Huge Shein Haul! Accessories + Hair Bundles + Clothing


In todays video we will be unboxing a huge package from shein. THIS IS NOT SPONSORED! Ya girl paid with her own coins. I have a shopping problem…we not going to talk about that though.


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Foreign, I feel like every other month or once a month at least I'll, be like scrolling on shame just looking at seeing what the new stuff that they have - and I don't know somehow, like my cart, ended up for when I end up paying for it. So yeah, I'm really gon na talk about it, as y'all can see like stop playing me like this. Video just want to see a girl because she finally unbox this package, y'all, I'm so excited so excited - is for the sheen y'all stop playing y'all. I got this um, this new box cutter from Amazon. It'S cute. It got like a little paw print on it, and you just go like this. You, like this ain't starting too loud. You hear that you see that, like so we're gon na just start from the top to the bottom. The first thing I see this phone case y'all. If you don't know, I did get a new phone, but this is like a pink, clear y'all. This is cute and I got like a um, a card holder uh, what you call this a card holder, so you can stick your cards inside so I think that's convenient like wait in this paint like that's cute, but the next thing I think I know what This is y'all hold on hold on hold on hold on all right y'all. So this is the um. I don't know what you call these, but I saw this and I thought it was so cool. So it's pink, of course, because your girl, she loves some paint because I stopped playing, we got. How do you open this um? It'S this little roller thing like say: if you get a package y'all and like usually like, if you smart, you would scratch out your address and all that stuff I ain't gon na lie I'll, be lazy. Like I get a lot of packages, so I thought this was convenient, so let me test this out hold on when you see these numbers like this barcode and stuff, like all you got ta do. Is this and it's gone like you see that hold on? I don't think y'all saw that, like you can't even see it no more hold on you see these words this in a different language, y'all below Harry, like stop playing. I need this for real. I can't wait till I had this because you're gon na be having a lot of packages me. So this is very useful. This ain't, no regular clip y'all, it's a fur clip and it's pink lights. This is a strong clip too hold on, so you can clip your hair like this in the back like stop playing like, if you don't know me like one thing I like is fur and paint like them. Two together like stop playing hold on. Let me see if you can hold all the hair and they do like stop. Stop me. Stop you can't tell me that's not too late. Let me start but yeah that's cute and I hold everything up. So I really like that, but anyways back to the next one. So the next thing I got is these little studs, but it's not just regular studs. I don't know if you can see it, but I'm gon na bring it closer, but they kind of like shaped like her. It'S so hard, it's a heart, a heart on my ear, like stop playing, stop playing all right. So I see a package inside of a package so we're gon na open this package inside that package Inside the Box. Okay, one piece: oh this holographic they gon na upgraded sugar. Oh my God! Oh I was ready to have a fit my fault y'all. I thought it was shorter than that I actually ordered. So this is the right length y'all. I ordered a 20 inch. Human hair bundle. I'M gon na use this for, like my little slickback ponies. If I want to go natural low-key, like yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah that [ __ ] yeah yeah that baby stopping yeah, this is so popular right now, I'm not gon na work on it, but you know what this is by the way. This is 100 human hair like no synthetic around here, but if you like, stop playing it's squishy, I'm not gon na open this, but basically like it, come with two right. What you think this phone? It'S for! The toes like stop playing it's for the stuff he's like so basically, if you're wearing heels - and you don't like your feet, like your toes, be slime like if you have a slime problem like some people, they be like. Oh you've got to be sprayed and, like it'll, make your feet stay, that's a lie because my feet be sweaty like my feet, not gon na rest. My feet always end up sliding through like sliding, through my heels. So these are like grippers for your toes to make your toes to not slide down the heels, if that makes sense, so yeah next one all right, so we got another one. Oh I think I know what this is stop playing, so this is like very convenient. So this is very travel friendly. Basically, you can fill up any kind of liquid, such as like hand sanitizer or perfume, but I think I got this one hand sanitizer, I'm not sure, oh or or water like it, don't matter what you put in it as long as it's liquid and you just You just push the back and then it's gon na like spray. I forgot what I was gon na put in this, but this is very like a good size. Look at my hand. This is a good size and I heard like really good reviews on it. So I don't know how open it, though. Oh you twisted. Okay, I was making scared like I hope I ain't breaking it. Oh that's easy! Y'All, that's easy! I might buy another one because child I'm gon na need this. The first thing we see on the top here is: oh, this is a um y'all been into Brown recently, but I got a top a little tank top just Brown. I think that's cute, I'm gon na try it on right now in three two one. You can never go wrong with a Basics huh, but look I like how this cut and I like how thin these straps are like, and these stretch are really stretchy like like they really stress you. This is a size small and they making my girly look good. Like stop playing, it is kind of cropped, but it's cute like what I'm about to order more like wait. Stop playing! I'M gon na continue with the video yeah girl. I got a bunny, but it's pink like, but it's not just a regular bondage or like. I know it's pink, but it's big like it's a big size. This is really big. Oh, your girl look like a chef Hardy stop playing uh, sorry anyway, but it comes with the um, the little rag thing, so you can like extras. What'S it called extra secure, secure, it's gon na be actually secure, I mean, basically, you wrap it around and then do a little bow and then it's gon na be extra. Secure, like you, don't got. Ta worry about your body falling off in your sleeve, because one thing about me: I toss and turn all the time. Yeah girl. I got another cake, one thing about Sheen: they got like two cases like for real, so I got this puffer case. It looked more puffier online than this and I didn't think it would be made of this material like I thought it would actually be like actual like puffy stuff inside, but it's not. This is a regular taste song, but it's cute. I stopped playing get into the news, stop playing, though this case cute, I'm gon na, be in my mirror, like that, I'm that bad yo. I think this is the most expensive item that I have in this box. No, no stop playing! So don't tell me nothing like foreign. This is so I'm in love. We in love. One thing about me: I love purses, but this will like bling bling all over the place like it has a zipper like. I love me purses that have zippers the inside got satin. You can't tell me nothing. It'S my favorite bag, I'm in love, I'm in Love With a Stripper she robbed and she broke stop playing like my favorite detail about this bag is like this little strap like this thick strap and it has like the little knot illusion and then, like the shape Of it like and like it's roomy like you could put stuff in it like like it's not like a bed, that's like this big and you can only put like your wallet and stuff this. You can't tell me nothing. I didn't think it would be this pink, but this is Pink so like this train kind of old now but like I never got to put my hands on Like A Lash that had like the little colored at the ends. So I got like these little lashes, but they got like pink at the bottom. You see that you're, like pink. I thought it was fun, so I got here. Am I gon na wear it? I don't know what is this ice body jewelry y'all like I knew they had body jewelry like they had like fake nose, piercings and stuff. I already had those but y'all. They got a new one like they got a new one. Like look it's a. I think it's called a septum, but I'm not sure if I'm wrong like please correct me late, but it's for the nose like I never wanted like this part of my nose pierced, but I always wanted to see what it would look like on me. So this got like diamonds and it's gold um. I don't know how to put this in, but I'm gon na put it in. Oh it just sleep in my nose hold on it feel weird hold on I'm trying to push it in hold on. I sneeze my eyes watering. Why is it so big? What is that? Oh? I don't like this feeling in my nose, this food it tickled like. Oh, I can't even talk it feel. Weird, like I had a different version, my nose getting red now, oh, I can't move it. I can't it's so weird like oh, it's cute, but I got ta push it in some more, so you can't see this little thing but hold on babe. Oh my God. All right, whatever, basically you're, not supposed to see like this little part, so you got ta push it in, but um yeah. I don't like it like. It looked good on other people in the reviews, but I don't like it I'm not really being in touch here since anyway, but I was just curious of what this would look like and feel like, but this feel weird like. I would not wear this, but she see how like you get it, you get it. I'M gon na. Take it out now: okay, the [ __ ], all right we're gon na go to the next thing. It'S from she's sexy y'all cause I'm sexy. So this is a tube top damn this little small hold on it's a tube top y'all and it's brown, but the back is like crisscross y'all awesome. Suffocated like these are squeezing my Eddies, like they squeezing my 80s. I don't even know what size this is y'all, but this is what the bag's supposed to be looking like. I just wanted to show y'all the bag, but, like I can't even get myself together like I can't even get myself together, like I'm trying to get my [ __ ] self together, I can't even get my [ __ ] self together. This top is too small. I think I got loose in the back some more but like I could barely get this top past. My hips, like that's how small it is so I'm gon na, like this, feels like an extra extra small like like. I know your girl's got 80s, but damn like not like this, I feel suffocated. I mean I like how they look, but I don't like how I feel, but yeah girl it is getting picky he's like stop playing next thing. All I know what these is. So if y'all ever wonder how like what to do, if you wearing like a see-through bottom, like you know how some Instagram boutiques or some like online business, everything has to be online like some stores like they might have like see-through pants or like see-through skirts. Anything. That'S like a see-through bottom and you like what do I wear to like, prevent that, and I like say if you want to wear underwear like some people, don't I mean I always wear my underwears, but you just can't see them like what y'all, probably how you Can'T see them, You Got ta, Wear natural colors, so y'all I had this little bundle. It'S like natural shades of like panties, but they're like the thin panties like y'all know. If I'm like pink or Victoria's Secret, they got them thin panties. They don't have like the outlines, then be coming in close like it's giving skims it's giving skin stops praying it's giving skin, though I got neutral colors, because neutral colors go like the best with see-through stuff, especially similar to your skin tone, and they come with all Types of different colors, so the next thing I see this is a jacket chart. I think I got this in a medium or a large, because I, like the oversized, look it's two shades on each side. I don't know y'all like these. Two shades did something to me like it was calling my name like because y'all know fall coming up like you need yourself like a jacket y'all, and you know I love me some jackets so stop playing and like it got caught in it. I love the jackets that got caught inside because they feel so good. Oh yeah, I like that I like hold on this, is my vision. Two is Stacy cute and comfy lady, it's cute, but anyways, I'm gon na go to the next one, but I'm getting hot. So y'all we got another clip, oh a little clearer on the website, but it has like a tint of like a blue, but I really like this color like okay, but it's bigger than I thought. I thought this was gon na, be like tiny, but no like this is big. It'S pink of course. Basically, this is probably like a coin pouch because, like I have a wallet like I feel, like everybody, has a wallet but like and like a little different time and put their coins in, but my wallet are kind of hard to take my coins out. So I was like I need a coin pouch or something, but it's like a teddy bear connected with like a backpack and it has like a chain. You can put it and connected to, and also has this too. This is cute. It'S cute. I thought this was gon na be like smaller, but no and basically you can unzipping it and then put anything in it for real, but I'm gon na use this for my like coin pouch, because her, but this is cute huh, that's cute. For the next thing. I see these are some pajamas like a pajama set um, I'm trying to like clean out my wardrobe and then like get some new wardrobe, especially pajamas, because y'all. But I got this basic neutral, like a tan Brown set and it has the short set and then it has um. What'S this oh, like a crop top long sleeve, and this feels like a very comfortable material, it's cotton, so it's breathable as well! So and it's loose, it's not like a tight fitting, so we're gon na try this right now, let me get out like we don't get up like who won't be stuck in tight clothes. Like not me not me, like these girls need a ring. Their girl got it on, and it's cute like this is very like Lounge, where, like you, want to be in the house too, but also comfortable, like this made me feel comfortable and cute, like it's not playing bro. I'M not saying that too much I feel like, and do it off the shoulder. If you want to - or you can put it on the side - I'm gon na put on the side because yeah the next one y'all, oh it's getting shot and it's giving him bougie is that fur Style don't play with me. This is cute um. So this is a satin robe and it has fur on the sleeves and then at the bottom. It has fur as well period hold up. Stop that beat. I'M a mother see girl, ain't, [, __ ], free by me, and then, of course it comes with the belts, so I got these glasses y'all. Oh these look more purple in person online. It looked like a hot, pink or something, but these are purple like I don't think they're gon na be purple like that, but I like this color hold on. I like this color, stop playing. Look at these look at these like stopped jaw. I feel you can't tell me nothing and yes, I can see. I can see how these like stop playing bro. I will wear these to like hide from people from I don't know. I just don't like people saying all these, but anyway, let me see a light. Skin put some shades on 9 out of ten. It might be me, I don't know, I feel comfortable in these. I feel really comfortable. I I can see, but I can't see you need my sh these. My hate blockers, like I block out the hate with these, like you, stop playing they're cute. Oh, I ordered two two of them clips. This is a top we're gon na. Try it on in three two one: that's not bad. It'S not bad. I thought it was gon na be like loose, but it's not bad. They actually look good. Like you make my girlies look good, it's just a basic black crop top with a slight little cut. To give it a little like something next item we got another Bonnie. Basically, it's the same Bonnet as the pink one, with the little wrap around it, except for it's black and insane. So I'm not gon na open this, because y'all already saw the pink one, oh period, y'all time for the last and final item. This item kind of big. What is this like way? Y'All? This is soft. I got a pink fluffy robe. I love me some fluffy robes. I only got a white one, but look this guy ears and a hood like stop playing but anyways. We gon na try this one right now, but I'm gon na be wearing this all the time like you gon na, see me wearing this all the time. You can't tell me nothing that just made me happy. This is my best purchase the best for last two, like I like this. This is my favorite item y'all and then that purse was my second favorite but y'all hold on. Let me put the let me put the um the hood on ain't. No hood is big. Like stop playing like oh, I get heavy. This is how long it is brother stop playing. This is how long it is, though, like it's, it's really long pink is my favorite color, I'm glad I got this like this. Is my favorite piece like this just ain't? My day, this just made my day stop playing, but anyways y'all. That'S the end of this haul, this thing haul. So, if you like this video, you want to see more from me make sure you like comment subscribe. Some celebs here, girl and yeah. Your girl gon na go so if you gon na glue my blood on me, Perry and I will see y'all later

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