Amazon Human Hair! Best Affordable Amazon Virgin Hair Bundles

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here is the hair link

Thank you, hey guys, welcome to my channel. If you are here, my name is Escada and in this video I am going to review the hair I'm wearing right now, this hair it come from Amazon. I'Ve been wearing this hair for a little over a month. Right now, and let me show you what is Loki: it is very old. Okay guys. This is me unboxing, the hair, the hair I have is body wave unprocessed 100 human hair. The lid I got is 18 20, 22 and 24 inch. Okay, this hair says on Amazon for a hundred fourteen dollar for four Bondo for 18, 20, 22 and 24 inch I'll put the link Down Below in the description. If you want to check that out foreign, so here is the 24 inch one. The hair feel very soft, I'm not getting any tingle or shading, but the length looks shorter than I expected. Hey guys here is all the four bundles of the hair and I'm gon na be using only two and a half bundle. The 24, the 22. In half of the 20 inch here is my braid pattern for my weave. I hope you guys like this video, if you do please give this video a like if you haven't, subscribed to my channel yet please go ahead and subscribe to my channel and thank you guys so much for watching and please stay tuned to the end of this Video foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign, loose underneath, okay, guys this hair still feel very soft, still hold the curl very well. It doesn't have any tangling issue, this hair, don't tangle at all. If you like this video, if you do, please give this video a big thumbs up if you haven't subscribed to my channel yet please subscribe to my channel and thank you guys so much for watching, and I will see you in my next video bye foreign

cha Brazell: I want to see a week or 2wk update. I’ve read reviews on this hair and see it tangles/sheds after a few days. Looks beautiful on you by the way❤

SPARKLES L: Im sold. Amazing how you do your own hair❤️

BB: You are so pretty!!! Thank you for sharing! Also, did you do anything in specific to maintain it during the 6 weeks? It looks really good

Tati Esteves: Amei ficou lindaaa como faco pra compra esse cabelo

TheMultipurposeDiva: Ok you convinced me to purchase. I’m ok with the 24 in being a little shorter given the price.

Moni Fears: Thanks for sharing. You did an amazing job

unknown unknown: I like it thank you for recommending such beautiful hair can you please review human hair 100% from shein Read the description of it

Ethio Alem: Beautiful that is amazing I can never do that wow

ሰዉ ቅኔ: Beautiful as always

Yadley Joseph: Hi, can you flat iron it?

Liz Brown: Definitely too short for a 24inch

unknown unknown: Hi dear I brought other hair 3 piece bundles 18inch 20 inch 26 inch I wanted to get them sew do you think I should buy all equal or different inches will look good on me it's my first time please reply thank you

Carmen Carter: Did you wash the hair?

Shanaya Nelson: What’s the vendor name

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