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Zury Sis Naturali Star 100% Human Hair Wig – 4B Jen

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Oh, hey, babies was alexa my Channel today, I'm going to talk to you about this bomb. We love rain right now. Let us take a minute for this with you guys. Okay, do I feel right? Yes, so this one is from black hairspray calm. Black actually has a wide variety of waves. If I choose from from the website nice, when I tell you they have a lot of ways over there, they have a lot of listeners then well done when right now is the Zoe sis, naturally star 100 % human hair wig for big Jin and the colors. Some great 33: I was a mouthful okay, the so long, but anyway the hair came in this flop, low package right there I'll tell you how to wash the hair and all that good. So if we had a just a book strat - and it has three combs one on this side right here - one over there and one in the front - and one thing I wish this - we have a comb in the back as well. But it doesn't, I mean duh. It doesn't new boy you didn't like that, but for extra security I I would prefer a have another comb in the back, but that's okay anyway. This wig is like it has like only a light for almost you guys can see and because I me get. Let me get a little hole so when you guys bring guys kissing, you guys see the closure right here and guy is like not I'm closer. Look at the wig look at this one. You got like the color. This is like a good holder like this. Color goes with me so well, I think awesome me of those, but I don't know if you guys on the seat, see it that way, but I think it goes the well with my color then my skin complexion, but yet I look at that. I love it. This one looks really natural guys it was like so on, and I have like a really kinky Tralee picture about whether, if you didn't know you ain't know me, like you, never seen my natural hair you'll think that girl, that's your hands or that's my hair up. We have that's, not hair, that's how naturally looks like you can't even tell this a weave Kim Yuna. No, you can't so exactly and let's just talk about my chin, it doesn't head lice, it does not shed it's 100 % human hair. It doesn't out all a. I haven't gotten any and you can wash it like. The thing says right here: it's just that you wash your cool or lukewarm water. You ship in breath, gently with fingertips, followed with conditioner and rinse, thoroughly, apply cream, rinse or wet look spray and desired. That and dry and while using a wide tooth comb, apply spray throughout set and dry, naturally close into desired style after hair is completely dry. So that explains it all you guys it you can wash it. You can comb the hair. You can do all that good stuff to it, so I press I was like. I should have gotten like all that, but I think this color Thompson I mean he is called a little cute top and okay, so I'm like so I'm this way comes sweet. Please! Okay says it on the box. This is naturally start three tweets part. So when you get this way, you don't have to do anything to it like it's already done for you, so you just have to and get it out of the bomb, throw it on your head and fluff it up. Well, a bit. You know fluff it up and then be out the door like get on with your day, do what you got to do and then come back home and tweet and okay, that's what I do for you. Don'T have to do that. Do what you got to do whatever and yeah? So if you guys want to check out black hair sprays, I'm wasting all that stuff. They have really really affordable, good quality ways. You guys like really awful. When I say affordable, I mean affordable way. So if you guys want to check them out, I'm gon na post there a link in the description box down below, so you guys go, go ahead and check them out and see. If you like what you see so that's all. I have for you guys today. If you guys, like this video, go ahead and give it a big thumbs up and if you guys haven't subscribed to my channel yet and go ahead and hit the subscribe button down below, so you guys could be besties forever, like we'd all be besties forever. Guys and figure guys so much for watching and I'll see you guys in my next video bye, gah, hello, ok, yeah, Ukraine scare me I, like you know I arranged. I bet she want to talk to them. If you let go us see bruising like you have to see about doing a huge, I got, I'm like you know, I'm at test. My cameras arrested, like I'm at my son, was going to stab at my horses run about the drama yeah. Oh, what is your body from oh my definitely burst out, but that was a gem up too much register up camera. Ah, am i doing it so it can tell much dumber. Let'S all better hope you almost we got her John one, okay, cool cool, pressing! You want to go now, no alright night, Kindle you wan na mention you wan na be on my channel. Yes, I don't know at the end of the right knowledge. Are you saying I don't like okay mommy calling me? Okay, okay, okay, Robbie, go ahead, bye, baby, say bye, best, be peace; okay, bye,

Petalisbless DIY: Looks very nice my dear... I love the color :)

Ashley Rodriguez: I would love to know how the curls look after being fully wet , brushed or combed , product put in it and left to dry Can anybody help me ?


Jeffereny Washington: Hello, you look pretty. Is this wig a left side part? On the website it's on the right. What side is the part?

Johannasglo: Come through thumbnail

CarrieBrooks: No back view

Jennifer Biggers: It sheds horribly

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