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so today I'm sharing with you this amazing find. Watch the video to see.

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Hey you guys, thank you so much for joining me today. So I'm going to be showing you how I go from my SuperDuper, really short hair to this nice natural-looking. Half the cost of her get in here. So you wan na see how I do it I'll. Just start, while I tell you about the hair, I think if T my hair, it's very short, and so I'm going to show you how I go from this super start here to a nice afro puff and it looks really real. So I saw a lot of people they were buying this hair. It'S called forgiving hair looks like jeez that looks so good, but what I also notice is that it was so expensive so expensive. So I was like oh right, whatever probably just won't have that makes cute really cute here that looks so natural. So, anyway, I went online and I started searching elimate style calm, which is usually where I buy a lot of my hair's, and I saw that they had I'm just using eco styler gel the green one, the olive oil one. So I saw that they had these clip-in hair looks like blood, so then I went on there and I saw that they had them in different hair types. I was like okay, I got ta try this out. What made it even better was that this here was like for $ 40, and I bought the shortest length, which was a 12 inch, and the hair I'm talking about is a naturally star clip on here and this style. I boss, is in a for be kinky. 12 inch natural color I've had it for nine months. I'Ve washed it. I think I've watched it probably either once or twice to one or the other. So today we are going to install it, and that's you through what I do. Okay, so I'm just picking my gel and smoothing down the front of my hair, I'm just gon na tie this down, let it dry and then I'll come back and show you guys how I install these clippings all right. So this thing should be dry by no. So we're going to take off nice scarf, okay edges are where we need them to be. If they have clips on them of course, right there. So can its nut clip sing, you know just put them in and snug them. I don't put anything in this hair and wash it. I condition it and put all this avatar which about oil Mahina cap depth or that I throw it in here. That'S the texture after for me here it does shed it, but well alright. So I'm starting with the two smallest pieces, you get two teeny pieces, put those two right at the edge and then continue on with the rest of them, of course, in mmm, if your hair is super short, you can you do the option that I'm doing and If your hair is long enough, you can just brush it over the left itself. Something is my hair. Is sharts I'll, just take my life to have fun here, sleep it up to cover the left, just tying the back here. All right follow! That'S! Basically it's you. Just if you need to do your baby here in stone or whatever you go ahead and do that, but this is it from right here. So this is how the fun folks - and it does really full it's really thick, even though I've had shedding like a stayed thick so it you know it, though this is a water pack and you can buy two packs and it'll be even bigger, thicker and even Fuller, but some you know, one pocket looks like realistic. You know what my hair would look like if it was this length, so that's it for this. That'S it for this. That'S it for the hair.

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