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SAMSBEAUTY WEBSITE : http://www.samsbeauty.com

Style/Texture : Deep Wave

Material : Brazilian Hair

Grade : 6A

Hair Length :

10”+12” with 10” Closure

12”+14” with 12” Closure

14”+16”+18” with 14” Closure

16”+18”+20” with 16” Closure

18”+20”+22” with 18” Closure

20”+22”+24” with 18” Closure

Hair Color: Natural

Hair Quality : 100% Virgin Hair

Hair Weft : Double Weft

Unit Weight :

13X4 Closure 10" : 51g; 10/12" : 95/95g

13X4 Closure 12" : 64g; 12/14" : 95/95g

13X4 Closure 14" : 69g; 14/16/18" : 95/95/95g

13X4 Closure 16” : 72g; 16/18/20” : 95/95/95g

13X4 Closure 18" : 80g; 18/20/22" : 95/95/95g

13X4 Closure 18" : 80g; 20/22/24" : 95/95/95g

Items per Package: 2 pcs or 3 pcs + 1 Closure

Can be [√] dyed [√] permed [√] bleached

Chemical Processing : None

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Hey guys, it's your girl naturally naughty here. Let'S hop into this video on how I made this curly frontal wig and installed it into my head, I'm starting off with these absolutely stunning beautiful hair from my favorite online beauty supply, which is sans beauty calm. They have these bundles that you can give they come in a box that come with a frontal, as you can see right here and then three bundles of hair. I have the inches 18, 20 and 22 in the style deep wave. This is 100 % virgin human hair that you can dye bleach in perm. It is organic, it has a live cuticle, it's tangle, free, chemical free. It has long lasting wear. So this is the frontal, oh, my gosh, so beautiful. I cannot get over the curl of this hair, guys just wait till you see when the wig is completely done. So what we're doing is starting off with the frontal we're gon na sew that onto the wig cap. First, I'm just using a normal dome cap that you can get from any beauty supply. I'M gon na be taking some weaving thread and also some tea, pins and you're also going to need some C shaped, weaving needles or sewing needles. You can get all this stuff from your beauty supply. I really suggest getting the large c beetles like i have. The shorter ones are harder to work with so to start off, I'm just going to take the t, pins and stretch that frontal across the front, I'm on either side by where the ears would be, and then I'm going to also take a peanut T, pin and Pin it in the center, you want to make sure that that frontal is very flat against the the way Kevin. It is not right now, but before you sew it, please make sure that it is because that will make sure there's no bumps in your frontal. So, as you can see, I sewed at the back of the frontal down onto the dome cap, and I have also started in the very back with me bundles. I sewed down the longest bundle first, which is the 22 inch. So now we're going to move into the 20 inch. You always want to start with their longest bundle and then work your way up to the top to the shortest. So this is how the hair looks like absolutely stunning, as you can see, look at that curl. It looks so beautiful. I love the curl of this hair. Just wait till it's finished, I mean I keep saying it, but just wait. So, as you can see, I have like four or five of my needles, spreaded pre serrated, which I do like to do, because it saves time you don't have to just just keeps threading a needle each time you get done with the one before so. To start off the weft, all I do is t, pin it on the other side and on the side that I'm starting to sew. I go through the width and through the cap a couple of times just to make sure that is flat against the wig cap and then I'm going to start to sew normally and by normally I'm just going to take the needle and go up under the width And then pull the needle through the thread over and over again all the way until I get to the other side. As you can see, I'm working my way back across to the side that I showed you before after folding over the weft of hair. So I'm gon na show you how I go through the wig cap and then through the frontal, actually to make sure that it's all secured and looks uniform, which I do a couple of times and then I'm gon na fold. The view width back over and T pin it on the other side and then start to sew again and basically you're just going back and forth back and forth, and once you get to the size of the hair. You definitely want to go through the weft and through the mesh cap a couple of times before you start to sew normally by going up under the weft. So now, as you can see, I'm almost done. I just have a little space lift, so I'm gon na start to go back and forth with the West instead of I'm going like you know, in a u-shape, I'm going straight across back and forth until I close the wig up, so I'm just sewing normally, as You can see going straight across and once I get over to the other side, I'm going to go through the width and through the end of the frontal and then fold it back over a teepee and the other side and then sew back the other way. Until I close the wig up now that the wig is completely closed, I'm going to take my scissors and cut off the extra wig head. That is underneath the frontal. Then I'm going to take some tweezers. You want to use good tweezers to do this. I have washed the hair, i watch the wig once I got done, and so it's still very wet, but I'm gon na take a spray bottle to re spray, the hair and my tweezers, and I'm going to start to pluck out some hair from the front of The Front's we'll just to thin it out a bit and as you can see, a lot of hair does actually come out. When you do this, so I gave I'm doing it in three sections: I'm gon na do each side and then I'm gon na do the center and I'm gon na start in the very front on one side and just work my way down and work. My way back up and then I'm going to part it and go a little bit further back and then tweeze out some more hair. Then I'm gon na part even further back again and I'm going to tweeze out some more doing. This is just going to send the frontal out so it'll look a bit more natural. This principle has so much hair on it. That - and this is my I'm - not a professional - I doing this, so I actually think I could have tweeze a lot more because it still didn't thin it out enough, but it did thin it out some I'm. It would have been really big it had. I not done anything so then, I'm just going to cut a few baby hairs in the front of the frontal. Just so it looks more natural. Also, some shorter hairs in the front just makes it look a bit more natural and if I want to style the baby hairs, when I wear this wig, then I can so I'm just using some scissors and also an edge control brush comb kind of duo thing. It'S by kiss and then I'm going to take my Lata body wrap me foaming, loose, foaming, mousse and then I'm just going to put that all over the wet hair - and this is all I used to style this hair everyday was water and the mousse. This is the next day after I have completed this wig. I tied one of those like sheets that you can wrap around your hair onto the the front of it tight in the back and just left it there, and this is how it looks when it's all dry. There is a line because of that sheet that I tied on there, but fluffing it out will get rid of that line. Now that I have the wig on my head, it is hard to install this baby, it's time to glue it down. So, first before I glue it down, I have to clip the sides I have to cut the size, so it fits perfectly behind my ear. So that's what I'm doing, I'm just taking my rat tail comb and making a precise line that I can clearly see. So I can cut this area of hair right here. That'S covering up my ears, so the wig will fit the front so will fit nicely behind my ears. Once I do that, I'm gon na go ahead and take a black eyeliner and I'm going to make some dots all around my hairline, where I want the wig to lay. Basically, I do I watched a girl named Charlene, I believe Patrice. She did this and I wanted to try it out, so you make black marks on the front so where you want the way to lay and also on your head - and this is where you're going to basically cut the lace. So you don't want the wig the glue to go below this black line, these black dots that you're making on your hairline. So then, I'm going to basically go over the black dots with my adhesive, which I'm using the go, Sabon XL glue and I'm taking a little foundation brush that I just used for glue and I'm going to smooth that out. As you can see, this site is completely dry. You want it to dry clear, especially if you're doing layers, so the other side is not dry yet so on the side that is completely dry, I'm making some more dots for my second layer and I'm smoothing those out now, I'm going to press the wig down Onto the glue, once I did my second layer on both sides and I'm just taking my rat tail comb again and combing the hair back pressing it down at the same time, while I'm combing just to add he's the wig down to my head. Now that I have the hair at he's down - and I have the hair clip back so it won't get in the way while I'm cutting I'm gon na cut off the excess lace, I'm basically cutting those black dots off of my head. I'M cutting right where those black dots are trying to get them completely off. I did have a little bit of the black dots still showing through, so I probably would've did less black dots. If I do this again, but it did help because I didn't have I mess with the glue - I didn't put it in the wrong spot. Sometimes you don't know where to put the glue exactly, and this really helps with that. But this is the finished. Look when I am completely done with the wig and I have styled my baby hairs and fluffed it out. I really hope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope you learned a thing or two. If I can do it, you can do it too. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you are interested in this vogue hair, the front of the hair I'll have everything linked down below in the description box and until next time guys. I cannot wait to hopefully see you in my next video bye.

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