Lemoda Brazilian Straight Hair Review |Dying My Hair Purple

Hi guys I decided to dye my hair purple\violet with some fun highlights.I'm loving this diy purple bob, clueless wig

Brazilian straight hair 4 bundles


brazilian straight hair 3 bundles with closure


Brazilian straight hair 3 bundles with forntal Deal


How To | Natural Looking Lace Frontal | Supernova Hair https://youtu.be/Qmz3P0iX2Ho

Products used

Adore purple rage x2

Adore Violet gem x2

To my Jeep Cedar Sun and to my tbéamé onion on my order, jiwon see Wanda one day high-grade from what this is baby. I'M going in safe Red Cross baby to come to my aid. Charlie said: hey guys, welcome back to my channel. So today, I'm back with another video, so I received this hair from LaMotta, hey company and I received 3 bundles of 16 inches paraffin straight hair, as well as their 14 inch closure. Those thudding off. I was thinking of having a nice purple kind of color. So I bleached the hair first and I'm just gon na start applying this bleach all over the West. So I'm doing one bundle at a time do whatever you feel is comfortable for you. So the reason why I use this bleach is it doesn't process too quick? It does take a while for you to process, so it's a bit of a weaker kind of bleach that I used. So I'm just gon na keep on doing this, and if you see that guys, I did not touch the roots. I didn't want the roots to be bleached, because you know it was gon na give me more problems when I applied the color, so I'm just gon na go ahead and use my paddle brush just to make sure that everything is covered like such Raider and I'm Telling the bundle over and applying more bleach making sure that every strand is covered with a bridge, lift this in a4 paper for about 30 minutes yeah. This is, this is what I did and I did not rip up the top part of it like you see, because I was avoiding some bits of the top part to be covered in bleaching. I'M just gon na do the same to the front. So if you see right here, I'm not touching the roots as well, I'm just leaving it a bit of space. You know just allow the color to transition nicely and smoothly. So this is really what I'm doing right here. I'M just gon na make sure that I apply the bleach and not touching the roots. Like you see right here and I'm just gon na leave. This in a4 paper is well making sure that the top part is now covered in the four paper, because you know you don't want a situation where, by some bleach goes on to the past that it's not supposed to be. Oh, hey, color that I used. I used to adore he colored the fire violet Jim and the paper rage, and I used about four balls and I mix the two bottles to give up, because I was trying to get the kind of nice kind of different shades of purple. I didn't want to one bold color. I wanted it to have like a different shades of paper, so I'm just gon na make sure I make this pretty good and I'm just gon na start applying this. So when I was applying this was like. Oh my gosh. This looks super dark, so anything that I'm gon na do right now is I'm gon na go ahead and brush the hair just make sure that every strand is covered and I'm gon na do the same thing with me: the same situation when each other only has Saturated with hair dye, just gon na do the same thing to the front row and all the bundles and I did wrap the bundles. You know the black bag. You see right here. I just ripped had the bundles in the black bag like seriously and left it for like 45 minutes tree, and I want to process now, is down the color washed. It shampooed and deep conditioned dead for a night, because when you're dealing with what I've done to the hair, you really need to make sure that you eye is propagated condition there you go guys if the hair is done. Unfortunately, I didn't show you guys how I made this unit, but I do have quite a number of videos way and make units, and I will link one of the videos where I showed you how I caught a entry Bob. I definitely have the video about this. It'S looking kind of crazy, but I kind of like it looks like a peacock II you're like a peacock kind of old color. I was like. Oh, let me try and experiment more and put like a conditioner see if this purple will lighten up all this color. So I did that it's looking kind of crazy, but I kind of like it and the next thing that I'm doing right now is I'm just gon na trim off the excess lace. I did like a lot of hair out from the front, so it was super thick. I would definitely include the header I removed from the front of somewhere. You see right on and then I'm gon na go ahead and just use my powder just to personalize my life and look at those gorgeous colors like wow. This is so amazing, like I had so much fun. Creating this look for you guys. You know I wanted to try something different, very different, color from what I usually go for so when you saw that at first I was wearing like a brown cap. It wasn't looking too good to me because I could actually see the way the branchial was ending. So I it's quite head and use the black cap of which you can see right here. You can't really see where the black cap is so yeah. Sometimes you just have to be. How much will the front will look like I haven't applied any gel or anything like that looks amazing. Look at that! Hey you guys, like. I really need you guys to tell me what you think about this hair color in the comment section down below what you wrote this color. Would you rock this Bob in this color like seriously loving anything like something so different to me? I love the way it turned out, so I'm just gon na go ahead and personalize. My lays, like I said I did not use any glue. No gel. You can definitely see that right here. You know just making sure that everything is blended, I'm not using any Joe, as you can see, with the toothbrush, I'm just laying the baby hairs down, because I wanted it to look more natural and I am so in love with this public Cicely. This is gon na, be my hair for a while. I'M gon na leave all the hair details in the description box down below. So I hope you guys did enjoy this video and please the thumbs up. This video also comment. We share subscribe I'll, see you guys in my next video bye for now.

SheVieBee67: Jane you've done it again! Both the style and colour are absolutely ! I live for your videos so please keep 'em coming...

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T. Alln Nub: Does anyone have any tips on ordering from AliExpress? Everytime I go to the link Jane gave above, and try to order hair, the SHIPPING information page doesn't even list my City(Baltimore) or ANY other surrounding cities in Maryland!. It won't let me proceed without entering a city. When I pick anything, it tells me that the city is invalid/cannot ship to that region!.

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