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I hope this video serves as a guide for you as you attempt your version. Crochet merhod used.
















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Hey you welcome back to another video today i'll, be adding on extension, locks on pre-existing locks that i made a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, like three weeks ago, i made these instant dreads on this gentleman's hair and he wanted a little bit of length so come on back and see how i'm gon na add on these lock extensions on his hair. Hence the reason why i'm making this video so that you can see it is, it is easy to do and um yes. So these are four inches in length, 0.4 centimeters in width and they are natural black color. They can be bleached dye, shampoo, anything you want. They are 100 human hair. This is my my lock pin prong that i will be using it's a 0.75 millimeter, the head: that's the um, the size of the the prongs i like using the two prongs pin because it gets the job done faster and yeah needed for me and everything so Uh, let's get into it, i'm gon na be separating his hair, and i think there is about 50 48 to 50 dreadlocks that i'll be doing today and bear with me. It took me three and a half hours. I think because i it could have done in a less time period because i work faster, but i just want to um to spend a little more time on his hair so that the hair can be done neatly. I had to lose the end a little so that i can braid the extensions onto his real hair. I choose that method because it is much more uh. It lasts longer, uh trustworthy. It lasts much longer than um than any other method. Some people they just put the hair towards each other and they just crochet it like together, i rather to braid it on first to give it more security. So if you have to pull on it or a child, have to pull on it or something that it wouldn't come off, it wouldn't come off easily or it wouldn't just drop off like that. It would have enough um grip to it so that it stays much longer. I do the braiding first and then i add some human hair extensions, some of the bulk hair extensions onto the braid or over the braid to cover it and then use my pin. My prong to go in and i crochet it so that it can look seamless so that if you or anyone else see his locks, it wouldn't look like extensions. It wouldn't look like anything, is added on to that. So yes, so for this method, i i rather you you wash your hair and don't add any sort of oil or any sort of any other product. You just use the shampoo, your um, your conditioner and then just dry, your hair, leave it. Let it air dry. You can towel dry, you can even blow dry, but don't add any oils. Oils will make it greasier and uneasy to work with the first. One is finish: this is finished and i'm just doing some some trim trimming off some excess hair. So this is how it's looking and i've been doing this for a very long time now. So it comes very easy. It comes to me easy like and i work work faster because i know what i'm doing and i want to. I don't know exactly where i want to get so. I finished the cup some um, some in the back a couple in the back and look at this. Can you even tell that there are extensions added onto his hair? The color is natural black and the natural black is like a natural hair color. Let me zoom in so it's a natural hair color, and can you tell there is any extension added onto his hair, so i'm just gon na do finish some more and then i'll show you i'll come on right back. The length is four inches. Did i mention that it's four inches and look at how natural the locks look? It looks so real. It looks real it they're, flexible, they're, versatile, they're, versatile. I shampoo the locks before i install them, so they're all nice and clean, and they want to itch at all. So i finished a couple like mostly in the back. I finished installing. Oh, i finished installing everything so i am going to so this is the braid. This is where his hair meets the extension right, as you can see, and i'm going to add some bulk hair right now. Some bulkhead and i'm gon na cover the braid. It'S just like one inches in length, one inch in length and i'm gon na cover that and make it look seamless and then i'm gon na use. My lock pin on my my lock hook on my prongs to blend it in seamlessly. I'M just gon na wrap. It and we don't need a lot of bulkhead. We don't need a lot just a little to kind of like hide. It hide the braided part and just blend it seamlessly. We don't want it too bulky. I hope you're having a good day, and i hope you enjoyed my video, this video. I i i hope you learn a lot from this video. Whatever you need to know, you can always ask me, and i am i'll always be willing to answer any sort of question. Remember there aren't any bad questions, so don't be afraid, just leave your questions. You can follow me on my on various social media. I will add them on the in the description down below, and this is how - and this is how i what i do with my paint. I use this swimming motion with the lock pin it's like swim. You swim in it like crushing and as the pain go in through the hair, it's like going in and then it's swimming through in and out swimming in and out so yeah, and this is it, can you tell there, you, can you tell where it even meets? Where the extension meet his hair, seamless right seamless, so it um it's very easy to do and um. Hence the reason why i'm making this video to show you that my way of doing it like adding on the extension? This is not the way, but this is my way. This is my method. This is what i chose to use and it has been working so far. So i'm finished all he said that he want a little bit: trimmed off and uh. I used the interlock metal to interlock his roots so that they they can stay nice and tight for a very long time and when he comes back, i'm gon na retwist them like palm roll and do a style. So this he wanted it like this. For for now so, yes, i cut off like two inches off uh one one inch off the log so yeah - and this is the finish and final look - the locks they are and yeah products used will be in the description in the description down below everything that I use in this video would be listed in the description down below, don't be afraid to call to holla at me this is the front and um yeah. So, of course thank you. Thank you for watching this video and all my other videos.

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