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Literally, in the middle of getting ready and perfect timing, these extensions - I ordered just got here - I got them on Amazon. This is in total 18 inches long. We have three longer pieces. Two mediums two singles in case you couldn't see. These are clip-ins use the same. Clip-In method that I learned when I was like 13 would have like hair stylists. Do my hair. I would bring in my own extensions, but when I would go home and take them off, I would carefully like lay them out. So I would have the same pattern that they put them in to recreate. If that makes sense, that's basically how I even got into makeup and hair. I have not even brushed it out. Can we just take a moment? Last time I saw myself with long dark hair was like six years ago. I really love these extensions. If you can see like the natural Shine from my hair perfectly matches it like, you would actually think these extensions were like really expensive, but I got them on

Zayra Sandoval:

Felicity: Take care of yourself please ❤

Qwertyuiopasta: You and Olivia rodrigo are TWINS ‍♀️ also you are so gorgeous

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