hairstyle type of thing, but I really really like it. I feel like it just looks so effortless if you can't tell I'm like really like, I got like really anxious. I think it's like caffeine. I had some sorry friend weeds a little bit all over the place. It'S just it's just life baby I'll show you guys how to do this one, but the clips I got are from Target and CBS, but I will link some that I actually ordered recently because becoming obsessed, especially for the summer and where I live. It'S 120 degrees on a daily, so I am gon na be doing this. Hairstyle every single day is just so effortless so model off-duty and I'm obsessed with it. Variability she's been doing this a lot. So I got these. I have this one. These are the best. If you want Ventris make sure to get a big one, because I got these that fresh from Target they just weren't big enough but yeah. I have a lot of different ones and I ordered it more that I'll link some below but yeah. Let'S get started because I have cute little hair, so the first one I'm gon na show you guys is the one I have on my head right now. This is like the most classic. They'Re all really really easy. The first thing you need only thing you need: it is a big claw clip you could get as you can see how these are like medium sized. So I have a hairbrush and I'm just gon na put it all down. I'M gon na brush through it make sure it's really smooth. I'M gon na turn to the side, so it gets kind of see better. Hopefully, oh by the way I am going to top, you could like barely see it, but you're just gon na go like this. I hope you guys can see because I'm gon na turn it completely around. I'M not gon na be able to check, but you just like this and then you twist twist French twist this and I just twist it as fine as I can so. Let me show you guys a better look like this. Hopefully you can see, and I just clip it and then sometimes I don't like these hair, showing sometimes I do not asleep just depends on what I'm wearing for some reason, if I'm wearing a bust ad top like this one, I actually like my hair's a lot Of pictures to cut like that, and then I obviously get the two pieces of my hair, I mean I've been doing. This is like my keys. It'S my favorite thing ever just frames the face so yeah. This is the first one super super like classic, and you could make it as messy as you want. I like them and prefer them more messy, and I think it's so cute like some little hairs to leave some hairs. Oh and this that's the first one I feel, like it kind of looks like a mini Ponyta type of vibe, but I'm gon na show you guys how it looks. I'Ve already got the whole hair, so I twist it like this and I make like a little bun right here. Let you see that it's like a circle and then I go like this and then I actually bring the hair back down with me. I think I like that and that's how you do a more, not so messy type of look yeah. This is my hairstyle that I feel like Bella. Hadid does more rather than the Messier on cuz Bella Hadid always sounds like the slicked back hair. If you know what I mean - and it's just always a way more neat and I've been doing this - a lot for swimming I haven't - took actually an Instagram pictures in it. Although I've been doing it a lot, I like it, I'm not naked, but yeah. I'M really obsessed with this hairstyle. I think it is so cute and I'm gon na stop. Thank you. Okay! Next one gon na take this off. This is probably like one of my favorites. Besides the first one there's so many hair size, you could do you could literally make up your own at these claw clips. That'S why I love them they're, just so fun to play around with I'm gon na use the medium size one for this one. So I'm basically gon na get my hair. This hairstyle looks best if my hair is like actually curled, but I didn't feel like curling it. I'M gon na do the half club now, so I'm basically gon na start with the middle part. My favorite I used to have a side part can't believe I had a side part. I literally like back on pictures. I'M like. Why did my mom? Let me do that, but anyways um you're, just gon na grab two pieces of hair. I'M trying to grab the same amount on the other side and I'm gon na twist this back and then I'm gon na twist it in the back like so and then clip it with this now, you're probably like why it like this is the most basic first. However, I know claw clips are literally just like to look like effortless riously everywhere, so it's gon na look really really basic and easy, but that's just a part of it. So this is what they look like in the back with this hairstyle. It'S just a cute. Little twist, you can obviously make it more messy or more sleek anything you want. I just think it's so adorable and yeah. I love this one. She don't probably start picking two hairs like everything, but obviously the front isn't the main attraction. It'S the back. A little clip in the back I'm coming in my mom's room did I say that I went in and you set up okay for the next one, I'm gon na start by pulling out my bangs before, because this one's gon na be more like a lake back. Like I'm, not gon na show the middle part, although it's not gon na, be like I'm, not gon na put gel or hairspray or anything. I just like it more to be sleek back. So what's this and then I'm gon na start twisting it like just a regular bun but like try to make like a pretty fun kind of, and then I'm gon na leave the ends of it out, like so getting the medium sized clip and that little hair. I'M so cute, so this one's more like above this is in front party in the back. If you know what I mean, because it's so messy in the back, I think it's really cute. That'S the third line. Okay, next one is gon na, be probably the most unflattering one on me. This looks so good on other people, but I just well my hair looks insane. I just don't look good in it, like other people do, but I cannot get myself to get used to this hair Sami. I think it is stunning, so this one you're actually gon na sleek, your hair, all the way down like so - and this is basically gon na - be a low bun, but with a butterfly clip claw clip, obviously I say butterfly clip but like butterfly clips, I guess, Would be so the actual butterfly clips, but I said butterfly clips to get some Spanish to call my boss ass, so yeah, that's just my gorillas concepts. So I comment by cyclists. I'M sorry! If it bothers you anyways, I'm gon na start off with putting my hair down like this and make it as sleek as possible. I'M actually gon na add water to it, because I don't once I just run it. I keep putting hairs from my hair because then it's frizzy, hair, okay, so I added water to it and I fixed my middle part. We might not realize our master, but was something very sink for the last her sauce or whatever. I usually use a teaser brush. Like those really really tiny ones that are skinny, but I'm using a blow dry brush that my mom has any room, because I think we lost our taste a rush. But basically I just put a little bit of water and I try to Pat it down as much as I can, and now I'm gon na do the bed. So it's kind of like a bun, it's kind of like the first look, but it's no hair in the front which is like how am I not gon na pull out hairs? I don't know, but I always see people Pinterest her and they look really cute. But I just don't think I have the head shape for I'm gon na grab the brush. You can see. I haven't checked if it's a good setup. Oh okay, do it tighter than me because now I have to redo it and then I'm gon na twist it and kind of let this little French twist like so I'm gon na grab a huge cling and just clip it all together. Like so I mean it's kind of a look but like you have to seem in person to be able to tell that this looks cute, because if you look in the camera, I just look like an egghead, but, like I'm personal, looks keep. It looks very like, like very my daddy's rich yeah. I think it's cute. I think it's a really really cute, but in camera it just doesn't look that flattering because all you could see is my head, like in person. When you see this side of you and everything that looks wait, there, hopefully could kind of show you, because okay, the next hair, so it's gon na, be another kind of half of something. But this is gon na be a mini bun. If you get what i mean through this, this bulge area should push it back to erase the middle part. I'M gon na do a bun, a half a bun. I think this one is so so cute. It'S definitely not everyone's style. I think it's really cute, like it's really just like this, like really effortless, but it's cute, you know like if you don't want all your hair down, because it's hot and I also love it because it leaves like little bumps right here. Okay, and on that note, I think this video is done with, I honestly lost track of how many hairstyles I did I'm good about all the men, because some of them are just like, like they're just so easy, and I feel like I'm gon na get hate From people they're gon na be like they're the same thing were there this so similar, but it's really just different variations, so yeah I go pull all of them, but hopefully nobody leaves hate comments. Cuz. I know they're all super similar, like the French twist. The first two lines are super similar, but it's just different variations and if you don't know really how to do it, how do you get the look of it but yeah? I really hope you guys enjoyed this video if you're new make sure to subscribe. If you guys want me to do a part two with more hair size, you can do it claw clips, but if I clips whatever you call them them, let me know, because I really love the look of them and they're gon na be very, very trendy. This summer, so yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure to give it a big thumbs up, and I hope to see my next video bye, subscribe, apollo minutes, yawns mm what

mayamac: super cute <3 and I totally get the anxiety situation

zoenna mz: I've been wanting close clips for a while and I got them and I love the hairstyles you do! Will def be using them!!

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Lailah -: the complete slicked back one is sooooo cute especially on camera!!!!

willy wonka: You're so pretty omg! I bought a claw clip today and I've been trying a lot of hairstyles. My hair is curly so the final result isn't the same as yours haha but it's really fun either way

Gopinath Jayaram: Can you please do some more hairstyle videos cause you're so good at it

Lita Sixx: Great video, so obsessed with jaw clips RN

Nyah May: omg you’re so cuteeee!!! thanks for the inspiration, i had no idea how to use my clip before

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Princess Kay: BEAUTIFUL BABY !!

mika: Omg love the upload at 11:30 luv u Arianna Edit: OMG I JUST REALIZED THIS !!! YOU ARE AT 18K SUBS!!! last time it was 2 weeks ago and u were at 17k! Please remember me when you get famous ily! ❤️❤️❤️

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