Ywigs Type 4 Multi-Texture Tape Ins, Volume Hairstyle Look With Hair Extensions #Shorts

There'S like three different types of curls in that one bundle. So if you have hair like mine or like hers, where you have more than one hair type like you might have for a b c, three C, whatever that hair is perfect for that, because they do have different textures to kind of blend in better with our Hair because most of the time we don't have textures that are the same all over our head. Sometimes the back is like super loose and the middle is super tight and then the front is super loose because you might have um burnt it from like doing flat. Iron and stuff like that, and it curls of the extension, it really did a good job of getting it back to what it was. This is the final look. You guys her hair Blends in so well.

El Coffie: As long as you are glueing frying,and wearing hat wigs you are f.. upped

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